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LC labors to take the media high ground on the results of its own abuse investigations.

No mention of cases involving religious not yet ordained, nor those dealing with male consecrated members.

Izquierdo was not a minor figure at all, nor Maciel. To cite the 1% statistic and ignore the number of victims. all during the most critical years of foundation is clearly evasive.

[I incorporated these points, thank you Anon. G.]

Another article here-

It is news that coincides with the establishment of the Holy See's own commission on the abuse of minors.

I know of an irish LC that was abused by Izquierdo in Dublin. He has brought his case many times to the legion - unsuccessfully.

I have no idea if my own case falls under any of these disclosures: they have not regarded any cases of abuse/sexual assault of those who are 16+ or 18+ - Vaca was sexually abused by Maciel as a child but also as a teenager and as a young adult, I believe into his early 20s.

It really throws salt onto the wounds of the teenage/young adult victims of those abused, particularly those abused by Izquierdo.

I wonder if the legion considers my own case to be one of those 10 who were found to be innocent. They have never ever told me about their own investigation into Eoghan Devlin. They have only told me he denies everything.

I posted as dubliner just now.

The "acquittal" of those priests is a farse: the ordinary (In this case I presume to be the DG or his delegate) asks a few questions and then decides for himself. This echoes Luis Garza's response to my initial allegation in 2001: We have made deep and probing research and wonder how you came up with such a story.

Note that NONE of this research involved meeting me or talking to me.

"14 have been acquitted (10 priests were found innocent after an investigation was made, according to Canon 1717 of the Code of Canon Law; the other four cases involved imprudent behavior, but not crimes that would require sanctions)"

PART IV : THE PENAL PROCESS (Cann. 1717 - 1731)


Can. 1717 §1 Whenever the Ordinary receives information, which has at least the semblance of truth, about an offence, he is to enquire carefully, either personally or through some suitable person, about the facts and circumstances, and about the imputability of the offence, unless this enquiry would appear to be entirely superfluous.

§2 Care is to be taken that this investigation does not call into question anyone's good name.

§3 The one who performs this investigation has the same powers and obligations as an auditor in a process. If, later, a judicial process is initiated, this person may not take part in it as a judge.

In other words, they were acquitted by an LC superior with no Judicial Process.

So now please tell us how many people were abused? What about the “more than 20 but less than 100" victims for Maciel alone? So how many total victims were there? What about Maciel’s accomplices that De Paolis refuses to investigate? Don’t accomplices also count as enablers? And does that mean, that, by simple logic, De Paolis with his overt desire to cover up, is also an accomplice? How about Dziwisz, Rode, Castrillón Hoyos, Sodano etc? Most importantly, what is being done for the victims? Just “joyfully” and “serenely” ignore them while, “reforming” a self described “g-d willed” non -existing “charims”? The walls are cracking.

PS regarding PRAESIDIUM I shared my case with them but they weren't interested because "the Standards for Accreditation are exclusive to provinces/territories in the US and typically do not apply to incidents that occurred in a given order/congregation's other territories."

They advised me to contact the LC directly or my own diocese etc

..and what about all those spiritually abused by curia canon law "expert”,”approved” “vows”, designed to protect MM? Will the good father Heereman address this please?
Weren’t RC statutes signed off by Rode, even if it is now clear that the curia knew about MM’s crimes?

Ugh! Learning that Elizabeth Lev, daughter of Mary Ann Glendon, is the mother of Thomas Williams' child, and that the two of them are about to wed, gives me the heebie-jeebies! There's something figuratively (not literally) incestuous about it.

I'm glad that their child will now have the love and attention of both parents, but still...yeccccch!

It says she has three children. Are they all Thomas Williams'? Does anyone know?

And how much did HER mother know???

As for MAG, she has been in a painfully difficult situation. As any parent of adult children can tell you, there is little to no control over their choices. BUT, that created a seriously awkward professional dilemma for Liz' mother; I simply don't know if she erred in any way.

I'm glad for the boy that his 2 parents will marry and hopefully have a normal life. Better late than never. TW is no different than the rest of us, he was probably just as much a victim of the Legion and their cult methods of trapping and locking members in with God's so-called will.

TW may in fact be now where finally he was meant to be given all the vanity stroking, poster child promotion, intense voc cultivation, and not to mention all the background pressure from his all RC family of origin. Really Fr. Gomez worked this vocation over and over till he cracked, i.e. gave in.

TW got the best the LC had to offer which ended up being the worst thing for him. As the crooked lines of the Lord take a turn, I hope this new beginning is truly a remedy for what the 'LC charism' did to him.

It was so odd to see him first in line to defend the LC and MM's charism at the time of the MM scandal broke, precisely at a time when it had twisted his own world in knots.

I wish him and his bride the best, and sincerely pray they lead each other to heaven.

It is facinating timing for the LC for when it rains, it pours. I am sure they had no idea this news would coincide with their public disclosure of the abuse verdicts.

I would understand if TW chose to lead a quiet anonymous life. But am I the only one who would like him to tell what he knows about who knew what and when? Not for scandal but in the interest of justice? I'm sick of the LC PTB getting off scot free.

TW was an arrogant man. Like all the 'superiors' he was exempted from all the hundreds of rules. A love child simply IS NOT POSSIBLE for a Legionary who follows the rules. (out in twos, home at certain times, special rules re visits with women, etc.) To say nothing of spir direction, exam of conscience... and on and on and on.

The interesting part of this story is not the sex between priest and mother of two at the time--it's what MAG knew--both about TW and Maciel, and when.

She was defending Maciel and the Legion long into the 2000s, after all, using her influence to continue the farce that the abuse victims were liars and "enemies of the Church."

