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Pain, mutual distrust, imcomprension, tensions, disenchantment and unsettling insecurity about the future are some of the feelings that prevail among the legionaries of Christ. For some of them it seems too heavy inheritance of the immoral founder, Marcial Maciel Degollado. However its internal reform process and the efforts of purification.
The vicar general of the Congregation Sylvester Heereman, who temporarily serves as superior after the removal of the director Álvaro Corcuera, drew a crude but realistic analysis of the 'emotional state of the legionaries'. Did during a Conference on 22 September, whose content was just now.
Although he stressed that the "great majority of members" has been involved in the reform with "serenity and good spirits", he acknowledged that many of them suffer from concerns. The list of sufferings was very comprehensive and detailed, signal that many Legionnaires still not reset of the crisis in which got them their former spiritual guide.
More than three years ago the then Pope Benedicto XVI ordered the Legion to be refer to a deep reform process, with the aim of making him leave behind the scandals caused by the founder. A few weeks ago responsible for guiding the renewal, Cardinal Velasio De Paolis, convened an extraordinary chapter. The internal Assembly will adopt new bylaws which will replace Directive is scheduled for January 2014.
But the "finish line" to that meeting is rife with turbulence. According to Heereman several Legionnaires suffer the loss of colleagues and friends who are no longer in this religious family after having left by thinking different or having told the truth.
Another pain experienced in many different ways is related to the whole issue of the founder. In some it is the pain of disappointment, the feeling of having been deceived, in others it is sorrow for the loss of the model of a holy founder. Some, very few, still battling the negative facts of his life and its consequences. It also suffers from loss of the popularity of the Legion. Before arise as Legionnaire in many sides was seen as something pleasant and today is not always the case", he described.
The vicar said that open wounds because of the criticism, from either side equally remain: those who were branded as "rebels" or those who had something to do with the founder, who feel judged and rejected.
He acknowledged that one of the signs is that the Legion is not obeying the Church not to do a review of his life deep enough to discover really everything everything they need purification.
He also confessed that the various internal reviews have been, and are still a source of tensions and contrasts. He gave as an example to those who have been and are very happy in the Congregation and therefore costs them much accept any negative judgement about anything related to his religious life.
They seem to be tired of is tone a "mea culpa" constant, which will remind you of the need for change and conversion, and which is of the impression that all of the past have been bad, said. And it was established that, on the other hand, those who have had real negative experiences have concern if they do not perceive that you taking them into account or if there is no availability at a healthy self-criticism.
"There are people who are living a new infatuation of his vocation, a new enthusiasm. There are those who feel still confusion about one's identity, a disenchantment with his vocation. There are those who see the future with hope and those who feel unsettling insecurity by what is to come,"he said.
Despite the difficult internal situation the reform process progresses and these days the legionaries from around the world are voting for delegates who will attend the chapter of January, which will take place at its headquarters in Rome. To November 10 already should be full lists of representatives.

If that is the internal situation, then these guys are really captured. Any non-cult member would have left, would not be so dependent on the group.

I still think a nice step towards reform would be to replace maudlin 'weepy clown' Jesus with a nice icon.

Seems like honest stuff. Not the typical happy speak.

There is no such virtue as serenity. Serenity refers to a pal I'd unmoving surface. In a human, a constant serenity is the (infallible?) sign of a cult.

There is no such virtue as serenity. Serenity refers to a placid unmoving surface. In a human, a constant serenity is the (infallible?) sign of a cult.

"Charity and harmony" are the PTB's buzzwords meaning 'gloss over the truth' and 'sweep the nasty and disturbing reality of the LC under the rug. I like what this guy says better...

I just had to post what noncelafacciopiu referenced above from micasonoscemoio:

The Last Laugh

Would you send your son or daughter to a school whose formative program was designed by a pedophile?

Would you seek guidance on issues of morality from a sodomizer?

Would you attend marriage counseling offered by a profligate womanizer?

Would you delegate the role of mentorship and character building to a pathological liar and conman?

Would you donate money to a cause founded by a thief whose only moral compass were the demands of his own outrageous lifestyle?

Would you expect the Catholic Church to entrust the formation of its priests to any of the deviants listed above?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these preposterous suggestions, then you will be pleased with the way in which the resolution of the scandal that is the
Legion of Christ appears to be approaching its ignominious end.

In roughly 90 days the Legion will hold its General Chapter, the pre-scripted tragicomedy that is supposed to sweep the truth of the embattled congregation under the rug forever and free its weary leadership from future scrutiny, responsibility and, best of all, criticism.

