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Actually the only thing we know about the Assembly from their day by day report is what they prayed and what they did outside the Assembly. Obviously you can't ask to know exactly what is happening but giving useless information is not transparency

As was mentioned before, the lack of transparency was also true of the 3GM Assembly. Looks like Assemblies mean business as usual.

These organizations just have to be shut down.

Speaking of transparency, the bottom line not at all addressed is the bottom line:
1) where is their financial revenue coming?
2) is it collected dishonestly or honestly?
3) who is in charge?
4) what is it used for?
5) will they bear their share of the financial liability of those that were physically and spiritually abused by MM and LCRC, or is this “split” just a shell game to protect Garza/Integer Inc assets?
Defining one self as the “Fruit” or “Will of God” does not wash.
This mess sooner or later will undermine what ever positive momentum is generated by Pope Francis, if its not dealt with.

Maybe we can ask Beatriz; supposeddly she will be in charge... but they don't have revenues...
bpimentel @

How sad - or maybe a blessing in disguise. Sad because it is the same old same old. A blessing because, in the end, they are their own worst enemies. They can't help themselves and do the same things over and over again.

The new leadership reminds me of a group that was informally called "Little Mexico" in my area. This referred to the 3gfs and lcs that actively continued to promote Maciel and his ways - it had nothing to do with nationality.

At first I didn't see it, but eventually I did, and the depth and breadth of their reach was breath taking. This was the cornerstone of my understanding the truth.

I keep hoping the veil will be lifted, scales will fall from their get the idea. Maybe that is the wrong hope. If it weren't for the people yet to be hurt by them, for they will be, I'd say hooray - they can demolish themselves. But I can't do that.

PWC, I could't agree with you more.

BTW - is anyone else suddenly receiving mail updates and requests for money to support 3gfs and candidates ( they can run the furnace for the 5 hours a day they have heat)? I have been out of touch for a long time, and now I get a new request or update a week.

Yes, all the time. They are trying to mend fences because they burned so many bridges acting like kings and princesses when in reality, they came from meager beginnings but rode on high horses. That was the beginning of their fall. At times, I feel sorry for them, but then reality kicks in and I recall how badly they used and hurt me and many others, all for the glory of a few very brainwashed RC leaders under the direction of an LC. It was cruel. Time for me to move on with my life and onto better
friends who will lead me to joy and not despair.

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