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I don't mean to make this about me- but I'm going to.

Why should I be catholic?

How can the Church be so wrong about the LC, stand by silent for years when so many were hurt, abused and defrauded, DePaolis twiddles his thumbs, Sodano hid the allegations from JPII... but yet they are my path to salvation?

Extra Ecclesia Nullam Salvam?

How about INSIDE the church it's a wonder if anyone is saved?

I just don't get it. They can't tell me all the things I need to do to get to heaven while they stood by and watched people get dragged into hell.

I believe in the Creed. But my catholic church has a small "C". I've seen too much. I know too much. And it's just all lawlessness, corruption, entitlement, pomp, lies.

So I ask honestly- why should I be catholic? I see no more reason.

-9 Years of Lies

Your path to salvation is your faith in the Holy Trinity...not faith in men.

I am with you, 9 years of Lies. A church that thumbs its nose at me and my needs… not worthy of my attention.

So basically you are letting the devil win. We are the church, not a corrupt few, but a faithful many who are seeking truth.

9YOL, I get it. Thankfully I was blessed with a very strong foundation in the faith. A true love for Christ and His teachings before I entered the Legion RC. My rock: Church teachings, Sacraments, Jesus in the Eucharist, Our Blessed Mother, the lives of the Saints, a prayer life, and desire to better, have kept me Catholic. These times are bad, so we need to work extra hard to better! He hasn't abandon you, Stay Strong In Him!

I dunno, 9YOL, all I know is that I believe in Jesus Christ and the sacraments.

In my heart, I don't believe the institution of the Catholic Church today is anything like what Christ founded. I don't know what that means, but I also don't really know where else to go.

The institution today certainly hasn't made it easy to raise children in it. Several of my children see the hypocrisy and sociopathy and aren't impressed.

I am not impressed, either. I am ashamed.

9YOL, If yoy believe in the Creed, you are in the Church. And remember the Church is also "casta meretrix".

Jesus offers salvation; nobody else does. He established His Church and it provides a means for each of us to find salvation. Whenever you get lots of power and money, you get people, including high ranking members of the Church who misuse their power for their own selfish reasons. All of them will have to account for how they used their free wills. I only have to account for my own actions. MM, Sodano, Rode and others got away with a lot but they aren't the only leaders in the Church. Their justice is in God's hands. There are lots of good guys mixed in with the bad. Pope Francis is trying to improve things. If he can't do the job I still plan to stick with the Church even though it isn't perfect. It is because I believe that Jesus is perfect and my salvation is in His hands that I remain, in spite of some of the rotten leaders who have taken our daughter from our family, taken away her human rights and deceived her. There are alternative beliefs but it is difficult for Catholics to adjust to other forms of Christianity. Atheism is a real dead end. There is too much at stake. Better to stay and try to be part of the solution.

My faith and relationship with Christ and His Catholic Church was strong before I went into RC. I had to leave to protect what I already had coming in. The LCs handling of this mess became a huge obstacle in my journey and I lost trust in priests and authority. Took years to heal and still healing but one thing I know is true ....the Mass and the Eucharist. Could not live without it and would not let a few screwed up priests take that away from me.

Can't imagine the pain and confusion of giving 9 years toward a priestly vocation and realize the lies, ergo your name:). I was amazed how the focus was inward toward those who stayed instead of outward toward those who left in pain like 9 years, or those truly abused....but the institution took precedence over people as Maciel taught.

The irony 9 years is there is nothing we can do to get to heaven. It is a free gift and flows with the rhythm of grace in our lives. Maciel and his institution missed the Grace 101 class. God sees all and knows your heart.

P.S. I love your posts because they are so honest.

Well said, Anon. I don't know if the Legion still does the Christmas Rooms, but I imagine the approach of each religious holiday has a particular "twist of the knife" as related memories are brought forth. Let's keep in mind all those who "left in pain," so that they can find the Christkindl -- despite those in the Church who have done so much to obscure Him and authentic faith.

It is clear that the author of that article in La Stampa knows nothing about the Legion and spoke with no one that is clued in for his article.

