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New hymn of the Legion: "Amazing Grace".

"This is the worst trip I've ever been on" taken from The Beach Boys, Sloop John B

The theme song of a Br Thomas Williams hike during the novitiate...

It just goes to show how screwed up this world is.


How do you spell white wash?

Believable. Absolutely, completely believable.

From the recent press release announcing the closing the Extraordinary general chapter:

"Cardinal De Paolis summarized the spiritual journey of confronting the past and opening a new future in his homily during the Mass. 'The Legionaries have been reconciled with themselves, with their history, with the world and the Church. They have looked inside themselves with a new and purified glance, examining their current situation in order to single out potential traces of pollution left by the founder of the Legion in their identity and action, in their legislation and way of working.'

'In renewing their vocations, their self-giving to Christ and to one another, they have been freed of the burden that weighed on their backs. They have gone out of themselves and have found their place within the whole Regnum Christi Movement.' "

Well, there it is.

The preposterous statements about being reconciled with everyone would only have meaning if they came from third parties, such as victims, people who had been sued by the Legion or other religious orders.

Anyone see the interview with Williams in Inside the Vatican?

DePaolis says the legionaries have “found their place within the whole Regnum Christi Movement.” Huh? Is DePaolis saying that not lc but rc is the engine pulling the train? Sure, and rc manages the legion $millions too. DePaolis seems intent on finding something, anything, even to the point of making stuff up, to paint the “movement” as a gift from God to the Church. All these contortions of language to save clerical face. Ugh. I can't stand it.

Tide? Wisk? Vanish? Nothing seems to get a stain out completely. Best course of action: buy a new shirt (or cassock).

Screw Fraudster Williams.

Only a total disbanding could possible satisfy the insatiable appetite of this sites followers for some unattainable, other worldly justice. “Our Father, Who art in Heaven, hallowed be Thy name; Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven. Give us this day our daily bread; and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us; and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. Amen.

Timothy-- here's the issue as I see it (never a member, know a lot of ex-members, used to be in an area heavily under the LC sphere of influence, have since moved.)

The Macielist spirituality subtly twisted Catholic teaching--this was probably a deliberate strategy by Maciel and others to cover up his crimes. The LC have not yet addressed the spiritual/theological flaws in the project, or really tried to understand why Benedict called their founder a 'false prophet.'

So.... they're still wandering down the garden path, missing out on the true beauty of life with Jesus. Plus, they're teaching their defective understanding to others, and still bringing new people into order without even ACKNOWLEDGING the defects that led to their investigation in the first place.

It's one thing to refuse help, and insist you can change the tire yourself-- it's another to destroy other people's tires while you're standing by the side of the road, reading the instruction manual and trying to figure out what the heck a lugnut is and why it matters.

The LCs could take all the time they wanted to figure things out if they didn't insist on dragging more people into the mess.

But they refuse to see that there *IS* anything to figure out. At this point, disbanding is the only step too drastic to ignore.

PB - you mean this?

And oh, look: Another photoshoot of Williams' handsome visage to promote it.

$4.99? No thank you. Not sure exactly what news there would be in this interview other than Thomas Williams' personal journey to self-fulfillment. Hardly inspirational or even appropriate reading for Catholics.

"Say what you want about me - just spell my name right" (and take photos)

For spanish readers about VdP:

Timothy Meehan is back. It seems he's trying to incardinate somewhere in Italy

I take it "But for the Grace of God" is to remind the reader of his or her own sinfulness. After all, we could all be fornicating priests going out on the book and lecture circuit instructing people about Catholicism while the mothers of our children raised our special-needs offspring on their own for a decade.

Still, I have to say I think it is slightly less humorous than "Knowing Right from Wrong: A Christian Guide to Conscience"

Living with Maciel for over 10 years certainly appears to have had an impact.

Just watched the Frontline piece:

Some was overstated and a few items misleading, but for the mostpart very interesting. The members of the Movement (if Francis doesn't object to their ongoing existence) will have to always deal with the corruption that sustained them for so long. With the canonisation of Pope John Paul II coming in May, there will be lots of reminders of the Mexican priest who fooled him. Part of the twisted patrimony that brought us all together.

