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My bishop does nothing. He doesn't really like the the Legion, but he still allows them in. What I have seen that works is a united group at the parish level, ready to go to the pastor to complain every few years when the RCs start promoting events. Our parish priests are busy. If they have to meet again and again with parishioners railing against RC programs looking to set up shop, they see it's just not worth it. I'm happy to say this is what happens in my parish. An RC comes along, pitches a big (RC) idea, Father says yes. Word spreads like wildfire, and the next thing he knows, he has a steady stream of people marching in, armed with pages and pages of information on the scandal. And just like that, the problem goes away.

Cardinal Raymond Burke (Prefect of the Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura): "The Legion is the most corrupt institution in the history of the Catholic Church."

He spoke those words directly to me in a private meeting I had with him in Rome.

Perhaps, Papal action? Time is running out and Rome hasn't approved yet the election of the Superior General. Makes me really wonder if the Pope has a surprise in store.

Perhaps SB, if nothing else, the LC is showing they no longer have a fast track channel for approvals to the Pope.

It is telling that, save one day when Andreas Schoggl had a few moments of presiding over the chapter, DePaolis and Ghirlanda have controlled the show. Lots of nice pictures with the chapter members on outings to places where real foundations took place, real charism occurred. So close, yet so far...

The only significant action from the Pope I could expect would be a witholding of approval of the statutes, and a declaration of a 'to do' list for the LC if they wish to be approved some day. That way they will not ride off from the chapter with DePaolis's triumphal tone (you have been the great ones who suffered and perservered...)only to stay the same.

In his 28 January NCR story “Tension over Maciel legacy complicates Legion election,” John Allen quotes Fr. John Bartunek, who says that many legion priests “fed their hunger for spiritual reading with the writings of the founder.” And according to Bartunek, “. . . a lot of these guys are doing great work and are spiritually mature priests, and they ask, 'How can we say it's all trash?'”

We can begin our answer to that question by, first, treating these guys doing great work with the respect we owe to fellow human beings – namely, that people can face the truth. The truth is that the writings of the founder were not written by the founder. Yet there are some in the Church who hold the attitude that if reality is too painful, it's better to live in a dream world.

Card. Raymond Burke: “The Legion is the most corrupt institution in the history of the Catholic Church.” No, the Vatican is the most corrupt institution in the history of the Catholic Church.

This story in Religion Digital claims that Fr. Eloy Bedia was elected as superior general and is pending approval of the Pope. Fr. Eloy is not seen as much of a hardliner nor heavily tied to the old regime, and so is able to ensure the facade of reform, but only as a means to ultimately keep everything the same. Not a true reformer. However the story claims Fr.Juan Jose Arrieta-- "The Franciscan among them" may in fact be the one favored by outside figures, like Cardinal Errázuriz and a minority of reformers who are suggesting this path to the Pope.

The story relies heavily on one insider source and not easily confirmed, but it may help to explain the Pope's delay, and his next move whenever it comes.

For the record, Eloy Bedia is Macielista through and through. He's been a superior forever, absolutely loyal to the apparatchik and Nuestro Fraude.

Wow, missed you, mExRC!

I visit often, but stopped posting long ago to remain sane. Thanks for all your good work, Giselle!

Aw, mExRC, it's good to see an old familiar "face" :)

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