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"With so much of the old guard, so many men who Maciel put in as superiors, and younger priests formed under their influence and supervision, there is no hope of serious reform," said Glenn Favreau, who left the Legion in 1997 before being ordained a priest and later co-founded ReGain, an online community for former Legion priests that was sued by the Legion after parts of the order's constitutions were posted on an Internet message board.

Clariond, the Legion spokesman, defended the roster of electors as being fair and representative.

"If you consider that for 42 of the people participating this is their first General Chapter we really cannot be speaking of an 'old guard,'" he said. "We feel confident that all views will be present, and that the work of renewal will continue on."

Mr. Favreau seems to have defined "old guard" in one way, and then Fr. Clariond contradicts him, but totally changes the meaning of "old guard". Looks like Legion Logic.

Follow the money. "Grupo Integer" in Atlanta and in Monterrey Mexico are the center of the Legion's financial corruption, which hid and continues to hide moral corruption.

Following the money is the key to understanding everything about the Legion and its subordinate Siamese twin Regnum Christi. There never was any authentic unique spirituality, i.e. nothing of substance to even be able to reform itself to. The LC leaders are the "wolf", which benefits financially by manipulating the "sheep's clothing" - i.e. the well intentioned but brainwashed members, who serve their current masters as they did their original master. It is pathetic that so many still continue to idolize the original "wolf" - who they called "our father". They did this because they were conditioned to do so, not because he was worthy of such adulation.

They can't stop recruiting and unnecessary fund raising because then like any cult they would have nothing to do.

When you come to understand that this is what LC and RC exist for, it is easy to understand why they can't have a legitimate reform. What is more difficult to understand is why the Church has continued to support it as if it were a valuable part of the Church. Please, Pope Francis do the right thing and stop the abuses of peoples' consciences and free wills and other forms of damaging good people.

It would be a grave error to reduce all to money, rather that is only a piece. It's essentially about power and control over members who willingly give control away to obtain a false sense of community and religious ascesis. In religion, authority is at the top of power paradigm, not the cash.
I love Nicole Winfield's work and this article is good, but I wish she had cited more from the Vatican communique as a kind of exam of the reform. Tactically it uses the Vatican's own words to examine the results.

-Have they defined charism- how does it differ from before?

-Have they understood and elaborated in detail the 'system of power' the founder used to hide his crimes? In what and in whom did it consist from the 50's to present? And it goes deeper that just the private vows. What of this structure have they eliminated and changed- does the General Director still control all personnel and assets? Why are provincials still not elected? Without that it is impossible to stop cronyism. Old guard remains because they quickly clone themselves with likeminded younger counterparts.

- What has really replaced the founder for spirituality that is now specific to the orders own patrimony?
- How had the role of the superior and whatever level replaced the individual's conscience and individual maturation?
- How much of the Legion's spirituality and identity is still dependent on intense group religious experiences, centralized authority figures, and operation methodology; rather than communion with a singular witness of life stemming from the historical truth of its past? What feeds charism really for the LC at the spiritual level that is specific to them?

Really it is amazing how little DePaolis has done to bring any of this in line with the most basic structures of religious life. No separation in substance of the branches. No provincialization of the institute to conform to how all other institutes work. (election of provincial, regional control of assets and personnel), No declaration to render new sources of spirituality and models for the institute. ...

What a disaster...

"Rev. Sylvester Heereman said that regardless of the bad things Maciel did, "he continues to be someone to whom I owe a lot, whom I remember with a mixture of gratitude and compassion, even though I understand and respect those who personally suffered and cannot share those feelings."

and Pope B said he was "devoid of scruples and authentic religious meaning."

Current LC and RC - how do you feel about this public statement from your spiritual leader? and continuing in an order and movement who admit years later they the "owe a lot and remember with gratitude and compassion" Maciel? How can he expect anyone to "share those feelings?" What about the victims and all those who left in pain?

This article in 2009 captured how Maciel should have been viewed by the Legion and this action would have freed so many souls and been a gesture of solidarity with the Pope and the Church.