Surely IF she knew TW was the father of her grandchild, she had to know something was rather amiss with the Legion--as TW continued to parade about on book tours, writing about "Knowing Right From Wrong." All with full Legion support.

That's the part of the story that smells far more foul than any priestly sex scandal.

As for TW, I'd have more respect if he'd come out and apologize for his part in the continuing the lie of the Legion, long after he had to know the whole thing was a joke. Any order of priests that covers up for you and encourages your authoring a book on "Knowing Right From Wrong" after you have impregnated a woman and broken all the congregations rules in doing so, is a joke.

Being a victim does not excuse you from the need to stand up and own the part you played in a fraud.

Glad that TW didn't follow Father Albert Cutie's example. Don't think he ever had a vocation, but as messed up as the Legion was/is - hard to say. Nice to see he has left the shadows to take responsibility. He has his Ph.D. and media exposure. Should do well wherever he is.

For many of us who trusted our superiors (stupidly I guess), we gave 10-15 years and left with nothing, but a black hole in our resume (in our own lives) and no Ph.D., no masters, no nothing. Life has not been easy.

Someone mentioned that the Legion university system should give free education to whichever xlc wants it. I think it is a good idea.

The Legion should also be forced to open the personal folders on each of its members to see the behind the scenes cross talk about a particular vocation, what was said about each one during their years in the lc...this may give some closure.

No mention of all the LC vocations who were mentally terrorized by Izquierdo, Owen Kearns, Bannon, etc. There were a good number of severe mental breakdowns.

Fr. Kearns kidnapped one candidate and took him to Rye NY & locked him in a 3rd floor room. What about that?

Praesidium is a joke. They only require background checks on US citizens. This is just a whitewash institute that is clueless about what they are doing. All non US LCs in the US can't get background checks (no SSN), can't get police reports (they have no way to trace them - sometimes no driver's license, etc). Praesidium just says we will let it slide and they look the other way...

If Praesidium had any intention of truly verifying a safe environment in the Legion they would:
1. poligraph 100% then repeat in one week to compare answers.
2. intense police style interrogations into each professed LC - get underlings to rat out superiors who abuse or cover up abuse
3. work in controlled environment so that LCs can't compare notes in their free times and keep their lies straight.
4. go to home country of each LC and visit each city/country where they have worked to see reports of abuse, interview parents, etc.
5. Interview xLCs - otherwise they are only scratching the surface. 1%? please, those of us who were in there know differently.

I'm not sure of the exact timing but MAG was defending Maciel in the early 2000's (2002/2003 or so) which might actually be prior to the birth of this child. (We know he was born before 2005 because dear AC knew about him shortly after becoming the DG). I'm taking a stab here but it's quite possible poor MAG found out about this child and who the father was AFTER her public defense of Maciel. Should she have made a public reversal based on the Vatican decision of 2006? Yes. Should she have exposed her daughter and her daughter's lover in the process? No.

Liz Lev is to be commended for bravely making the right decision about the value of her son, who has special needs (his specific disability is public information, by the way). But it really stinks that his dad opted for fame and glory over the care of his son for so long. Reminds me a bit of the preacher in Scarlet Letter.

Was Father Wiliam I. stationed in DC in early 2000's?

When I was in the Legion they prided themselves in keeping in step with the Church. Clearly in minor protection they are at best in the time of JPII. The Church has to modify Cannon Law in order to be effective in the real prosecution of sexual offenders/victimizers. The Legion has simply to show if it's Catholic or Macielistic.

Amen, ITDS. TW hardly looks like a hero in this story.

If a priest impregnated me, he'd damn well better leave the priesthood and help me care for our child. And not 10 years later, having paraded about masquerading as a holy man and expert on forming good consciences in the meantime.

Look, I don't doubt there is a good chance TW never had a vocation (but none of us will ever know one way or another), but he still behaved like a cad for a very long time.

I remember his smug mug on that 20/20 interview defending Maciel all those years ago. He lived with the pervert and surely had to know something was very off. Fast forward to his interview right after the news of Maciel came out, and he manages to look completely dumbfounded and shocked that the holy Maciel could have lived such a double life! Yet during that same time frame TW himself was living a double life supposedly following the same set of Legionary rules that TW claimed to be so surprised to learn Maciel had been violating.

I don't wish TW ill, but I do call foul on anybody claiming he has now somehow manned up, at least based on what is publicly known. Perhaps he is not quite as much of a cad anymore, but he certainly doesn't come out of this smelling like a rose.

I personally can't ever see myself respecting a man who had behaved that way enough to marry him. But to each their own.

As for MAG, who knows. The very least she could have done was make a public statement apologizing to Maciel's victims for maligning them by continuing to claim Maciel was a saint, thus accusing those victims of lying. And then quietly disappear from the public Catholic scene. I don't know about anybody else, but if my daughter was having sex with a priest that resulted in a child and hiding the fact while he continued to parade about as a holy man authoring books to help others be holy, I'd have to fade out from the prominent US Catholic scene. No, I don't think MAG is responsible for her daughter's sexual dalliances with a Cathlic priest, but I do think some family scandals require one to quietly remove oneself from the public Catholic arena.

The kids (especially the two older ones; hopefully the youngest will never fully realize the impact of the bad behavior of his parents) are the ones I feel sorry for. I can only imagine what it must be like to grow up knowing your mother was carrying on an affair with a Catholic priest, while he continued to preen himself in the media as an expert on forming a good conscience for nearly a decade.

The whole sorry episode just appears to be another example of parents caring far too much about their own needs and far too little about the impact of their behavior on the children.

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