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Again, this is a joke. A farce. There is no hope with this group of men of the old guard and young hatchet men who did Maciel's bidding.

At least one of those in the General Chapter has accusations for sexual abuse...

More names:

Del territorio de Brasil: PP. Salvador Maciel Calderón, Jose’ Cárdenas
Jiménez y José LaBoy
Sustituto: P. Joao de Padua
De! territorio de Chile: PP. José Alberto de la Garza Malo y Fernando
Tamayo Gómez
Sustituto: P. Joel López Torres
Del territorio de España: PP. Carlos Villalba Talavera, Florencio
Sánchez Soler y Juan Carlos Ortega Rodríguez
Sustituto: P. Joaquín Petit Llimona
Del territorio de Europa occidental y central: PP. Paul Habsburg,
Antoine Coelho y Anton Vogelsang
Sustituto: P. Konstantin Ballestrem
Del territorio de Italia: PP. Manuel Álvarez Vorrath, Timothy
Meehan y Giuseppe Gamelli
Sustituto: P. Juan Solana Rivero
Del territorio de México: PP. Rodolfo Mayagoitia López, Anthony
Bannon, Eloy Bedia Díez, Rodolfo Ibarra Castañeda, Eugenio Martín
Elio, Donal Clancy, Rafael Jácome Reyes, Cipriano Sánchez Garcia y
José Sánchez Baile
Sustitutos: PP. Evaristo Sada Derby y José Maria Sabín Sabín
Del territorio de Monterrey: PP. Ricardo Sada Castaño, Antonio León
Santacruz, Peter Coates, Miguel Viso López, Manuel Aromir
Masaguer y Tomás Guerrero Chávez
Sustitutos: PP. Walter Bartnicki y Jorge Fernández Tijerina
Del territorio de Norteamérica: PP. John Bartunek, Owen Kearns,
John Connor, David Daly, Kevin Meehan y Guillermo Serra Diaz-
Sustitutos: PP. Christopher Brackett y Robert Presutti
Del territorio de Venezuela: PP. Carlos Zancajo Sastre y Carlos
Gutiérrez López
Sustituto: P. Ignacio Jordán Trias
De las casas de Roma: PP. Hernán Jiménez Barrera, Daniel Massick,
Donal Corry, Juan Sabadell Riera y Miguel Romeo Madriñán
Sustitutos: PP. Roberto Aspe Hinojosa y Gabriel Sotres Sáinz

The legionary in rome says that it is imperative for lc's "to come face to face with the proven facts of the mm case." The facts of the mm case include the legion superiors who helped create the mm mystique, who covered for him, who in the very recent past viciously attacked critics and are still in positions of power in the legion.

There are several names there that I do not trust and I am deeply disappointed to see included in this GC. Not that I had my hopes up, but I truly have no hope that this GC will result in anything but more of the same. It makes me sad for the priests that remain and for lost friends, but that's what they choose, God help them. God help us all and preserve Christ's Church from any more harm at the hands of this group. I will keep praying for their freedom.

A thing that worries me is that Rome will be busy during January-February with the G-8 meetings overseeing the Vatican Bank reform mainly. I don't know it they will have time for the follow-up of the LC mess.

Although I'm not encouraged by this list, I offer a caveat. Imagine a scenario that would inject a glimmer of hope into the proceedings:

Father Heroicas, LC stands and says:

"I knew of MM's transgressions, and for a host of complex reasons remained silent. For that and my complicity in this long-standing scandal, I recuse myself from this General Chapter. If anyone wishes to join me, I will be in the chapel for the duration--offering penance and sacrifices for my complicity in this."

It wouldn't guarantee transparency and integrity, but it has the potential of being a game-changer.

Giselle - brilliant.

Raymond Cosgrave is not listed; Will be invited few days before the begining, like the previous GC?
He was always covering MM traces; and he is the damage control agent for LC. He lives in the US but with Chilean eclesiastical residence.

Salvador Maciel. LC never cleared the accusations against him. Check this:
Maybe VdP is still "verifying"...

José Cárdenas, always with power or as superior; one of MM supporters.

José Alberto de la Garza; wasn't he in Poland? Did he move to Chile to be elected? He's one of superiors ever.

Fernando Tamayo, Carlos Villalba, old guard.

Juan Carlos Ortega, old guard. He was moved from Mexico in strange circumstances

Rodolfo Mayagoitia, exTD, he knew and he lied with Fr. Alvaro.

Anthony Bannon!!! Really? Is he carrying Mrs Mee money? What is he doing in Mexico? Did he move to be elected?

