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Here are some priests going to the General Chapter who I wouldn't trust with my dog... unless I wanted the dog starved and raped.

Owen Kearns: he's the Goebbels of the Legion- the Axelrod, the spin master, liar, fraud

Juan Solana: Macielista extraordinaire. Knows how to play the game to get ahead. Probably hasn't washed a dish in 30 years.

Luis Garza: Should burn in hell. No... WILL burn in hell. Evil incarnate

Donal Clancy: By far the most cruel and ruthless LC I knew. Hated him. Still do.

Salvador Maciel: rapist. Known rapist. Know abuser. Gets promoted. Your church at work...

John Connor: Dick

Oscar Nader: Macielist, too close to power circles for too long. Big baby, too. So many special needs.

Emilio Diaz Torre- Maciel through and through. Loves power, money and comfort.

Anthony Bannon: You broke my heart, Fredo. You broke my heart.

Alvaro Corcuera: I'd probably piss on his face but he'd enjoy it. Enemy #1 (after a few Cardinals)

Some Priests I could have hope in... but I'm a realist and they are outnumbered, unable to affect change, and are token additions for the Press (does anyone REALLY trust the LC counted the votes fairly? Please... don't be naive.)

Daniel Massick
Guillermo Serra
Manuel Alvarez
Giuseppe Gamelli
Antonio Leon
Carlos Gutierrez

I can't be more logical (and I took Logic with that Swiss diocesan priest who was really tough... forget the name): SOME OF THESE PRIEST KNEW THAT BOYS HAD BEEN RAPED. And they did not act.

Bishops and Cardinals knew boys had been raped. And they did not act.

If that doesn't cause you tears and heartbreak... then imagine it was you son. Or your classmate/novitiate mate. Or you. And then ask how these men are not in jail.

These men will get the power to make major life altering decisions for hundreds of powerless, trusting boys and men. And they do NOT have neither God's nor those LC's best interest at heart.

It's a disgusting and evil organization and the fact that the Church allows it to continue is proof the church gives not one shit for them, for me, for any of us. And I say fuck them all. Pieces of shit playing dress up with gold and lace like it's a fucking game and in the background is rape, abuse, suicide, incest, theft, bribery, scandal, fear, evil. Pure evil.

General Chapter... general jerk off fest to keep your jobs and your hands clean. But God does not forget so easily. You can fool the church leaders and some phony, sanctimonious rich Catholics. But God will get you in the end. And you'll burn.

-9 Years of Lies

Alan Contat was the Swill Priest

"Swiss" lol

Who is preaching the Spiritual Exercises before the general chapter?

That's 8 straight-days of non-interrupted influence over the chapter fathers. Whoever was chosen, I can only wonder which LC's were involved weighing the pro's and con's of that decision.

That will have a definite effect on the outcome, IMO. Talk about cultivating a passive state of serenity - 8 days silently soaking in Koolaid. Sigh. There is no hope for change.

Well, the preacher is Fr Carlos Villalba. Let's say he plows a middle path. Could be worse. As a person he is hardly a Koolaid drinker of anything.

Thanks SB. It's a relief to know it's not one of the old guard PTB. Pray.

Carlos Villalba is a good priest but he's 58. He started in LC in 1979 with Alfredo Torres and this means a lot. He's a man of God but there is so much influence of the Founder in him

Unless I am confusing Fr. Salvador Maciel with some other, older Fr. Salvador, back in 1996, he gave us Humanist brothers a talk in Salamanca about the problem of sex in society and how now there were sex shops everywhere, just like other shops. I still remember that. It was funny how he knew so much about such an apparently evil topic.

Jesus Maria Delgado Vizcaina
Jose Alberto de la Garza
Hector Fernando Tamayo
Antonio Leon Santacruz are all Macielists as well, very much part of the indoctrinisation of the cult.

Delgado in particular is a wolf in sheep's clothing.

I know some people think it is unchristian to say or think such things, and indeed it is easy to "criticise" from the comfort of behind the internet, but I am not silenced by the legion any more.

