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Maybe I'm mistaken, but I don't think he's incardinated yet. That takes time (about 5 years in the USA I believe.) I think it just says that's his intention to be incardinated.

@IVE Info: Thanks, noted

@IVE Info
The process takes at least 3 months, but LCs can block it. See this:

Could this be a ploy to get more LCs into the diocese to gain more control? There are other LCs who are willing to become diocesan priests while still connected to the Legion. They are very sneaky.

Big Light,

That's very insightful -- that they would use incardination as a subterfuge to gain control in dioceses.

Their capacity for corruption and manipulation seems limitless.

Big Light, I really cannot agree with you: I don't think priests would leave to "sneak." Remember, when a priest leaves the LC, even for a diocese, he is told he has "lost his vocation." Because in their minds, the vocation is to Maciel and the order, not to the Lord. Leaving is disloyal to their cause.

As mentioned by another poster, incardination does take five years. Despite all the priests who are leaving the LC, each case is done on an individual basis. No jumping a turnstile and skipping the line with this process.

As far as I know Fr Deomar has waited more than the rest of us who have left so far because he was in a position of influence. Since there is no hope of real reform he goes to his home diocese. So no scheme, just coherence.

Pretty big. And he leaves with a bang, not a whimper.

I got out of the Novus Ordo mess 18 years ago and went to the SSPX and the Trad. Latin Mass. I don't have to deal with raging feminists, gay bishops or any other flaky Vat 2 trash. I could not be happier. I really feel sorry for all you stuck in the NO Church.

I can't see this as anything other than good news. Fr Deomar's departure will, I PRAY, lead others to leave as well. It would be very difficult for anyone in the LC to trash his reputation as he leaves, he is, after all, an influential superior in otherwise good standing in the Legion. As for sneaky motives, in this case I think that suggestion is just plain silly.

God bless Fr Deomar and the LCs who will hopefully follow him out the door.

The General Chapter hasn't even happened yet, that will no doubt lead to more departures. I am pleased.

Hey Jim, feel sorry for yourself. We have enough self pitty here to go around.
And if you are so happy where you are, what the heck are you doing on this lousy website?

Jim, so you're now a schismatic. Congrats!

Sorry, Luis, the SSPX is not schismatic. According to the CDF and every Pope that had interacted with them, they are IN the Church, just in an irregular situation. They hold no schismatic positions. They accept the Pope and the 2,000 year old Magisterium. They don't accept innovation. And, sadly, the LC is an "innovation", a "movement" that was going to "renew" the Church. Instead, it siphoned away vocations into a fake order that has no charism and is not of God. This goes for the Neocatechumenal Way, Communion and Liberation, Opus Dei, etc. The Church's future is Her past.

My dears, this site is not a forum for the liceity of the SSPX. That horse has been flogged ad nauseum in many other places on the net. As the heading says, here we are trying to make sense of the Church after experiencing the Regnum Christi Movement.

I'll be in and out, but devoted to deleting any further comments along these lines. Pax vobiscum.

Fr Deomar, with advanced degrees in engineering, philosophy and theology has acted as superior in Legion houses, provincial in Spain, seminary rector, and head of the works in Argentina.
Sources close to the religious say that De Guedes' leaving "looks to clarify before the start of the Chapter that the road is very dark, and that there seems to be no hope at all."

Rest of Article:

...Deomar de Guedes was directly brought to Rome at the start of 2012 by Cardinal De Paolis to occupy the post of General Counsel. With great charisma and well liked by many, he was one of the driving forces behind renewal of the congregation. So much was this the case that his name sounded with strength of recognition for the upcoming General Chapter scheduled for next January to be used to approve the new constitutions.

P. Deomar, with degrees in engineering, philosophy, and theology, had held posts as superior of houses of the apostolate, provincial in Spain, rector of a seminary, and chief local head of the apostolate in Argentina.

Sources close to the order priest note that abandonment by De Guedes "seeks to make plain before the Chapter meeting that the road is very dark and it appears that there is no type of hope".

The announcement of his departure, a few weeks before the start of the Chapter, without a doubt, presumes a new stimulus for [Pope] Francis to very soon place his hands into the matter, to force a profound renewal among the Legionnaires of Christ.

The current Director General is P. Álvaro Corcuera Martínez del Río, who for months has temporarily abandoned his functions, although this week has been seen around Rome, and there are those who opine that he returns to lobby for the modification of the course of the General Chapter.

The General Counsel which was broadened and renewed by the Pontifical Delegate, is composed of the following priests:
P. Sylvester Heereman (Germany; First Counselor and Vicar General), P. Deomar de Guedes (Brazil), P. Michael Ryan (Ireland), P. Joseph Burtka (United States), P. Juan José Arrieta (Spain), P. Jesús Villagrasa (Spain). The Procurator General is P. Cristóforo Fernández (México) who actually replaces P. Carlos Skertchly (México). P. Eduardo Vigneaux (Chile) is the Administrator General.

Just for your information:
The Translation is slightly off:
It should read:
"According to what was confirmed to RD, sources close to the prelate, Fr. Deomar de Guedes, will resign, after verifying that "There is no hope for change" within the Legion. What is being done is attempting to keep happy the ones and the others and yet leave it the same as before. These sources point out that the person of Caardinal De Paolis has been reduced to lower plane by the superiors of the Congregation. 70 % of those who were superiors before the scandal became known are still at their posts, declares this source."

I have not read the rest of this statement (if, indeed there is more but will be happy to translate properly if need be)

Jim must be from the 1940s. And I don't believe the women are feminists or non-churched, but rather bright. Bright enough to know when they're involved in a cult, bright enough to not be so obedient that one becomes a blind sheep. Why would one say yes to going along with manipulative schemes? Is it to feel prideful and part of a corrupt family?? I think the Legion and the RC sheep have it all backwards!