"Maciel deserves to be reviled by the Legionaries of Christ. By "deserves" I mean his revilement is a debt of justice owed all Catholics by the Legion. This is not on account of Maciel's sin of sexual weakness, nor even on account of the sin of denying his sexual weakness. The fact of the matter is that Maciel was publicly accused of specific sexual crimes, and that out of moral cowardice he enlisted honorable men and women to mortgage their own reputations in defense of his lie. The lie was the lie of Maciel's personal sanctity, which Maciel knew to be a myth, and which the fact of his paternity (putting aside the more squalid accusations) proves that he knew. To the villainy of sacrificing the reputations of others, Maciel added the grotesque and blasphemous claim that the Holy See's sanctions were an answer to his own prayer to share more deeply in the passion of Christ, as an innocent victim made to bear the burden of false judgment in reparation for the sins of mankind. The Legion cannot share Catholic reverence for the Passion and fail to repudiate Maciel's cynicism in portraying himself as the Suffering Servant."

Agreed Anon out of RC. Here's an blog post by Dr. Peter.

Dr. Peter's lucid, insightful -- and above all, honest -- remarks are powerful -- because true.


This new article by Nicole Winfield also got put on the Yahoo News highlights for today, which will get far more visibility.

One can explore the meaning of 'reform' from the perspective of the LC alone but truly it gets back to Vatican reform. Letting a lie be built on a lie seems to have been their method as they let stand the previous approval, and hence reform came to mean, for them, a narrative of justifying that first approval. This explains why so little changed.

In 2010 or at any point earlier in the order's life, the Holy See could have just simply said the very approval process had been hijacked by deceit and manipulation, and lack of curial courage on its own part. For such facts, it was going to overhaul its approval process and either dissolve the institute or revert it back to an institute of diocesan right still pending a decades long process of approval, and dependent on local bishop(s) for its existence.

Now what do we have for the universal Church? An order that has completely tarnished the image the faithful have of the witness of religious life. When the Church now goes to approve the next group, will it really mean anything if it can be gotten on the cheap?

The current “reforms” are like:
-expecting an unrepentant abusive alcoholic to stop drinking by himself.
-expecting a person with tuberculosis circa the 1800’s to heal while remaining it his/her squalid tenement.
-expecting a Nazi doctor hiding in South America to spontaneously stop thinking that Hitler was great.
-telling Argentinean mothers that had their children dropped from helicopters into the ocean, to shut up and leave the poor Generals that did the crimes alone, because they also have feelings.
-or telling early Christians stop being disruptive and just leave the Romans alone, so they can convert themselves.
-expecting Mafia, Cosa Nostra, Camorra and ' Ndrangheta leaders all spontaneously become nice.
-expecting the North Korean Leader to declare a free elections this February..
This is not how human nature, a creation of God, works, alas.
Like Dr Peters mentions, enough within the “experiment”. It is stupid. Evil just does not disappear in a puff of smoke because one labels it “good” (e.g: brings $$$).
If you have not filled out the Vatican survey, please take the time to do it. Mention the LCRC debacle, and cult like practices condoned by the Church as a reason why the Church is loosing credibility. There is only one more day left.

I note that on Trastevere there are some who think actual numbers of LCs are 500 from novitiate to theology, 800 priests (despite ordaining over 100+ in the last few years) and 400 consecrated women. Ofcourse, I am more inclined to trust these more than any spinned official stats from the LCs. Does anyone else have info on real numbers?

Well, they have one last major PR peak from the General Chapter, then back to withering....

This is huge:

Alejandro Pinelo Leon in his facebook wrote this: «At Cotija's crypt I was able to receive a beautiful light that is the new stage of mercy that we all should live (...)Beyond the differences, beyond the pains, beyond so many defections, is the merciful love of God to everyone (...)».

His face has a picture of MM tomb with many flowers...

The most astonishing part is that 72 people liked It, including Carlos Skertchely (he will attend the General Chapter).

