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Error #1: Superior = God.
Error #2: Blind obedience
Error #3: Get spiritual advice from a Maciel trained spiritual director/superior

A LC priest was prohibited from attending his parents 50th wedding anniversary. After that he left the Legion (and the priesthood).

I am not surprised by LC superiors. What surprises me are the cowardly, head lowered and servile legionaries who never figure out when they stopped having any human dignity. If a few of them had any cajones, the maciel experiment would be over, but they insist on eating from the hand of the superior like a trembling, insecure puppy under the table.

They allowed their own humanity to be perverted and the only thing that satisfies them are boys, humiliating others and masochistic daily lifestyles.

Bottom line for me is that Ortega may be childish but decent, since he has decided to decline going to the Chapter whereas his superior, Sánchez, hasn't said he will do the same. This real Macielist resists when as a matter of fact he is the one to be faulted being the superior who ordered Ortega to do that clueless penance. So yes Macielism lives on the superiors.

Pardon my French, but what the f*** is wrong with these people. As if I didn't know. They are a bunch of sick sons of b****es.

Just for the record... In his letter to all legionaries, Fr Juan Carlos says, "I also want to make clear that no superior asked me to do strange penance." I don't buy it. Here's why. During spiritual exercises in Rome while studying theology, I made my general confession with Fr Florencio Sanchez. He gave me such and extreme and unusual penance that I ended up not doing it, not because it was humiliating, but just because it was plain stupid. No other legionary priest had ever imposed such a harsh penance during confession. I realized at that point that this was a sick man.

The question is why the delegate allowed
1) the continued secret worship of MM
2) the purge of possible reformers
3) the appointment of the old guard
4) leaving dysfunctional methods in LCRC intact
A quick look at Salesian web sites from Mexico does not show any big new project or donations that I could find. There is a post on a Salesian web site that mentions Carlos Slim’s foundation, not sure of the significance.
How about an alternative hypothesis to bribes? What if the delegate is doing exactly what he was told to do by the PTB? What if the primary objective was to protect high control cult like methods in lay groups introduced under JP2, and prevent the truth on who helped MM and why to come out, at all cost?
If that was the case, true objectives of the LCRC “reforms” would be to make sure that no new regulations/canon laws be introduced to disrupt the status quo; and that no real investigations be carried out (just a few measly pay outs to some of the victims under the table). If a weaker unreformed LCRC would survive, that’s would be ok for them. If it would go belly up that would be ok also, one less rival to the other, more robust movements.
So I agree with the above post. Reforms will not come from the delegate, nor will it come from his appointed nomenclatura. Also more general reforms of cult like practices will not happen either. Just what, I am sure, some members of the curia wanted/planned.
BTW, who owns/is in charge of the Periodista Digital (has mostly glowing reports on La Obra).

I think I haven't met either Fr Ortega nor Fr Florencio. I must say though that for some reason I don't think it unbelievable that a superior would ask such a strange penance. Well, you only need to listen to those who had Guillermo Izquierdo as an instructor. They would tell stories albut the kind of penenances he would ask, and even the way he humilated them in public.

Some superiors would try to imitate that behavior, and some of them might even ask weird or imorudent penances.

All those ex-LC's out there, do you remeber nomber 50 of the Consitituions, it basically asks that the instructor put the Novice to the test (which some interpret as humilating the Novice). But of course Maciel is one thing and the LC spirituality is another.

Just a quick thought, whether the superior asked that from Fr Ortega or not, this shows a level of immaturity among some Legionaries. We might need a little more context, but if Fr Ortega did this without Fr Florencio asking him to do so, boy this shows the the confusion many of us experience since Maciel was removed from the public eye. And I'm pretty sure his superiors were not making it easy to deal with.

...or the Three Stooges meet Ali Baba's gang.

Words like 'bizarre' and 'disturbing' do not even begin to cover the interior workings of the LC.

These are the men entrusted with the 'rebirth' of the Legion. Sanchez and Ortega are by no means the weirdest of the lot parading into the General Chapter. It is a confederacy of self-affirming, like-minded loonies determined to preserve as much of the Founder's pseudo-religious lunacy as possible with as little Vatican interference as they can get away with.

