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“Unfortunately,” the cardinal said, “it was the consequence of a still extremely bureaucratic structure” where important information was not always shared.

If "extremely bureaucratic structure" is a synomym for "exteremely corrupt structure," then I guess I can agree with the Cardinal. But the fact that he is using terms like "bureaucratic" instead of simply calling it what it is, corruption, is sadly what I have now come to expect from the One, True, Church.

Honestly, and it pains me to say this, but the words that come out of the Vatican concerning the whole LC/RC scandal are no better than the BS that comes out of the White House concerning Fast and Furious, Benghazi, the IRS, and Obamcare.

Now that is interesting. Who does he think people are? Stupid?

Cardinal Ratzinger said openly in his book that he knew that there were problems with Maciel since 2000. Dziwisz, Sodano, Ratzinger and Herranz, according to Magister, were the 4 cardinals that ran the curia for the 3-4 years JP2 was ill. So he, Dziwisz, the same man that took bribes according to Berry, knew nothing? Cardinal Ratzinger, who met with JP2 at least once a week, never mentioned anything for 4 years ? That Sodano, who’s nephew made a fortune from the building of the LC University in Rome, knew nothing? That Herranz, who was in charge of Canon law interpretation for 30 years, knew nothing?

At least Pope Benedict had the honesty to put a date in his book (his office knew about problems at least 2 years before, but better than nothing). Pope Benedict, who is a historian, probably knows he will not come out smelling a like a total rose from all this, but at least he seems to want to be honest about it.

Dziwisz, Sodano, Ratzinger, Herranz, and all the rest (Rode, Re, Rylko, Castrillón Hoyos‎, Somalo etc etc) were implicated one way or the other.

That JP2, who was declining in health, was either not informed or informed and refused to believe, is likely. But for Dziwisz , to now try to wash his hands, in this typical arrogant small Polish town cleric fashion, is quite informative.. They are tripping over their lies, and the omerta is crumbling..

Unfortunately, to me, the jury is still out where Pope Francis stands. Its seems we have to only look at “social justice” and condemn “poverty” outside of the Church, inside only “forgive”with little accountability, it seems (or when there is no choice).

Now I don't need to feel bad when I joke to my students to "do as I say, not as I do"... if only for judgment day..

Cardinal Dziwisz lies when he says JP2 never knew about the rumors; or maybe Benedict XVI is wrong when he said the investigation could not be started earlier due to some influences.

Dziwisz lies, because Marcial Maciel himself told he was innocent when Pope JP2 asked.

Dziwisz lies, because JP2 publicy praised MM because the attacks; How is possible he couldn't know if he was admiting the "attacks"?

JP2 knew the rumors and did nothing.

To Church authorities: (1) Read "Offenses Against Truth" in the Catechism of the Catholic Church. (2) Stop the lying.

If we go with JP2 knew, then perhaps those papers burned upon his death would have told us the truth.

If we go with JP2 didn't know, the circle around him is to blame and that includes....

Dziwisz wants his boss canonized and he wants to escape censure. He cannot have both.

I find it insulting, I repeat, insulting that Dz failed in his job as the pope's secretary to inform JP of this serious information IF the pope didn't know. In promoting JP's "sainthood" Dz is just trying to bask in the reflected glow.

Dziwisz's excuses are a good example of clericalism. They don't owe explanations to anybody and when the stench starts reaching them, just give a few nice words. This type of conduct is hard to die but its days are counted.

I was looking for the "like" button on all of the posts above. Where is the "like" button?

Off topic

The second in charge is leaving the Congregation, because "there isn't hope for renovation".

The spanish article, here:

@Estatua: thanks, that's enormous!

The Legion made an elaborate video of JP2’s visit to their seminary. It was shown to RC members and benefactors. We were all told that the visit was arranged by (then) Bishop Dziwisz on the occasion of his birthday. Word was that Legion offered to throw a big celebration for Dziwisz and Dziwisz asked the Pope to attend as a birthday favor. JP2 was shown eating birthday cake and asking for another piece. We were also told that Maciel and Dziwisz were old friends, having met many years earlier.

It’s impossible to believe that Dziwisz had not heard anything of the very public accusations about Maciel, which were in public media since 1997. If he *was* unaware, he was criminally derelict in his duty as papal secretary.

The real friendship was between Dziwisz and Alvaro Corcuera.

Once JPII is canonized, most of this will be laid to rest.

Because a saint couldn't possibly have known about a child molester and done nothing, right? A saint couldn't possibly have conciously chosen to turn a blind eye and deaf ear to the suffering of those sexually abused as children,right?

And anybody who suggests otherwise might as well be a heretic.

From Wikipedia, which reflects what I read at the time. Dziwisz was instrumental in blocking an investigation into allegations of child abuse against the late Benedictine Cardinal of Vienna Hans Hermann Groer. Groer, who died in 2003, headed the Vienna archdiocese and presided over the influential Austrian episcopal conference.

Saints aren't sinless, and the Church doesn't teach that saints never sinned and never made errors. Even so, I think it might be prudent for the Church to wait awhile before considering canonization of Pope JP II. Too many of us are hurting out here to be happy about the canonization.

This is really worth cutting and pasting here, but it is a bit long. Please take a look at it.


Jason Berry
November 8, 2013 12:53

Confidant cardinal tells new tales about Pope John Paul's role in scandal

Of course saints aren't sinless.

But when their sins (whether of commission or omission) have enabled the sexual abuse of children, it probably makes sense to wait at least 100 years until all the victims grievously wounded by the saint's sins are long dead.

Otherwise, the canonization is simply cause for more pain and ensuing scandal.

Dziwisz is to say the least disingenious. He was the Pope's secretary and doorkeeper. Since 1979 when JP II made his first trip to Mexico he was"cultivated" by Alvaro and in my opinion that was the reason for making Avlaro the Rector of the CES, so that he could be close to the Vatican. He used to visit Dziwisz in the Papal appartment and probably deliver the envelopes packed with nice $100 bills. I was also told by someone in the know that the Legion built a house for him and his mother in Cracow. José Barba and Arturo Jurado sent a letter directed to Pope John Paul and written in Italian, Spanish, Polish and Latin, and sent by certified mail. It is likely that it never reached the Pope and was stopped by Dziwisz.
It is not easy to know whether JP II knew about MM's abuse. As for Ratzinger, it seems that until 2004 he couldn'r proceed because of the powerful protection of Sodano and Dziwisz. In 2004, Patricio Cerda a Chilean ex legionary now living in Seville when to Rome and took a dossier of cases of abuse of various types to Chilean Cardinal Medina Estévez. He had been freinds with Ratzinger since the time of Vatican II when both were theologians there. Medina got him an appointment with Ratzinger and he was able to speak to him for 20 minutes. R promised him that he would do all in his power to fix it up. Medina told him that he would tell Pope JP II. It was at the end of 2004 when Ratzinger ordered now Bishop John Scicluna to undertake the investigation which brought Maciel down. On the day JP II died Scicluna was taking sworn depositions from ex members in NY. I assume Ratzinger couldn't move against MM until he had sufficient proof. I don't believe that he was involved in any coverup and certainly he was not on the take from the Legion, as were Dziwisz and Sodano.
Also some of the complaints made to the Vatican were sent to the Congregation for Religious and Maciel had moles there to take care of that. The Vatican is a bureaucratic operation and it is true that a complaint made to one department didn't necessarily get passed on to another Besides, the behavior of MM was so scandalous and he had been extremely careful to promote the image of holiness that it would have been difficult for them to believe it. All of us were fooled for many years.

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