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Not sure how many of you caught Eye of the Tiber take on this topic:

For those not familiar with Eye of Tiber, it is a Catholic news satire website, like the Onion but Catholic.

Nice dose of humor in the Eye Of The Tiber posting. I needed that!

As for the Associated Press story quoted here, I dunno, I'm not going to read too much into the Cardinal's cautionary statement. It is only one sentence. It could be that with the preparation period completed, the LC can now move forward and select a new leader and charism and bury the past in, Poof!--four weeks--by the end of the General Chapter.

Since the beginning I have maintained that Rome cannot reform LC. Rather, Rome can only guide LC in reforming itself. Nor can Rome discern the way forward for LC. Rome can only assist LC with the discernment.

I suppose now is the moment of "letting go" where LC are expected to "sink or swim" on their own. That is, they must discover their charism and show they have the heart to reform the movement from within and carry it forward to future generations.

My suggestion is that they begin by taking a hard and honest look at the founder's victims. For some reason I feel the movement's survival as a Catholic movement is directly tied to how MM's victims are treated.

One wonders, since so many of those attending the General Chapter are old guard, Maciel clones, how they will possibly come up with anything that even resembles a healthy religious constitution. I am anticipating that they will flail around for a while and then quietly sink into the muck of filth that is the Legion. I don't think that those who have used a man with no religious sensibilities as their model and guide are going to be able to form a legitimate order. It may be a good thing that they were all "elected" to this task. Their true colors may begin to shine now.

Interesting article by Jesus Colina who regrettably published Maciel's book - Christ is My Life.

Giselle, this is perfect, the whole problem in a nutshell: "Heereman's comment is quite telling. Men who haven't been able to honestly discern or make their own prudential judgements would naturally find it more comfortable to be told what to do. I think that's the trap that most of us fell into -- thinking that God would magically work through our spiritual directors and superiors. Real faith, real discernment is more complicated than that."

Cardenal Velasio De Paolis gave an extensive interview to Fr Federico Lombardi of Vatican Radio that is a must read.

It seems the revising of the constitution is much more that cosmetic. Take this quote for example:
"The Pope says that, among many tasks, the main one is the revision of the Constitutions. Constitutions that had not been drafted according to the criteria of the post Vatican II, but still had the traditional criteria: a long, cumbersome, heavy text, with no distinction between constitutional rules and others rules, and that reflected a mentality that – on a disciplinary level - did not distinguish the graduality of the laws, the importance of laws and therefore, the substance of discipline from other laws that are useful, perhaps necessary, but not characteristic. A sea of norms within which the charisma was diluted, or at least became diffuse and difficult to understand. This was the main task."

There's a lot more in this interview that is encouraging and also disappointing. Hope someone can help translate.

I remember back in '09 when the territorial director of NY said the superiors considered this period of "purification" would end whithin a two year period (2011). When I heard that I sensed the lack understanding the superiors had towards the huge problems the Legion got into. They all wanted to say was Maciel was bad, but we were fine. What the superiors hadn't anticipated was the mistrust several LC's and people in general developed towards the Legion's government.

The crisis began in the media, then the superiors were forced to to acknoledge Maciel's crimes, the Church saw a need to investigate further the Legion. But I think what really hinders the superiors are those who whithin began to tell the tales of the no so great Legion of Christ.

Of curse the LC superiors want this to end as soon as possible. They need everyone back on their Kool-aid and start their same machinations once more. But they'll have to face the reality of it. Evening assuming that the come to consensus about the Constitutions, it remains to be seen the degree of acceptance it receives by most Legionaries. They will definitively need more than this General Chapter to start a true renewal.

Card. DePaolis: "Thus far, we have only completed the process of preparation."

So, now we hear that the “reform” of the past three years has actually been a “process of preparation” leading up to a reform. That's news to me. Whether good or bad remains to be seen. Bet it's news to l/r too.

I've always understood that the past three years were the reform. Since I've never heard the cardinal state before that the three years have been a process of preparation, it makes me think that he had a chat recently with someone higher up the corporate organizational chart.

Let's see if I've got this straight. The three years have essentially been a premeeting to prepare for the current month-long meeting, which in turn will serve as its own preliminary premeeting meeting to a reform that has only just begun. Well, best not to jump into these things. Right? Good grief. A three-year premeeting.

And another thing. At this glacial pace, by the time a “reform” actually begins (begins, mind you, not finishes), many of the concerned parties – the victims of mm, as well as those in the inner legion circle of power, the legion's friends in high Vatican places, former and current members of the l/r kingdom, news reporters who have covered this on-going story, concerned lookers-on who keep hoping and praying for the Church to come down on the side of truth and justice – many, if not all, will be dead.

And one more thing. Expecting the legion to reform itself is like “hoping termites will build you a new house out of the glop they have made of your old one.”

3 year pre-meeting? I thought they were supposed to be efficient??

Yes, they are waiting for their enemies to die.

Their enemies may die, but the internet won't. And there's the rub.

Damn pesky information highway.

I just finished watching the interview with Felix Alarcon. God bless his sweet soul. But he is still naive, still thinks Corcuera is a wonderful guy, still amazed that Maciel didn't ask pardon.

More on charism from Cardinal De Paolis....never heard it explained this way.

"Acknowledging the challenge of identifying the congregation's "spiritual patrimony" in light of its founder's disgrace, the cardinal said the Legionaries' charism is the same as that of their affiliated lay movement, Regnum Christi, which he described as "not touched" by the scandals associated with Father Maciel.

The movement as a whole, Cardinal De Paolis said, practices a "spirituality typical of the kingship of Christ -- Christ's kingship, not from a triumphalist point of view, but from the point of view of Jesus, who triumphs from the cross -- with a very strong devotion to the Eucharist and to Mary," in an apostolate focusing on "work in universities and higher education."

Right, RC was "untouched" by cult like Maciel practices. Sure, like 3gfs were not made to say the 4th vow until 2009, like the deceptive recruiting practices and fundraising never happened, like the behind the back insulting of parish priests, the character assassination and shunning campaigns were all just signs of "obedience". Thank you great "visitors" and delegate: what a useless 5 years that has been..
As for RC higher education, thank you for giving us a great intellect like Fr Williams.

Agreed, Tom! Let me add, lest we forget, that members of rc were not so long ago directed by their local lc priest and their rc leaders to read and absorb mm's ghost-written letters as though they were holy scripture. This is from the introduction to volume I of Envoy: “Institutions live on the spirit of those who gave them life. From the first days of its foundation, the mind of Regnum Christi's founder has guided its steps.” How can rc be untouched by cult-like practices when it has been guided from its first days by the mind of its sexual predator con man founder? Ugh. It is idiotic and blind for DePaolis to describe rc as “not touched” by mm or the scandals.

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