I, like "legionary in rome" am in the Legion and following all of this very closely, but this article made me laugh. It at times is wrong in one direction, at times in another. For instance, autonomy does not mean seperate...the consecrated men in fact just voted unanimously to maintain a firm and binding link with the "RC Spiritual Family".

The delegates to the GC do not make up "over two-thirds of the order", I have no idea where the author got that info.

My favorite is the quote about cutting off sick branches attributed to "the curia" as if the whole curia together said that phrase.

In sum, little fact and much misinformation in this article. Unfortunately, very poor journalism is all there is to see here folks.

Oh, and a big thank you to the work done here over the years. Healthy criticism is essential, and some things here from the earliest days were so dead on and insightful, its a shame many LC's couldnt, wouldnt, or wont recognize them.

The inability to even address the slighter criticism is a scary, scary thing....fits the BITE model far too closely!

@Phoenix: Thanks for the clarification. I found this line most bizarre:

"Sometimes the great things in the Church are the fruit of great sinners. This is certainly the case with the Legion of Christ and the lay Regnum Christi movement..."

It was the typical Legion-speak that says "we're still awesome!" -- not to mention the perplexing contradiction that the massively corrupt group is still the home to stellar members. Mind boggling.

(and thanks for the kind words about the blog)

I still have not been approached by the legion regarding the 7000.00 Euros that a priest who has lived more than 15 years in the Legion should receive. Then there's the whole question of social security. I'm 52 now and retirement age is 60 in Brazil. I will have contributed to Social Security for less than 10 years. Never really thought about it much, but now it seems like a scary scenario.
I have been reluctant to go crawling to the legion asking for money. Guess I'm too proud. But I have to think seriously about my future.

Fr John, you go with your exDT and ask for what they owe you. If nothing moves, bring it up. It's not begging but demanding what the Delegate decreed.

Thanks, buddy. Think I'm gonna do that.

@Scipio & Fr John

Don't waste your time... it's like speaking to the wall.

Maybe if a group of exLC ask together at least for Social Security...

Giselle, that line struck me as well, mostly because it seems totally drawn from a book of "phrases that make you sound intelligent but mean nothing"...what other great things and great sinners is he thinking of?

To clarify about autonomy, the delegate seemed to be pushing for a structure based more rigidly on canon law. As canon law has nothing that resembles these new ecclesial movements, he was of the mind that RC should form separate canonical entities for the different branches (3gf, 3gm, 1st degree, Legion). But all the branches voted to stay together as one, so now there is a draft of a temporary plan for how to live that structure for the next few years while work continues to be done to find the best way to organize everything. That document is being voted on and adjusted in the current Assemblies. In the draft, autonomy exists in certain areas, but not in others, but the fact that all the branches are part of a common unity seems unanimous amongst members, at least at the voting level.

Thanks, Anon. That was really nice what you wrote.

Have a Merry Christmas.

-9 Years of Lies

Merry Christmas too 9 years!!

Whether or not the Legion is a safe environment, it is certainly an awkward place if this is the way to sell the idea of vocations:

I don't blame the three young men, necessarily, but the ones who made the film and thought of the format. "What's the first thing that comes to mind...?" is always an absurd premise, and nothing of substance was offered anywhere. Painful to watch.

Dear Fr.John:

Your point about Social Security is very pertinent, as the Legion has been involved in fraud and saved millions. Get yourself a good lawyer in Brazil and sue them. See if there are some others in a similar situation and join up on it. I was in it for 35 years as a professed member and when I finally got out of it, after nine years of them lying about me to bishops, I was 55, and in Spain one has to pay into Social Security for 37 years to get a pension. In the European Union, all Religious are to be in the Social Security system, also cloistered nuns. Get a lawyer and find out what the law is in Brazil and sue them. Forget about them coming to any out of court agreement. They will stonewall you. Soon some of us are about to sue them in Spain. Stand up for your rights and don't let yourself be walked on by them.
When I began to leave, Bannon promised that they would pay me a pension. I asked Corcuera and Delgado to honor the promise, but they went on about it being complicated. If you show yourself to be meek and humble they will walk on you. You will probably need a lawyer specialized in labor and Social Security Law. Good luck and don't give up. They are a bunch of crooks.

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