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Thanks Giselle, that gives hope. I am sure Xavier’s outspoken stand helped. The Church in France may not be that big, but from what I know, it’s pretty dynamic. Also scratch the surface of your average secular French person, and under the usual knee jerk anticlericalism, you will find steaks of Catholicism. The whole of Paris mourned when L'Abbé Pierre died in 2007.

This is a first step, but then again the Church has to come to some definitive judgement about these groups who exist supposedly to uplift the Church.

Why does she easily approve them and justify them as works of God on one hand and then, in the same generation, get all tied up in knots, trying to reform them?

Can we not just raise the bar for approval and do more thorough and prolonged vetting and examination?

the problems with the community of St. John have been scrubbed from the Internet. I used to be able to see many long articles and testimonies.

Oh how JP2 loved these groups.....

Wait, weren't these groups heralding the springtime of the new evangelization?

When I lived in Australia I used to see fields covered with what was some purple coloured weed, whose name I now forget. From a distance it seemed beautiful, but the locals told me that it was a dangerous weed. In my estimation not a few of these new cult like groups in the Church such as the Legion and the Neocats, among others are like that. They seem wonderful and generally impress Vatican officials with little discernment, and they are in reality dangerous weeds.

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