Sorry; I forgot the spanish text: «En la cripta de Cotija he podido recibir una luz hermosa que es la de la nueva etapa de misericordia que debemos vivir todos. Más allá de las diferencias , de los dolores, de tantas salidas, está el amor misericordioso de Dios a cada uno. Eso me invita a amar más a cada uno y a valorar a cada uno. Debe notarse una nueva legión, un nuevo movimiento, en donde todos somos iguales y todos nos amamos realmente y prácticamente. Pedí a Jesús por cada uno de ustedes mis hermanos del Regnum Christi q para que nos amemos, nos perdonemos y seamos más familia que nunca. NUESTRO FUNDADOR NOS ENSEÑA MUCHAS COSAS Y ANTE SU TUMBA PUDE EMOCIONARME Y AGRADECER TODO LO QUE POR SU MEDIO APRENDÍ DE DIOS. Un abrazo y mi bendición desde Cotija»

Can someone please translate the part in capital letters that begins with "Our Founder"? My google translate isn't being very coherent.

Well that one sort of left me speechless...

The first part about mercy and love and equality is all well and good, but that line in all caps, yikes.

Our founder teaches us many things, and before his tomb I was able to to be moved (in the sense of excited emotionally, thrilled, etc) and to be thankful for all that I learned about God by means of him (the founder).

Lovely. Just lovely.

And that, folks, is the Legion of Christ.

I don't know Alejando Pinelo Leon but if I saw him I would repeatedly hit him in the nutsack until he died.

That's like saying at Hitler's birthplace I received great insights on how to better create an upright, moral and efficient society.

What a degenerate. What a disgusting and vile human being.

That's the ego mania of the LC and the world around MM. They see his tomb and make these impassioned cried to love one another and to feel God's mercy.

What about the boys who were raped? What about the men and women who are incapable of intimacy, trust, relationships because of what that monster did?

What about the ruined lives, the broken families, the divorces, the bankruptcy, the moral fallout, the people who left the church...

No- this asshole brother sees the good in MM. And he's brought to post it on facebook.

I warn you fuck face... don't ever let me know who you are. Cause while you are looking for God's mercy you will feel my wrath like a boot up your ass.

Merry Christmas. I hate you.

-9 Years of Lies

(And you Fr. Sylvester who I've known since 1994... shame on you. What a terrible person you've become.)

Pinelo also reinforces that word "family" which perhaps outside of the LC context would be fine, especially when expressing sentiments formed from bonds among smaller groups; but the LC with the great father general director in Rome turned it into a cult technique. Family was their way of pressing the permanence of your commitment, given you now had their DNA in your veins, and the degree you were expected to excuse scandal producing agents in the group. Today we see this over and over as LCs are forced to admit certain failures, yet nothing ever touches the 'logic' of their own experience, the LC family must remain inviolable..

My translation:


This kind of thing happens because, 3 year ago Fr Alvaro, under the eyes of the Delegate allowed:
“.. that leaders should respect the “personal freedom” of group members and allow for individuals to keep a photograph of the founder, read his writings, or listen to his talks. The content of Fr. Maciel's writings can also be used by members without citing the author.”
While at the same time, the Pope called Maciel a “false prophet”.
-9 lives, this guy Alejando Pinelo Leon is just a poor deluded sucker of a scam. The scam continues because of mixed messages coming from LCRC leaders AND the curia. So let’s not become like them (I am sorry, because I do my share of ranting)..
The bigger question is what are WE going to become? Are we going to do something positive, that follows Christ’s teaching? Whose example are we going to follow?
Is it people like Cardinals Wyszynski or Mindszenty, people that stood to power, did not suck up, paid the price, went to prison, and are not on any “beatification” lists (as far as I know)? People that stood for justice, yet forgave? People like Martin Luther King? Just today Archbishop Desmond Tutu was excluded from Mandela’s funeral, because he speaks against injustice.
In this season of Light, are we going to be with the Light?

Prolonged groan.

Thanks for pointing out Cardinal dePaolis' homily. I moved it to a new thread:

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