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It takes a lot of gall, nerve, and schutzpah to say of the priests and RC consecrated who left.. "It is not our place to judge them! Only the Lord can judge." which of course is a judgment because it implies that God is surely judging them and finding them guilty. This guilt trip is reinforced in the sentences that follow when he heaps praise on those who stayed the course.
Wow. What arrogance.

Does anyone know what the status is of the legal case of MM's son against the Legion for abuse he suffered in the U.S? I hate to say it but that may be the only way this group wakes up. It certainly affected change in dioceses in the U.S. Their lack of compassion for the abuse victims says it all. The Church would be much better off without the LC/RC cult.

Actually those words about not to judge were not said by De Paolis in his homily, they are an addendum done by Zenit. You can see the video if you distrust my statement

Very odd. My first guess would be that Zenit used his written copy, and he may have skipped the words when delivering the homily? What else would account for the disparity?

Even without the 'addendum' the logic of Depaolis is clear and has always been the same whether it be for 3GF and Totus Tuus, or LCs and ex-LCs. Systemic deceit, void spirituality, illegitimate approvals, intact and enduring structures of power, are for him perfectly valid matter to contract, accept and hold onto vocations to religious life, be it 60, 30, or 3 years ago. By choosing to stay in the LC, this is what you enable; this level of denial is the 'legacy' you will give the Church.

He really hits the numbers logic hard-- 'Only a few left-- the vast majority have been faithful'. MM used to use that phraseology all the time-- it is always shocking to see him use the same manipulative technique.

The departures may not have been the majority, but they have not been few, and they are certainly not over.

In the next AP story I hope Nicole Winfield takes a tally of how many sins had to be evidenced from the outside- press, blogs, etc. (or under the threat of it). Really the LC never willingly pursued admission, reconciliation, pardon, justice in anything if it was hogtied by the media to do it. Even the recent sex abuse allegations report is filled with untruths, nor does it name all the others found guilty- a step which Praesidium demands.

"By your decision and by your faithfulness, by your suffering and by bearing the shame of other Legionaries' sins, you have enabled the purification and renewal of the congregation itself," ...

This sounds blasphemous to me because Christians don't bear the sins of other people - they tell others that Jesus bore their sins and how He (not Legionary priests) brings salvation.

Right from the beginning he has shown a total lack of understanding of anything that really needed to reform in the Legion. His statements are like a kick in the teeth to victims, family members and others who have negatively affected by the LC and RC structure and methodology.

It is horrendous and shocking that a person who is overseeing a reform of MM's creations does not see any need for discernment. His words show that he thinks it is "good" to remain (and suffer) and bad to leave. The longer he stays around the more he sounds like MM. How did he get to be a cardinal?

May God have mercy on Cardinal de Paolis for being so blind.

Why mention those who left at this point in the game? Really? What good does it do? What is the point? It's like the ranting of a disgruntled wife in divorce courts complaining her husband never picked up his dirty socks. Even now he is USING those of us who left to manipulate the truth.
Every time I read or listen to Cardinal de Paolis I am personally offended. Even omitting the lines about judgement, which were not pronounced and are not reproduced on the LC web site, his tone is offensive and arrogant. He should sign his name, Velasio Cardinal de Paolic, LC.
(This homily is a glimpse inside the General Chapter)

"By your decision and by your faithfulness, by your suffering and by bearing the shame of other Legionaries’ sins, you have enabled the purification and renewal of the congregation itself, and you have made it more beautiful in its service to Regnum Christi and to the Church."

So. Flawed. On. So. Many. Levels.

To me, the only explanation for this deceit is money, ongoing corruption on a massive scale…Where there transfers from Monterrey/Interger to the Salisians, for example? Or some other group influential in the curia?
How else to explain that one group that used the wrong langue to say mass has seminaries shut down[ ]? But this group is given the green light to continue teachings of a false prophet, in a Gnostic manner to boot?
The newly installed Vatican electronic security measures (computers, entrance access), and new laws against leaks will make the job of those that try to expose the truth difficult. But my bet is that there is a paper/electronic data trail, especially with all these outside firms doing audits. I pray garbage be exposed. PS: what happened to Xavier’s post?