Giselle, I coincide with you about the video of Frontline. I've watched it, and it was encouraging to see Card. Maradiaga inspiring real hope.

As long as the Legionaries of Corruption are allowed to recruit using the same SOP as they have for six decades along with the pope's blessing, there is little hope for Catholics today. Nothing has changed in 2000 years.

It's time for a warning label:

"Warning: Inhaling Koolaid Vapors From The Poverty Stricken Legionaries Of Corruption May Be Hazardous to Your Health. You Are At Risk Of Losing Your Life, Your Soul, And Your Earthly Treasures. Inhale At Your Own Risk"

One would think that those in authority in the Church would have learned after the sex abuse scandal that you don't put a bandaid on these dysfunctional people and send them back out to active ministry. I have not seen where ONE person who was complicit with Maciel has been punished and removed from all positions within the group and within the Church. Until that happens, it is silly to expect that the Legion will do anything except that for which it was designed--steal money from gullible people and provide victims for abuse. Now we will just have to wait and see who will step up and become the new master of abuse to replace Maciel. So sad that this is not obvious to everyone.

"there is little hope for Catholics today"....What? Jesus is risen. Jesus lives among us, revealing a loving Father, redeeming us, and encouraging us to bring His love and life to our world. The Catholic Church includes billions of people. Even using the inflated numbers of LC/RC, the number of persons of the Church involved with them are miniscule in terms of the larger Church. There are whole continents of the Lord's faithful followers who have never heard of LC/RC, and never will. There are entire cities in the US who have never heard of them, and never will.LC/RC is not the Catholic Church and never has been. It isn't even slightly representative of the Catholic Church, and never has been.

I suppose I am an optimist but in my view it is a good thing that De Paolis is gone and LC/RC have to fend for themselves without their constant claiming of "protection" and "guidance" of the Vatican. I believe that is the death knell for a group that has already suffered a fatal blow from which it will never fully recover, ever. In time, maybe my lifetime, maybe not, LC/RC will die. Some may have hoped for a quick death or that they be murdered. As far as I can tell, that isn't the way the Holy Spirit works. The Lord is just and allows the consequences of sin to unfold, even as we are forgiven. Perhaps DePaolis departure means the death of LC/RC will be a long suffering slow demise. But it will die. It will die at its own hands through its own continued deceit and maneuvering.

There is an eternity of hope for the Catholic Church. Jesus has promised it, and Jesus gives what he promises. Jesus also says that not everyone who calls him Lord will be recognized. That isn't a threat, its a fact.

Hope for the Church has always been located in Jesus. And Jesus invites men and women to help make that hope concrete in our world. There is no reason to believe that hope should be dashed now.

"Never losing hope" makes a good theological point and offers us a helpful reminder, however, I can't help echo Justice's, Gems's and reid's sentiments above, and this is coming from someone who is 24 years ordained a priest this year.

If Pope Francis doesn't require anything else of LC/RC now that their General Chapter is wrapped up, and we're all supposed to believe that this fraudulent, corrupt-to-its-core organization is "cured and cleaned," then all this talk of reform and housecleaning in the Curia and elsewhere is all just so much "smoke and mirrors."

Perhaps this setting up of a Secretariat of Economics, under the leadership of Cardinal Pell, may have some effect in putting an end to the ingrained system of currying favor and "si deve conoscere qualc'uno" ("one has to know somebody") so rampant in the Roman Curia, and which LC/RC has learned to utilize expertly to its advantage. However, the last time Pell was supposed to come to Rome a few years ago under Benedict XVI, to take over the Congregation of Bishops, his "enemies" started a rumor campaign against him. I expect the same will happen again shortly.

Oh, oh! I almost forgot: I'm glad I don't have Mr. Thomas Williams' nerve in a tooth! Can you imagine giving an interview to a magazine at this point? Wouldn't you just move your family to a quiet corner of Montana or Wyoming and try to make a life for yourself out of the public spotlight?! But, NOOOOOOO....