Donal Clancy!!! Another brick? Old guard; MM supporter, always superior...

Peter Coates!!! The third from Ireland, old guard, MM supporter, always superior, and Money hunter. Another one who carries money to GC...

Manuel Aromir, old guard, exTD, MM supporter, he fell in love with a 3GF in Brazil, he asked for move, but MM keep him there to oversee the big benefactors.

Tomás Guerrero, young priest but old guard. Informer and whisperer to Rome. Promotes the status quo.

John Bartunek, young priest but old guard. Formed by Evaristo Sada! Informer to Rome...

Owen Kearns!!! This can't be true! MM supporter, he promotes the status quo

Kevin Meehan and Guillermo Serra, Formed by Alvaro Corcuera; always near or behind the power.

Like Fr. Deomar said: There is no hope for change...

The story of Cathain (Patrick Keane) first came to our attention through an email sent to REGAIN with the following content:

Subject: Sexual abuse within the Legion of Christ From: NN victim of LC priests’ sexual abuse Date: Wed, 04 May 2005 23:14:58 -0700

Recently I have contacted you and tried to explain that the need had arisen within me to seek justice for the sexual abuse I had experienced during my novitiate in Dublin in 1969,70 and 71. The abusers were [Legionary priests] Guillermo Izquierdo and Salvador Maciel.
I had approached the Legion a few months ago and met with Anthony Bannon in Melbourne, Australia. He was arrogant and explained to me that my complaint was the first one ever received by the Legion. He lied, I know of several cases of sexual abuse by Guillermo Izquierdo and the Legion has paid money to a victim in Ireland to try and keep it quiet.
More recently I contacted the Legion again and was put in contact with Owen Kearns. We have spoken on the phone and exchanged e-mails. Owen Kearns, under pressure, agreed to send me an e-mail stating that Guillermo Izquierdo and Salvador Maciel are at present not working with young adults or children and never will work with either in the future. Owen Kearns has sent me this e-mail. It is my intention to get a letter from the new Director of the Legion stating the same.
I am aware that Guillermo Izquierdo is in Rome and may not have his full faculties (so my concern of further abuses by him is somewhat at ease) Salvador Maciel is a different case - I need to know exactly where he is and what he is doing - Can Regain assist me in anyway in getting this information ?
My investigations have uncovered a number of complaints against present and former legionary priests. In one case I know off - a priest abused by Izquierdo went on to abuse young men in his trust.
The picture I am beginning to form is that there are a number of victims outside the legion and there may be victims still inside the legion that need assistance. I would be grateful to have your comments.
Yours Sincerely

Soon after Cathain posted on the discussion board. He reported he had been sexually abused while an LC novice Dublin, Ireland, by the Novice Master and Assistant Novice Master. He approached the Legion superiors and also civil authorities. 05-24-2005, 05:15 PM

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Sexual Abuse within the Legion of Christ

I have reported the sexual abuse by the Novice Instructor and Assistant Novice Instructor to the Melbourne Archdiosese. My family in Ireland will hand my statuary declaration to the Dublin Police if I decide to do so.


We need to realize that if Maciel had never existed or never committed crimes, the Legion and RC would be bad. Apart from him, in its organization and statutes and practices, it has been un-Catholic, non-Catholic, anti-human, anti-person. If one knew nothing about maciel and only looked at the norms and rules and practices, one would know this was not a Catholic organization except by self-designation (and by acceptance by hierarchs who never saw or knew the rules and practices, but received inducements or were deceived by appearances. The LC/RC keeps framing reform in terms of coming to terms with the founder's evils. No, that IS NOT ENOUGH.

mary, you must also realise that current members hold a special place in their hearts for the "good" things which they claim came from Maciel. That's the inherent danger of this group. Maciel's evil presence creeps into the spirit and essence of everything lc/rc. Until the evil is renounced, how can it ever be good?

Moreover, without the historical lens of Maciel you would never see the core dysfunctions and voids, rather only be chasing its effects.

As noted on the other thread, I sense they all have been inoculating themselves from objective analysis and evaluation these past few years. Remember DePaolis/ Ghirlanda had them all wrapped up in the analysis of their subjectively good experiences, and this in effect is the charism, regardless of it's objective and historical origins. The General Chapter is simply where they all come for a liberation of sorts from the objective evaluation of a tragic history and choose to stay with their own "good" experiences.

We are reaching a point of absolute no return from reality. As long as they retreat into their own subjective and private spiritual experiences, they are free from history's responsibilities and need for reconciliation. Oh they may say they need to render a full account of MM, but it is never an account that touches them or affects how they will interpret 'their experience.'

