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The fundamental argument about drawing good from evil has been dealt with on this blog many times.

When we speak of a work of God, we are dealing however not with his permissive will, but intentional will and this holds both the results and the means that created the institute to a higher standard. Moreover it's narrative is different from God's providential influence over the history of man and the salvation he brings. The narrative of a religious order is about the new heart, the new man given by grace, and this story can only begin to be told AFTER total conversion has occurred. The day Francis threw off his fine clothes and embraced poverty, or Benedict sought refuge in prayer and work alone.

So my dear Fr. Fernando, the Church is still waiting for when the LC's narrative of total conversion begins.... Neither Pope Francis, and not even DePaolis is in agreement that the story of total conversion of life in the Legion as the core of its historical identity and present style of life has begun. You are a human organization, nothing more, some good, some bad, but not an institute of religious perfection.

The term 'sterile intellectualism' is better applied to the thinking that has produced an empty reform, and perpetuated a cult, with minimal conversion of life.

As one commenter on the blog noted- "If after 72 years you are still discerning whether there is a charism, you obviously have not got a charism."

Maybe this is another LC Campaign. In the link below there is another piece like that, always defending the charism. Both articles are very well redacted. Remember that you need ask for permission to publish anything, and your paper passes at least one revision.

The structure of both pieces is the same.

Fernando Morales currently is in Colombia and Javier Gaxiola is in Rome. The two legionaries are publishing in Spanish Websites.

What do you think?

Thanks for posting that, Estatua. Gaxiola opens with an apology of sorts. Wouldn't it be nice if he had left it at that? I might have believed it was sincere. But no, then he goes on to lay out a biased, denial-laced case for the charism. What can you say about the hair-splitting over "institutional charism" versus "founding charism"? He actually says the charism "snuck" into the institution (at least in my googlish translation, the word "sneak" was used) I pity poor, pathetic Gaxiola, he sounds like he is clinging to any last shred of hope.

On the other hand I agree, it smells like a Legion campaign and it's possible this sad naive man has been used to float another theory on charisms. Did I read correctly that he's a canonist? Maybe the PTB want to get as many LCs with canon credentials to posit the same theory. you know, like somehow after 5 years, different guys in different parts of the world came up with the same theory. In the same week.

Perhaps it's all foreshadowing of the conclusions being reached behind closed doors of the General Chapter. No deliberations required, it's a foregone conclusion.

So sad.


Javier is actually acknowledging he has no knowledge on charisms. I know him, and believe me, he doesn't need to try to hard to convince us otherwise. To tell you the truth he lost me at that point, I knew it was going to be a bunch of words without any sense at all.

He is answering to Fr Berg´s article (or so it seems). For some reason Javier doesn't address him directly. A little too coward I think.

It is amusing to see that out of the sudden LC's are jumping to claim they have a charism all over the web when:

1 They can go on and on about their charism, but the never say what it is

2 You can ask any LC out there, and the only thing you'll get is "we need to redefine it"

3 They can't look at how little the core problem hasn't even been addressed: the same superiors have the same powers and they are doing nothing to investigate who did what and when

Fr Michael Goodyear made a comment on Fr Moreno's article, which might lead us to understand the true Legionary charism

"Cuando tiene que preguntar despues de 73 anos de vida de una congregación si tienes o no tienes carisma, me parece que no lo tienes."

"When you have to ask yourself whether your congregation has a charism or not 73 years after its foundation, I don't think you have one"

I still believe that the "Charism" issue is a red herring.

For anyone with eyes to see, the LC, for better or worse, has had a pretty stable "mission statement." It is what it is and it is still expressed in the daily lives of rank and file Legionary priests. We can debate about the validity of its origin, and whether a "charism" is the exclusive work of the founder. But the LC has always had a pretty clear vision of their mission in the Church. Let's see what the Church affirms after the Chapter.

Chase the money at all costs. Lies and deception and cult tactics work, so use them. Invoke Christ's kingdom to justify all these things, which ultimately exist for one reason - satisfy Maciel's ego and perversions. Keep the rank and file in the dark.
That's the real charism.

I may be wrong, but I still think the LC charism, if it exists, will only be revealed or clarified by the Holy Spirit AFTER the movement has suitably apologized and made restitution to MM's victims and other victims of the movement (like Aaron).

Having said that, one possibility? During the Middle Ages there were orders whose charism was to pray, prevent and seek the release of women sold into slavery (which also was often a euphemism for prostitution). Perhaps a potential LC charism is penance for the victims of clerical sexual abuse and misconduct.

I agree with you wholeheartedly, Pete. They need to do a 180 degree turn from previous activities. This is a wonderful idea; one they should consider if they are sincere about reform. Cannot continue on like nothing really happened. Children are being abused in record numbers and the LC under MM was a part of it.

"But the LC has always had a pretty clear vision of their mission in the Church."

Monk I don't understand how you still believe this crap. The Legion was founded by a godless unscrupulous man. It's purpose was not for the church, but for Maciel. It's mission was not for the church, but for Maciel.

The reason it does not have a charism is not an accident - the image or concept of charism morphed at times throughout the decades under the guise of foundational instability, but really there was one unifying singular purpose for the legion: MACIEL. The ideals and missions were smoke screens, lipstick, window dressing.

The whole "in step with the pope" was a smokescreen - this false image allowed vulnerable, trusting catholics to trust the Legion and also was a great way for the legion to gain influence in the vatican and church hierarchy. It was in some ways a knife to the throat of the papacy.

The idea of the legion is a fraudulent one, a deceiving one.

Maciel deceived you Monk, he did not care about your vocation, about the church or about the Legion's mission. He cared about what he was going to get from you.

The Legion of Christ was ALWAYS a fake which is why this General Chapter is so pointless: they still believe that the emperor is not naked, that his clothes are the finest quality of silk - so thin you can't see it. They are just upset that it cost so much, they fell they have been duped about the cost, but not about the obvious.

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