Here it is (I moved the thread and it got lost, G.):

The homely of Card De Paolis, during the mass of ordination is disgusting. Here is the link to an article in the spanish version of Zenit: I put an article on lenversdudecor: See the first article: "De Paolis pose la Légion en victime et dénigre ceux qui ont quitté ses rangs" 9 years of lies, I just want to tell you that I share your feelings.

Don't mean to get political, but something about this story sounded vaguely familiar....

"The state most likely to be named the country’s worst Obamacare exchange is reportedly banning its partners from saying almost anything negative about it in a broad confidentiality agreement.

Radio host Lars Larson and his show’s legal expert Bruce McCain report that in order to contract with Cover Oregon, so-called “community partners” are forced to sign a far-reaching non-disparagement agreement that could put the organizations at risk of losing all their grant money if Oregon state officials decide they disagree with any unfavorable statements about the Obamacare exchange."

Now days it seems that some large organizations , private, governments and, alas, religious, will push the envelope, judging lack of outrage (easy to measure now days with the internet), and try to get away with broad daylight manipulation, dishonesty and cheating. They bank that voices like on this site will drown in a sea of irrelevance (to paraphrase Aldous Huxley), that is most of the web. But that does not mean one cannot respond in kind, and make sure that the truth comes out.

The cardinal -- who for months has been mollycoddling these deformed individuals, and making excuses for them -- this cardinal -- defending the cult?!

Implicitly criticizing the courageous men and women who followed their consciences and left the cult?

And ignoring the victims of the cult's deceit and corruption?

The cardinal -- in effect publicly lying?


"There was a moment in the Legion when sin oppressed it, when sin became so visible and clamorous that it reached monstrous proportions and filled the media throughout the world. The Legion’s survival seemed uncertain. The world looked at it with a pitiless gaze that uncovered the indigence and the shame. It was truly a difficult moment. Any shocking story about the Legionaries was taken as indisputable truth. The social media delved into the details, with what almost appeared to be a certain satisfaction. For the Legionaries it was certainly an unpleasant and difficult time. "

Clearly from this quote it really is all about the Legion--and bad bad media for revealing those sins that had become so visible. No accountability, no taking responsibility. And bad bad media for revealing details and for not pitying the Legion at this time. That's right…we just didn't pity the Legion enough.

Sorry for the sarcasm, but that's so me really twisted stuff. The Cardinal is either drugged, bribed, or consumed by the cult Legion. Given that I myself was conned by the cult, I tend to think he is now a full-fledged member of the cult. Can he be a 2nd degree or 3rd degree? (How many times a day does he drink the KoolAid?) This homily illustrates perfectly the effects of a cult--total and complete mind-control. He is blind to reality.
But there is hope…people continue to leave. And as for reform, that is not where the hope is. A cult cannot reform. The power system will not give up the mind control of its members--then it wouldn't be a cult! And cults like being cults--it's what they are.

This is the Legion... really amazing!

[Thanks {sigh}
New thread: G.]

Yes, Savannah, it is all about the Legion. Everything they do and say is about protecting the image of the legion, even at the cost of its members. Take Fr Deomar de Guedes, for example. Instead of granting him a writ of exclaustration and therefore permission to begin the process of incardination into a diocese, the Cardinal granted him extra domus, not because there is any doubt if Fr Deomar's mind, but to save the Legion's image. Where did they learn to do this? From their esteemed and holy Founder, who was, is and ever shall be the CHARISM of the legion, corrupt as it is.

I am sure many of this expected this, but it is a punch in the gut all the same.

These men ARE mostly victims. Generally, their personal complicity in the sort of manipulations and corruption that marks LC apostate and authority will have been minimal at this point in their careers.

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