This is not the first General Chapter of the Legion, although its architects are the same as the previous two, held in the early ‘80s and again in 1995 under the controlling gaze of Fr. Maciel. The tone and contents of the first Chapters are an eerie reverse-prophecy of all that will be cosmetically altered come January 2014 as the Legion once again reinvents itself while remaining what it will always essentially be: the legacy of a perverse, devious and recklessly arrogant abuser whose name may no longer be mentioned, but who continues to live and breathe in the fraudulent masterpiece he engineered.

The conclusive documents of the Legion’s General Chapters may be found on the Wikileaks website. Although the translation is fairly poor, enough of the hubris and pathology on which the inner life of the congregation is predicated comes through to offer what will surely be a most interesting contrast with the carefully rendered documents that will be released after the next Chapter as proof of the Legion’s rebirth.

Whatever the outcome, nothing will erase the frustration and disgrace of the inexplicably missed opportunity to truthfully and courageously uproot and atone for one of the worst scandals in the Church’s history.

How did it get this far? When did the Legion become ‘too big to fail’ in the eyes of Church authority? Who’s heads would have rolled and who would have been implicated had the Vatican decided to launch a full and impartial investigation into the history, canonical legitimacy, inner workings and finances of the Legion of Christ?

The Catholic Church doesn’t need – never needed – this scandalous brainchild of Marcial Maciel, but it has gone to unfathomable, self-incriminating lengths to keep it on life support.

If mirth is permitted wherever Fr. Maciel finds himself at present, there is no doubt that he has that leering grin on his face that so many of us recognize well. Everything continues to go according to plan.

Unless Pope Francis still has a surprise or two up his sleeve, which we hope will be the case, Nuestro Padre, when all is said and done, got the last laugh.

I just listened to the interview posted above. I was flabergasted by the continual self-absorbtion of the Legion of Christ. The litany of pain and suffering of individual LCs that Herreman recites is all about THEM. Nothing about suffering because they have done anything wrong towards others. He says that some suffer for loss of the model of the founder. Not one consideration of the damage that the founder did to anyone except the Legion. Suffering because the LC is not held is such high regard with some as it used to be. Not a word about how that affects those who have lost esteem for them. This conference was a sickening show of narcisism. They just can't think of anyone else but themselves. You can't atone if you are just the consumate victim.

From a conversation on Facebook with a friend in Latin America. He was a LC priest, now in a diocese there:
"The Legionaries do not change and it is difficult to imagine that they will.
They could take advantage of painful circumstances that they are living now to redeem themselves by dedicating themselves to work with the simpler classes of society, but no. They have to aim high, working exclusively with the rich and powerful. When will they ever learn? I really feel for them since they have lost so much credibility. I pray for them."

The recent financial settlement by Penn State of nearly $60 million to the victims of Sandusky showed how an institution maturely handles such a tragedy against children. Officials said it could not make up for the enormous harm done to these boys, but they were going to make sure it could never happen again at their school. The fact that the Legion has not fessed up to the sins of the founder and others within the LC and have not made financial restitution to his victims shows how un-Catholic this group is. They can never be trusted.

If people want to stay in groups like these, that's their choice.

The Church should give all members the opportunity to be released from vows and they should shut own all recruiting.

In fact, it's the continued recruiting that bothers me the most. There's no justification for it. It's a cult using the Catholic Church as a front to gain members.

Sorry... I was sick when posting last night and didn't properly edit my comment.

What I meant to say is that they should shut down all recruiting. This is the lifeblood of a cult: to recruit.

Remove their ability to add new members or at least shut down their seminaries. Force candidates to go to normal seminaries with normal classmates and enforce canon law allowing the candidates to receive spiritual direction from SD's outside their group (which is standard with other orders to help protect internal/external forum.)

The legion would never go for it, of course, because if they can't control the formation process then they can't imprint all their dysfunction on the candidate (and most candidates would probably leave) - yet allowing them to continue recruiting and "forming" candidates with the Church's "stamp of approval" is just unconscionable.

I have zero hope of Church leadership actually doing this, but it's still important to point out error and ways to correct it.

IVE Info observes that the legion has been allowed to continue to recruit. Let me add that the legion has not just been allowed to recruit, but encouraged to do so by the delegate. New recruits swelling the legion ranks are somehow to reassure us that the Vatican was, of course, correct in giving this outfit the stamp of approval in the first place. “Well, we (Vatican authorities) did move rather slowly against the sexual predator con man. But he's gone now, and anything wrong with this outfit went with him. A few tweaks to the rules and regs, to be sure. But basically a sound outfit.” As IVE Info says, it's unconscionable.