We know apostolically the LC resisted definition- no form of apostolate is excluded; in spirituality, likewise, as each now proudly states their way of seeing the Lord without any specificity (not what religious do) ; now we have no historical frame of reference from which to draw their true identity. Yes a sad history lurks, but it is not the one they own now. Conveniently their defining history is now bound to an amorphous set of experiences that no one can see, measure, or evaluate save the beholder themselves (and perhaps those who might 'suggest' their content?).

Wow, just wow. How did we get here?

With a group like this, is there any hope for change?

AnonObserv, it started out with perversion. I could end no other way.

The first part of the list, those who participate ex officio, is not surprising.
But the second part, those elected from the territories is shocking. These are the priests the majority of members have chose to represent them in the General Chapter. These are the men they think comprehend what is needed for the future of the legion.
So, the whole future of the Legion depends on this question: Have these men had a change of heart since 2009?
If the majority of them are of the mindset of Fr Heereman, then there really is no hope for change.
Pray, pray, pray! There will be a new exodus in February of those who have been waiting for the results of the GC. They need our prayers.

What has happened to the Old Guard, the original Apostolics like Alfredo Torres , Geogorio Lopez,Duenas, Javier Garcia . Saminiego (X2), Fernando Martinez , Izquierdo (x 2) , Ezquivel et al ? Was there an age limit restriction ?

W. Izquierdo is nuttier than a fruitcake. He is demented now, conveniently, after having molested so many novices.
Torres expressed some pretty strange stuff when Maciel's duplicity was revealed. Esquivel is in poor health. Javier Garcia is waiting for Maciel to be rehabilitated by the Church so that he can write the "real" history of the Legion. Thank God Duenas is not in the GC. He let Jesus Sanchez screw around with any Italian kid he wanted to at the CIMME.

You can bet the majority of the Old Guard were victims of Maciel.

re photo:

If they didn't know, they are stupid.

They might be conditioned, but they are NOT stupid.

Do you mean the CIMME out in the country that was converted from hotel to seminary? The one with the multi-colored tile that was ripped out and dumped onto the parking lot?

After the hotel was converted to seminary, Fr. Juan Manuel Dueñas took over as rector. I was surprised to see that he was moved from Salamanca...

I think Fr Jesús Sánchez was still fixing up the gardens at the CIMME. Was he bringing Italian kids there or were they helping out in the construction/gardens and that´s how he met them? I don´t remember any Italian kids helping out so how was he getting access to them?

Was he using a room at the CIMME or where was that taking place? That property out in the country wasn´t that big...

I used to help Fr. Jesús and I don´t remember that he had much of an affinity towards kids but after the 50th anniversary, he got pretty messed up.

He dropped off the radar so it would be good to know more about what happened.

"Until the evil is renounced, how can it ever be good?"
Can't interfere, cannot judge!
LOL through tears........

Pete, you say that the Church cannot force change. Aren’t there examples when Church leaders forced changes?
But in the case of LCRC, it seems that it’s the contrary that is happening. Outside Church leaders, like the delegate, seem to be deliberately colluding in preventing change. The question is why? My theory is that there is some pressure from the outside to prevent reform in LCRC, because true reform would mean identifying unhealthy, cult like coercive methods of recruitment and retention currently used in some parts of the Church, in particular in New Ecclesiastic Movements. Since these movements are influential, Church leadership listens. Also true reform would mean that those outside of LCRC that were complicit in helping MM and are still active would be identified. I could be wrong, but I think it’s that simple. Lets pray that true change happens..

Tom, I agree with you. There are influential and wealthy elderly patrons who support LCRC because they think the LC can demolish current liberal trends in order to substitute with extreme right conservative leadership, even if that means using corrupt priests and pedophiles. It's all about change and mind control.

Big Light. That is interesting. Its seems that people want to use the Church to push their narrow agendas, instead of using the Church as an instrument of deep personal conversion (change). Proper change, it seems to me, starts with repentance. This includes redressing injustices one has committed.
It seems to me, that as lay and clergy, we have the right and duty to ask Church leadership to give a single example in 2000 years, of a healthy order that emerged from one that was initially set up as a fraud. Maybe there are examples, how that happened? Otherwise, why embrace a group that refuses change, a group that serenely refuses to examine its complicity in helping MM in his fraud? Is that the new norm? Is that the example we all need to follow from now on, just ditch the Gospels and now follow the new quack religion of Velasio de Paolis et al and his LC handlers?
In the next few months, in addition to prayer, it may be good if people spoke out. Also it would be good if victims spoke out, it seems to me.

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