From the beginning of this whole debacle it was clear that only two things could ultimately undo the warped world of Maciel: real and incisive Vatican management of the scandal and/or extreme financial duress. Both are still possible, but the clock is ticking as the pre-ordained finish line of the Chapter approaches. Time is on the Legion's side.

This is the NEW legion of DePaolis. In my day, superiors did love to immaturely assign ridiculous penances (which as many know here, had to be sought outside of the confessional as well for infractions to the rule, or negligence in the use of material goods.) One day a novice spent the whole day walking around with a bucket and mop, from class to class, to gym, to the bathroom, wherever. Funny- perhaps- but true frathouse hazing fun, absolutely ridiculous.

The famed novicemaster, Fr. Arumi, refused communion to a religious who had not polished his shoes. Clearly he violated the rights of the faithful in doing so.

Let's be clear though- Once DePaolis was appointed there never was at any time a threat to the substance of the old LC. We all remember how his very first words, and especially letters were depressing for reformers from the get-go. It was clear he was a Sodano-Rhode pick to in some way justify their previous efforts to protect the LC.

I am convinced it would have been better for the Church to have done nothing at all, rather than simulate the lie of a reform under the patronage of the Holy See. More LCs and 3GF would have left for sure, more bishops would have withdrawn support. The Holy See should at most, only after the meltdown was over, let certain elements perhaps re-found under capable local bishops.

I want to point out some important dates.

Fr. William Izquierdo, the pedophile priest from the Canary Islands who now conveniently suffers from dementia and is unable to stand any form of trial.. was accused of sexual abuse in Ireland in the 1970s.

So he was relocated to the novitiate in Cheshire.

He was accused of sexual abuse in Cheshire. And in 1994 was replaced by Fr. Christopher Brackett and relocated to DC.

But in 1995 when Fr. Pedro Pablo Elizondo, Novice master of Section B, was made bishop of Quintana Roo, Mexico... who did the Legionary superiors choose to replace him?

Fr. William Izquierdo.

Three times they put him back in contact with the very group of young men he had a habit of abusing.

Think about that...

The willful negligence, the absolute indifference towards human suffering, the careless disregard for crimes against God and man's laws is the reason why I can't believe in this church any more.

Because this was brought to the Vatican. And Cardinal Sodano preferred the cars, vacations, and probably the young Thai boys the LC provided.

Benedict appointed DePaolis who did/does nothing.

And Francis loves to blast wealth and capitalism and eat dinner with the homeless... but he also seems to do nothing.

Sorry folks- this is not a sin of a few fallen men. This is an institutional indifference and organizational evil that permeates the church.

I won't and can't be part of it.

I'm out.

-9 Years of Lies

@9 years of Lies

Is this another "The will of not knowing"?

Is there documentation about his sexual abuse in 1970s?

@ 9 years

You just spoke for both my heart and mind. I'm with you.

What I find most disturbing about Florencio Sanchez's "penance" is that it is not at all about making a penitent a better person, or addressing the wrong done, or even atoning for the pain of a sin. It is clearly an expression of "how dare you defy me!".


"For example, in spite of the fact that the fundamental laws of the governorate of Vatican City allow that the secretary general may be a layman, the pope has not only promoted a churchman to this role, the Argentine Legionary of Christ Fernando Vérgez Alzaga, who is very close to him, but has also consecrated him bishop and entrusted to him the pastoral care of the citizens of the tiny state, taking it away from Cardinal Angelo Comastri, archpriest of the basilica of Saint Peter and vicar general for Vatican City."

Sorry if this was already posted someplace and is old news--holiday and work craziness has kept me from reading all the posts lately.

There was a beautiful consecrated woman from Mexico who enjoyed the limelight for some time, then I saw her at a formators conference and she was in the shadows in very plain clothes, with awkward hair and she wore these ugly glasses. Even then I thought that she must be "struggling" and her appearance was the fruit of some bizarre approach in SD. She was married within 2 or 3 years.

This just brought up one of those weird moments when the light was penetrating my cloud.


"An abuse allegation against Father Izquierdo first came to light in 2005, Legionary spokesman Father Benjamin Clariond told the Register, but this was not with a minor. After the allegation came to light, his ministry was “restricted,” and in view of his failing health, he did not exercise his ministry after 2008, the spokesman said."

