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Rough translation, indeed a bombshell, and to be honest, even I was shocked at how much has stayed the same. Never a dull moment with the LC.

Rough or no, the point is clear -- thank you AO. And to think how very recently the Legion lied about why this man left. Which underscores the very point of his departure.

Here is the link for the original in Spanish: Another bombshell; sorry it's in spanish. Letter from Fr. Deomar De Guedes to Heereman with his true motives for leaving:

This letter is thorough and accurate in summing up what is wrong in the Legion even after all the so-called reform. Why send it to Fr Heereman? That is sure to fall on deaf ears. Send it to Pope Francis. Send it to the mainstream media, whose pressure seems to be the greatest motivator for any kind of action by the Vatican.

Another bombshell!!!

Tim Meehan apparently has left. He was appointed for the GC, but no more...

Can anyone confirm this information?

He and his brother were both on the GC. If one brother leaves (to be confirmed) does the other follow?

Fr. Heereman is simply the equivalent of addressing it to the whole of the Legion. If you read the intro, with his curriculum vitae, it is clear Fr. Deomar intended this to be an open letter directed first all the LCs who do not know him personally and then to the general public where he hopes that his observations will make their way to Vatican ears duly amplified by the press.

The fact that he could not tell his closes companions what he thought while he was still in (as witnessed by the posts of Legionary in Rome) is a sign that nothing has changed in the culture of the Legion, and that moving from a constitution of 800 statutes to 200 is not by any means going to solve any core problem- especially given the fact that they never follow them anyway.

Sorry to be off topic but apparently an aposyolic died in Germany, I believe he fell out of a window.

Thanks AO. Do you think this letter will resonate with anyone in the Legion? In a meaningful way, that might open their eyes in ways no other departing LC letter has done in 5 years?

Yes, Blitzero. Über sad, and not a little suspicious, but there's no way to investigate further. Prayers for his soul and the grieving family.

Blitzero, Yes I posted that before; there is an investigation on going. Apparently he committed suicide.

I mean, police investigation.

It seems, Les, this works in waves, true core believers at times through an accumulation of events get pushed out further and further to margins of the LC belief system. This happens when they are able to distinguish it from the true Gospel and the true nature of religious life. There are two groups who are very vulnerable right now: those who truly empathized with Fr. Deomar concerns and were waiting for some sort of epiphany from the General Chapter, and secondly, the younger Brazilians who had found some support in Fr. Deomar's one-time leadership in the group. They may be upset that he did not say this to them while on the inside. What outsiders do not get, is that the LC system will from the first dis-intoning of the reform, will label him as one of the 'infected' ones, and destroy his reputation while still in among his companions.

Currently Fr. Fortea, a famous exorcist in Spain, has responded publicly to Fr. Deomar taking him to task for not keeping his criticisms directed solely to the 'superiors of the superiors' and not respecting Cardinal DePaolis's sacred authority. Somehow Fr. Deomar is now an ally of the demonic trying to destroy the holy work of the Legion of Christ.... While I do respect Fr. Fortea in certain areas, here he is stuck in the paradigm of a fanatic... He needs to take Fr. Felix Alarcon to lunch, who pleaded that the LC needs to be eliminated- let him see exactly how well the devil can use obedience when the conscience looses it own sense of the objective Gospel.

DePaolis' concept of reform is pathetic. He reminds me of Nero, who fiddled as Rome was burning. As people are suffering from psychological problems, even committing suicide, his rosy comments serve to show that he must have had his eyes and ears fully closed to not have a clue about what needed to be improved. What a sad waste of a golden opportunity to finally do something about the Legion. Please Pope Francis, for the sake of the Church credibility and those who are being damaged because they still trust the Church send in someone who speaks Spanish and who is willing and competent to either make some real reforms or close things down.

If you read the VAtiLeaks book, it becomes obvious that the Legion coverup is about money. De Paolis is a money guy. Wonder where it is hidden?


Pictet & Cie, Private Bankers of Geneva, Switzerland

Also in many a dummy corporation.

Mary Ann, from the reviews I have read of the Vatileaks books out there, most are short on facts, reveal little more of the documents than what was already known in the press, and only repeat a tabloid perspective on the curia which former curia staff dispute heavily.

However we all knew that DePaolis was a money man when he was appointed, and it was thought surely he would at least put the LCs financial house in order and mandate a transparent handling of all assets to members of the rank and file. Clearly that never happened.

DePaolis it was thought would be a no-nonsense executioner of a rigorous plan of reform, ready to dissolve the group at the moment of least resistence. Well the characterization was correct, just that the plan was different- it was a plan of non-reform, and curial self justification; and he did that very well, in a quite insensitive and cold manner. He stopped the reformers, and profited by MM's system of power, which he still left very much in tact.

For now the Holy See is stuck, trapped inside their own politic. John Paul II's canonization is coming up, and projecting an LC failure now would force them to explain more than they care to to the media. At this point, the LC will after DePaolis leaves will be left on the low burner over at the Congregation for Religious. The LC will just be left for a time swaying in the wind to see what future events reveal.

Pope Francis may push the problem of the LC to the local level, in his program of decentralization, meaning local bishops will find no interventions on his part to prevent them from expelling or curtailing LCRC activities.

For the next several months the only aid to change will be the press and blogs; and telltale events to come from the LC themselves, of which there have been no short supply.

It is amazing that this letter hasn't drawn 100 comments.
I hope others will reflect on this and have the courage to leave.

The LC explains the general chapter speaking about priorities of MM

@Ohh: I agree on both points.

Scipio I think that video is so sickening. I mean, specially Clariond, all I hear is how nice De Paolis is, and how the next Chapter is going to be good of the Legion. Then all they do is explain the practical elements of the chapter (might be useful for a first year novice, but not worthy of a video) Besides even though I don't know the "anchor", I just feel I'm watching one of those North Korean news service programs, fake emotions to sell their government.

My opinion of this video is "meh" , you don't miss much even if you don't understand Spanish. Just bunch of words, but nothing too important to look at. Just to note, as you have pointed out, Maciel's ways don't seem die so easily. One would hope that after almost seven years, they would use a different language in the vey least, but it doesn't seem to be the case.

Yet more pathetic is the General Counselor Arrieta speaking about the priorities of Marcial Maciel and the other general counselor saying they have learnt how to dialogue

The priorities of Maciel? Let me see:
1) Young boys to abuse
2) Money
3) Vulnerable women to con into giving money
4) Bribing officials with the money
5) Women to fornicate with
6) Biological children to rape
..... What have I missed?

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