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Right.. for this new beginning, they elect someone who since he was in diapers never knew any other structure of formation or apostolate other than that which was crafted by Maciel.

I worked with Fr Eduardo Robles-Gil in Rio de Janeiro for a little over a year. It was one of the highlights of my religious life.
I will write more about this experience on my blog once I Get through the Official Communiqué, which at this moment is only in Spanish.

Admittedly, with him having been educated in Legion schools, part of the 3GM's first, and then right into the Legion, there is little hope that he can see a different way to live.

That said, interesting that he was only in seminary formation for six years -- was that unusual? So many men are 12-14 years in the Legion before ordination.

Fr John has a good translation of key documents here:

Official translation:

More info in spanish:

It is interesting as well in the elected lineup, despite the large number of North Americans, none of them were found electable for these higher positions, reversing the previous blend of nationalities under DePaolis.

With no ability to elect a provincial of their own, US members will continue to be an extension of the General Director's will. Cronyism will be unavoidable.

What happened to Timothy Meehan?

You'd be hard pressed to find someone more Macielista than Eduardo Robles Gil. Along with Alvaro Corcuera, Florencio Sánchez, and Luis Garza, he was one of Nuestro Fraude's inner-circle favorites and hand-picked proteges since they were kids.

Hear ye, hear ye! Marcial Maciel is alive and well in the Legion of Christ and Regnum Christi!

mExRC, I do believe you but for those of us that are unfamiliar with Fr. Eduardo Rpbles Gil, could you give an illustration or example of how Gil is Macielista?

From Nicole Winfield:

"The new general director is the Rev. Eduardo Robles Gil, a Mexican who was a longtime collaborator with the Legion's disgraced late founder, the Rev. Marcial Maciel. Legion priests who have left the order called him a "spiritual son" of Maciel and say his election shows no break from the order's troubled past."

" a sign that the Vatican didn't trust the Legion's own choices, the Holy See itself appointed two reform-minded advisers to serve on the order's governing council, including the new No. 2."



Yes, Fr John, I am looking forward to read about your thoughts on working with Fr Eduardo. From my experience in the Legion, he just seems to be a clone of Corcuera/Garza "uppity-up" RC families in Mexico..maybe he was less uptight than others...but I don't have much hope in all!

*It is so very striking how little confidence the Holy See has in these men. DePaolis controlled the whole chapter process, and when they do vote they do so poorly and the Holy See restructures the choices.

*It is interesting the reasoning Nicole Wienfield gives for the Vatican changes:to prevent more from leaving, i.e. to look reformed without being reformed in truth.

Let's think about that one for a moment. Nothing about getting to the right sense of change,nothing about those able to fulfill a plan of restructuring, rather it was about, and for DePaolis has always been about, the end game; to create that sort of enviroment in which as few leave as possible. Any means to that end is legitimate it seems. He did not care what these men were being stuck with, only that they be indeed stuck.

* Yet the role of a vicar general is subservient to the director general- he has to follow his lead. The role of a counselor is to be a voice but only in private. DeGuedes saw how frustrating that could be.

So DePaolis' faculties have now expired. He is gone for good. Yes some window dressing changes did happen. Mostly the time was spent by giving the LCs group denial therapy. By talking it out with the Ghirlanda scheme, everyone had to look to a future but only from certain isolated good experiences of themselves- and this served as the key drug to keep members from dealing with facts, with history, and true causes and consequences still to come.

I was with Fr Gil before a left. I was under so much stress, my family was having difficulties, needles to say he wash´t much of a help. Really want to share my experience while having him as a superior, but I think I need to wait a little before I share my story with you all.

Fr. Eduardo was (is?) on the Outreach Commission to attend to victims of Maciel. In that sense, uniquely qualified for the challenges the general director will face this coming term.

Wonderful job, Legionary in Rome! Out of 100 victims, in three years, they managed to give a 5000 Euro to 12!