These aren't simply people I do not like, or people who hurt me - they are priests who lied willingly, who looked the other way when wrongs were occurring, who did not believe accusations, who used manipulation and have abused many people psychologically, spiritually and in some cases physically through the control they have over their lives: Delgado sanctioned and asked for legionaries to whip themselves; he would turn off the heating in freezing weather, pretending that the oil had run out etc etc

They were part and parcel of the Maciel machine. Delgado has continued to lie to protect the legion, an example being an interview with a finance magazine about the LC finances in Europe. He said the legion did not have any money in switzerland, that they necessarily had a bank account or two there because of the apostolate (if someone gives a cheque there, they need a bank to put it in.) He denied categorically having large sums of money. BUT forgot to mention the LC finishing school there which must have a budget in the hundreds of thousands. And others have talked about the LC's swiss interests. Of course, such is the deformity of conscience of the LCs that Fr. Jesus could well mean that the Legion of Christ doesn't have swiss bank accounts, but maybe he omitted to say that the Legion of Christ INC does. Two separate entities apparently.

They will reap what they sow.

Another Nicole Winfield AP article:

Always pretending not to hear the press, but the Legion always does. It cares a lot about its beloved image. Days before the EE Jaime Rodríguez traveled to Madrid for "visiting" his father and, by the way, he went to visit Fr. Felix Alarcón.

It's important because they will be justified by this huge act of charity...

The note here:

9 years, it makes you wonder why the Pope doesn't do to the Legion what he is doing to the FFI.

Estatua, It's been a while since I've visited...

Embedded on the periodistadigital page which you reference, there is an intensely moving interview with Fr. Felix Alarcon:

I apologize if it's already been mentioned here at LARC.

The interview is in Spanish, which many readers here understand. Those who don't might want to get the gist of it at my place:

To my mind, it's an extraordinarily compelling interview. Maybe it's the genuine humility, and Christian spirit of Fr. Felix that make it so powerful. What touches me is his simple faith: no agenda, just the facts. Personally, I found it gave me a sense of "closure" with regard to the historical narrative about Maciel. I don't think I ever met Fr. Felix while I was in the LC although we coincided time-wise. He was the first LC to open the Novitiate in Woodmont, CT. (Orange came later, then Cheshire.) Like so many ex, once he left he was not spoken of.... and I lost all track of him. I was thrilled to "meet" him via YouTube... and delighted so see his sense of peace, born of true suffering.

Comment to the Homily of mons de Paolis at the beginning of the GC.

Spanish readers:

In the case of the FFI, much smaller group and I believe the Holy Father has the backing of the majority of rank-and-file members. If I recall correctly, the request for papal intervention came from the membership.

The FFI also possess a clear charism as of course the founder Francis of Assisi is a canonized saint.

As an aside, I am not surprised by the current turmoil with the FFI. In over twenty years of being a traditionalist, every attempt to found a traditionalist Franciscan order that I am aware of has ended as a train wreck.

Additionally, individual Franciscan priests, when they have gotten involved in the traditionalist movement, have often gone in some pretty "interesting" directions. For example, google Pope Pius XIII.

My point is that the draconian steps taken with the FFI show that the Vatican COULD take such steps with the Legion, but won't.

General Chapter timeline.
The Extraordinary General Chapter of the Legionaries of Christ is under way. I have been very curious as to the timeline they would follow. It has been published on their site dedicated to Chapter. Here is a paragraph that explains what will happen.
The first phase of the Chapter, scheduled to last approximately 20 days, will consist mainly in the revision of the new constitutions. After that the election of the new leadership will follow, the results of which will be made public. Then the second phase of the Chapter begins, which will address various issues regarding the life of the Congregation.
That means the revision of the Constitution, which is supposedly the beef of the matter of renewal, will be done under the supervision of the old guard of superiors still in place. After that they will elect new superiors. So the ones who have closely guarded the whole process will be in charge of seeing it to the end, then pass it on to the new superiors once finished. That's pretty nifty, don't you think?

The results of the election of the new superiors will be made public, but I can't way to see if the make public the results of the revision of the Constitution. I think not, but we may be surprised.

You can follow their progress on the General Chapter site. It's in Spanish, but the press releases seem to have and English translation.

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