Mipiacetanto states that the Vatican "has gone to unfathomable, self-incriminating lengths to keep it [the legion] on life support" and chosen not to investigate. Maybe because a full and impartial investigation would have revealed the deep-rooted Vatican complicity in the legion mess, resulting in a mass Vatican decapitation?

@Reid: "Maybe"? There's no maybe about it.

A Jesuit Pope, in order to suppress the Legion, will have to do what was done to the Jesuits. Of course they are worlds apart, but there is a psychological motive that he will have to overcome which is why getting together petitions, signatures, and putting together evidence - all which VdeP has worked to avoid doing - would be useful. He still has to review and approve their constitutions once the Gen Chapter is over. There is still time to tighten the screws... somebody would have to stick out their neck to lead the effort, somebody with plenty of time and a very thick skin...

I have not posted or read here for a very long time. How discouraging it is to read that not much seems to have changed in the overall reform process.

Little Light, correct me if I am wrong but didn't Maciel hate the Jesuits? I remember having a weekly team meeting in my house and the team leader commenting in a derogatory tone that I owned a book written by a Jesuit. I thought her comment was odd since the book was orthodox but I had not yet caught on that reading spiritual writing outside of MM was discouraged.

Maciel encountered SJs in Montezuma, New Mexico (he was there twice despite the romantic version that he was there only once and then booted out due to excessive zeal for souls), then later in Comillas, Spain, and of course at the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome where the LCs studied. In the early days, the SJs were sending info about maciel's bad behavior to the Vatican and creating quite a stink which was why the Manitos were booted from the house they were living in when they arrived to Comillas (house of Marques de Comillas I think).

In Rome, the LCs gave classes in house to correct the deviant teaching at the Gregorian (which was the application of maciel's twisted Ratio Studiorum). Over time Maciel learned to steer clear of them to avoid more negative reports. The superiors said that the LCs were forced to send the seminarians to the Gregorian despite the bad instructions (since they didn't have their own university yet), but really what Maciel didn't like was the tuition payment for each student.

Overall, the SJs were almost always spoken of in a disfavorable manor (from my own experience) starting from his time in Montezuma. Of course the seminarians have no point of reference so all that is said about the Jesuits was believed verbatim.

The point about the suppression is that a SJs will avoid it at all costs due to their own suppression.

Pope Francis will have to see that the Church doesn't need the parallel church (maciel's brand) eating the life of the church from the inside out like worms and maggots. Parasites only destroy and never benefit the body and as such the Vatican needs to understand that the maciel parasitic congregation will only destroy the life of the church and so suppression is not an option, it is virtually an obligation.

@giselle: you are absolutely correct, no maybe about it. Delete "maybe" and while you're at it, best to change that whimpy question mark to a period.

@Little Light: suppression -- combined with a full public accounting of the legion mess delivered by the Vatican (in my dreams, right?).

LL, thanks for the detailed response. I appreciate the time and effort , I always learn.

I understood the point that Pope Francis may not want to suppress others because of the Jesuit experience . Is it possible though that as a Jesuit he may have a better insight to the level of corruption in LC, considering a Jesuit community sounded a warning early. Of course that implies communication amongst different Jesuit communities and an assumption that Pope Francis always had a wariness towards the LC.

The depth of moral depravity revealed about MM is unconscionable. It is just mind boggling to me that nothing seems to have moved forward. I have to wonder if failure/refusal to reform this order is one example of numerous that compelled Papa Benedict to bring someone else in to lead. IF, as some have speculated, he felt he did not have the strength needed to fight the corruption in the curia.

If everything is as reported here something is seriously wrong in the state of Denmark, and it must be within the walls of the Vatican. Nothing can excuse Maciels behavior, nothing! To even allude that a charism could come from this evil is ...I have no word for it!

I have just begun to watch it..but how can Sylvester say "reformas externas" ("outside reforms" and make the quotation marks with his hands as he does this...why doesn't he just read the damn thing and admit that external reform will docile in God's hands; isn't that what we are always being taught when the Legion, Sylvester!

sorry grammar was a bit off...being taught when we were in the Legion...

LL: " booted out due to excessive zeal for souls"... more like "excessive zeal for BODIES". His homosexual antics were pretty well known.

If Rome ordered them not to accept novices for 5 years until reforms had accomplished I think the spell would be broken.

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