Lies of the Chapter:

I myself am glad a Macielista, true son of the founder, was elected.

It would be far more disturbing to me if a so-called "reform-minded" LC had been elected.

Now we know what we have, and so does the rest of the world.

The joke continues, but at least it's a transparent one.

I do feel sorry for anybody who truly hoped in reform, but at some point everyone has to face the fact it's not going to happen. Not until the true History of the Legion, every last ugly bit of it, is written, and every last victim acknowledged, apologized to, and cared for.

And we all know those two things will never happen this side of Heaven.

The machine Maciel built will keep doing exactly what it was designed to do.

"a religious congregation and its essential features do not have their origin in the person of the founder; they are a gift of God that the Church accepts and approves and that afterwards live in the institute and in its members.”
Here we go again, "a gift of God". Thank you, right, human deception, cheating, lack of real contrition and reparation are now a "gift of God", because they know how to rake in the $$$. And btw, those religious founders of old, they never meant anything, way too overrated, it was just a joke a along. Voila, our “new” faith.
If at least they were forced to say ".. and we pray, and ask every one to pray for us and hold us accountable, that we truly repent, that we become of true humble service TO God, find a real path, with the help of His Grace". But no, just more "holy inc" speak, 24hrs after the UN report. Talk about tone-deaf.
Thank you, that really helps those that work in the trenches, against things like abortion. But they don’t care.. No different from Hollywood image makers that cover up the Polanskis, Allens of the world..

From Tom's link to the article about the legionaries electing a new leader: “In announcing their new leadership, the Legionaries said that a thorough investigation had been done of the order's past leadership, and the degree to which other priests had been complicit with Father Maciel. The statement said that these investigations have now been concluded.”

I must have missed the publicity release, for this is the first that I've ever heard of “a thorough investigation” being conducted into the complicity of the legion's leadership with maciel. Any larc readers heard of such an investigation? The legion also announces, no less, that “these investigations” have been concluded. Conducted and concluded by whom? And pray tell, dear legion, what are the findings? Or does the legion's modus operandi – secrecy - still reign in the kingdom of the blind and prevent such a public reporting?

happy in diocesan life,
Yes, he is another 3GM just like Alvaro Corcuera. He will give institutional stability while giving potential reformers a reason to leave since his whole psyche, everything he ever wanted in life, was to become another maciel. Hard to stop the train going in the wrong direction so maybe this is their way of slowing it down...however they need to do much more than that. So many years wasted just to get Robles Gil.
I guess from Bannon and the other chapter participantes this is what should have been expected.

Giselle and gang,
Does this mean that the Lcs are now under Braz de Aviz of the congregation of religious life like any other order/congregation?

@HIDL: my understanding is that all of this has yet to be approved by Pope Francis. He has to sign off on the new constitutions and give them a "clean bill of health." That decision comes after the General Chapter ends.

Folks, please let us know if this assumption is wrong.

Effectively yes you are correct since the faculties of the papal delegate have expired with the election and acceptance of the new superior general. He may still have some input regarding the final touches on the to be voted upon Constitution, but with the end of the Chapter, governance of the order returns back to ordinary channels.

As of yesterday the status report read:
The Chapter Fathers have finished the revision of the text of the Constitutions. The next step involves the work of a drafting committee that reviews the amendments made to the draft to ensure internal consistency within the text because some numbers have been removed, and others have changed location or style. Once the committee completes its work, the full text will be submitted for the Chapter’s approval.


Once that vote is done, then the constitution goes to the Congregation for Religious for ultimate approval by the Pope, as would any set of constitutions from an order. Now that will be an interesting moment, especially given it will be the only place left for Pope Francis to put his own defining stamp on the reform process. Pending issues are: full juridical separation of branches, election of provincials and greater autonomy of provinces, further definition of apostolate, and striking down any statutes that blatantly recreate Maciel's dark system of power.

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