It all makes one want to retch.

One cannot disconnect Holy Mother Church from the actions of the Vatican. To the non-Catholic world, the Vatican represents the Church. The picture that it paints, is one of cover-up and corruption. If one chooses to be Catholic and not cry out out for change from the very men that lead the Church, then what kind of Christians are we? We cannot sit in the pews on Sunday's and say, "I'm holy" and expect a ticket to Heaven. Sedentary Christianity doesn't change anything.

Excellent NLH... Never forget those words...Saul Saul why do you persecute me? Jesus suffers today in his Church from all the tepid clergy and laity.. but He lives in her still!

Yes, how could any of us have fruitfully left the LC/RC world were it not for the blessed and much fuller experience of the Lord in His Holy Church awaiting us outside of those malformed vessels!

Indeed was it not the Church's own authentic patrimony that made DePaolis look so foolish and fork-tongued? Were not St. Francis and St. Ignatius and St. Benedict our teachers in what was real and what was false?

We nonetheless have been guided, as promised, faithfully in doctrine by our shepherds, but governance, right discipline- that has been the challenge. Always has been.

Looking at the historical moment...
I always feel the need to step back and remember that moments like these speak of a Church, of shepherds who have lost their confidence and vision- a 'locked up in the upper room' kind of moment. Remember that religious life is the last caboose to come out of the tunnel of the post conciliar crisis. The Church has yet to lock on to authentic models of renewal. Most of what she has been dealt are reactionary and manipulated versions noted recently by Pope Francis.

Moreover I also think most institutions these days are unaware of the increasing gravitational pull to centralized power due to cheap/fast travel, and communication. It causes a blindness, an illusion of proximity and knowledge of smaller entities that is not real. New and manipulative groups try to dodge their local bishops who truly can scrutinize them in foundation in a way the diocese of Rome cannot. As they place themselves under the protection of the diocese of Rome a charlatan can hide much and for many years.

Also, in the founding of new houses far from their place of origin, such groups throw themselves into countries outside their cultural context so that assessment of their true nature is difficult.

This was how a number of bad groups got started- LCs for sure, Miles Jesu etc.. Any reform, I pray, has to return supervision of new groups back to the countries of origin, under a local Bishop, with limits on the proximity of new houses until a certain maturation is reached. Such reforms take ages to happen though...

Meanwhile the good Lord lives and one way or another he will find a way to care for those who keep their trust in Him. End of Sermon.

The following is Maciel rationale:

But For The Grace of God

February 6, 2014 by homertwigg

But For The Grace of God

In this interview, Thomas Williams talks for the first time publicly about the reasons he decided to step down from his prominent position as a leading priest of the Legionaries of Christ and to cease his priestly ministry to become a husband and a father to his son, Joshua, who has Down Syndrome. Williams was one of the leading priests in the Legion, the dean of the theological faculty of their Roman university, and a very prominent spokesman for the Legion worldwide, with appearances on CNN, BBC, Fox News, and other major global television networks.

Williams now lives in Rome with his wife, Elizabeth Lev -- the two were married in a church in New York on December 7 -- and their son, Joshua, a few steps from the Vatican.

Williams was a close associate of the founder of the Legionaries of Christ, and knew the founder personally.

In this interview, Williams agreed to talk about his own childhood and upbringing, his vocation to the priesthood, his ordination, his years as a leading Legionary in Rome, his relationship with Liz Lev which led to the birth of a son, his years of hesitation before deciding to leave his priestly ministry, marry Lev, and commit himself fully to raising Joshua.

Williams speaks openly about the struggle he passed through, his emotional turmoil as he was torn between his duty to serve as a priest and his responsibility to care for the woman with whom he had fallen and love and fathered a child.

In the end, Williams decided to leave the priesthood and commit himself to his wife and son, and in so doing, he found inner peace.

The interview was conducted over several hours, and portions of it were published in the February issue of the monthly magazine Inside the Vatican.

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