But P. Keane says he reported the abuse by Izquierdo to Anthony Bannon two years before his notarized statement in 2005, which would be 2003.

Can these people ever tell the truth?

9 years,

I don't mean to be rude, but if I think Biship Pedro Pablo was made bishop in 2004. I wasn't around when Fr Izquierdo was removed from his post as Novice Master. I think it might also be a somewhat confusing period to talk about since section B had like nine instructors whithin a year period.

Something that has always called my attention is how the dean of studies of Cheshire at the time had a hard time with Fr Izquierdo. He always complained that the Novices were never in classes and that those coming from Cheshire had a hard time speaking Spanish in Rome. The dean of studies told us that this was mainly because Fr Izquierdo liked to had the brothers play soccer, and by other accounts until very late into the night sometimes. Apparently he wouldn't call it time until his team won. What always distubed me about their stories is that he always chose the same brothers. Not implying anyhthing here, but at least you can see how the culture of favoritism has been nurtured by Maciel, handed down by his "first legionaries", and lived by superiors now-a-days.

What ever happened to the abuse allegations in New Hampshire?? Did that go anywhere, or are they still in limbo?

DM: they are against Patrick Walsh and Fernando Cutanda (at least)

Does anyone from Baltiomre/washington section in the early and mid 2000's remember--wasn't Father William stationed there until about 2005? For just a year or 2, maybe 3--can someone please confirm this? I had heard that he was with MM "from the beginning."

Giselle, thanks for the Update; it's really shocking.

NCR is running a new interview with Heereman... again ith the Soap Opera

Another example of TWISTED AUTHORITY:

NCR: Some argue that, in view of the extent of Father Maciel’s misdeeds, those closest to him must have known.

P. Sylvester: Personally, I’m too young to have really lived those years. When I joined, he was already 74. But, certainly, that was the mistake of an institution, because an institution needs to control its leaders. There was really no institutional control of his whereabouts because of naive trust all those years."


You've. Got. To. Be. Kidding. Me.

Too young to have really lived those years? I'm not saying he had any direct knowledge of MM's double-life and kept hush-hush, but he won't even open the door to the possibility that MM's favorites (some still very active LC's today) had a clue about the abuse, the wives, the children, etc... This is sheer stupidity!

But see - it's not about any individual. It's the "institution." The "institution" got it wrong. The "institution" couldn't control it's superiors.

I could go on but I'm too angry. And you call yourself a priest, P. Sylvester? I'm not sure I'd even call you a man.

Yes, he was superior there after leaving his position in Cheshire as novice instructor. He was then replaced by Fr. Robert Weighner from Iowa who I believe has since left the Legion. Fr. William had replaced Fr. Richard Gill who went to NY to direct the RC (women?). Before Fr. Richard was Fr. Patrick O'Connell.

Fr. Bannon commented that there was very little gratitude from the x novices of Fr. William since no one would write to him and thank him for his years of "service". Anyone who experienced life under Fr. William was thankful for one thing - the day he stopped being one's superior.

Maybe before he dies, Fr. William Izquierdo can open a facebook page so that he can see how many likes he gets... being the essential control freak, many learned under Fr. William to avoid anything that was not explicitly approved taking all joy out of any normal activity.

I think the big question most are missing is Gustavo, William's twin brother who must have been abused the same as his brother and must be abusing wherever he is just like William. As far as I know he is still working and no spotlight has been put on him.

Finally, this whole thing about failing health and failing mental capabilities, these affirmations have never been independently confirmed other than what the superiors have affirmed. My suspicion is that he is quite healthy and quite lucid and the superiors are simply inventing stories. What do they got him doing anyway?

"whole thing about failing health....never been independently confirmed other than what the superiors have affirmed."

Sort of like Thomas William's "cancer" diagnosis when news of the love child hit the fan.

"How much was due to the constitution and ethos of the Legion — that you weren’t allowed to criticize the head, and he had an authoritarian mystique about him that prevented legitimate criticism?"

Heereman: That’s probably part of the mix. There was a very strong deference towards the superiors in general, much more so to the founder. And we always trusted, thinking that an aspect of charity is to not speak badly of people, and that was applied also very much to the superiors. That’s probably part of it. But I don’t think that’s the main cause.

ME: so what was the main cause? He never does say what it is, so how can it be fixed??

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