Well, Giselle, if you don't want your blog to be misleading, you could at least acknowledge that lefebvrists are beyond the pale and totally schismatic. "Barbara" should get some orthodox information, don't you think so?

Cardinal De Paolis promoted Fr Deomar de Guedes, bringing him to Rome. He is popular and highly regarded.

His leaving just before the Chapter is indeed a very strong message. I guess he is stating the obvious in a very public way. Good for him.

I wonder if this event will encourage Pope Francis to take a more active role in the LC? It's quite a snub for Card. De Paolis and a major indictment of his efforts to date.

@luis_a: what part or Gisele’s polite request did you not understand? There are many different opinions on the SSPX, but if your post doesn’t relate to the Legion, this is not the forum.

@Big Light: Although I wouldn’t doubt some Legionaries would use any tactics to get ahead, Fr. de Guedes has been very critical of the Legion superiors and his defection seems sincere.

Internal comunications among the superiors, like Fr. Eduardo Robles-Gil, are saying Fr. Deomar is leaving due to health problems.
But Fr. Deomar in facebook posted he is healthy. Here his letter in Portuguese:

Queridos amigos para evitar especulaciones y rumores publico la carta que he enviado a los legionarios. Quede claro que estoy perfecto de salud!!

Estimados en Cristo,
A petición del Cardenal Velasio les envío estas líneas para comunicarles una decisión personal que he tomado de la mano del Señor.
Como saben en enero del 2012 su eminencia me invitó a hacer parte del consejo general, después de la consulta hecha a finales del 2011, donde muchos de Uds. me dieron su confianza. Aprovecho, ésta para agradecer al cardenal, a su equipo de asistentes y a todos los legionarios la confianza en mi depositada.
En marzo del 2012 empecé a desempeñar esta misión, a la que me he entregado con pasión y totalidad, para contribuir constructivamente en este reto de lograr la ‘profunda y auténtica’ renovación de la Legión como han pedido los Papas Benedicto XVI y Francisco.
Hoy, después de una larga y profunda reflexión, a partir de la Lectio Divina hecha buscando una respuesta, y apoyado por mi director espiritual, veo que ya no tengo fuerzas para seguir en esta tarea. Siguiendo el ejemplo del Papa Benedicto XVI, veo que lo mejor para la Legión en este momento es que me retire de este proceso dado que mi trabajo ya está hecho y lo que queda por atender son aspectos prácticos para organizar el capitulo general.
He pedido tres años de exclaustración para hacer un discernimiento más sereno sobre mi permanencia en la Legión y el cardenal Velasio De Paolis, con dolor, pero con mucha comprensión y bondad me ha concedido un año para que pueda recuperar fuerzas y completar este discernimiento personal.
Seré acogido en la Arquidiócesis de Brasilia, Brasil, donde Don Sergio da Rocha y su presbiterio me van a recibir en los próximos días.
Aprovecho para agradecer a todos mis hermanos legionarios, sobre todo a los que en estos años me han apoyado en esta trascendente misión, y a todos los grandes amigos que hice aquí y que hasta el último momento me brindaron su apoyo incondicional, afecto y estima.
Agradezco a los miembros consagrados de la rama masculina a quien les dirijo un afectuoso saludo lleno de fraterna estima. Vosotros sabéis mi aprecio por vuestra vocación y vuestro espíritu evangélico.
Agradezco también a mis hermanas consagradas a quiénes admiro y de quiénes siempre he recibido tanta amistad y el consuelo de su maternidad espiritual.
Finalmente agradezco a todos los miembros del primer y segundo grado del Regnum Christi con los que he podido compartir mi vida en estos 21 años preñados de servicio a Cristo en la Legión y el Movimiento.
Seguiré encomendando en mi oración el proceso de renovación del Movimiento y de la Legión, sobre todo las asambleas generales y el Capitulo General.
Pido a todos su oración en esta nueva etapa de mi vida.

Health problems? Maybe sick of the corruption in this con-game disguised as a religious order.

Fr. Deomar was a true voice for healthy change and fresh air in the Legion and Regnum Christi.... this is not a good sign.

1 - Not surprised by this news. As noted five years ago when the scandal first broke, the reform process was in the hands of the LC/RC. Rome will assist in an advisory capacity, but it will not impose reform. It will, however, take measures to limit collateral damage to the rest of the Church, as well as eventually shut down those institutes in need of reform that prove themselves unable (or unwilling) to do so.

But don't look for a quick suppression. For a movement as large as LC/RC, we're looking at a decade as a MINIMUM before Rome takes hard action.

Also, don't look for a sudden and large exodus from LC/RC. Rather, so long as the movement fails to reform, the movement will bleed members in dribs and drabs. Even high-profile ones like Fr. Deomar.

2 - Monk, I don't see why Pope Francis would get involved directly, given that MM represented the exact opposite of where Pope Francis hopes to lead the Church. Additionally, being from South America, Pope Francis likely has a stronger pulse on LC/RC than Pope JPII had.

Pope Francis is also a shrewd as Pope Benedict, who reportedly always dealt with LC/RC through intermediaries, and never directly. I am not surprised given that in his former position as CDF Prefect under JPII's pontificate, then-Cardinal Ratzinger witnessed first hand how LC/RC spun even the most minor direct papal contact.

As far as length of time for incardination, it depends upon several canonical factors. I don't have a code with me right now, but I believe five years is the maximum length of time required to incardinate after a priest has announced his intention. With the consent of the bishop or institute, the process can be shortened significantly.

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