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I have made my thoughts about JPII clear here and elsewhere.

I don't think that he was a knowing accomplice of Maciel's,

I think that he did know about the accusations but didn't believe them. That indeed is a human error, and a gross negligence with devastating results.

Even if some think he is still a good enough example of a saint, we should not lie about the problems in his papacy that he failed at.

This is not a question about his holiness, sincerity or whether he is in heaven or not.

It is about whether he is a good example to hold as a model of life, it is about the pain and discomfort of victims to see him exhonerated in spite of the suffering which he was blind to or did not want to help.

It may have been possible to reconcile fragile humanity with his promotion, but not with this sweeping under the carpet of his failures.

We have handled this theme many times before, even if it is still a timely one now. I find myself however more interested in what the Vatican now says it has learned from it. Just to say "bureaucracy" was at fault, says nothing about what will keep such things from happening again.

1) I still retain the first reform is to refuse new groups for approval under the jurisdiction of the diocese of Rome, rather they must remain under the tuteledge of their native bishops till the Decretum Laudis is given.

2) To that I would add a very different process for a Decretum Laudis which involves an extensive visitation of the group over years, prior to it, rather than just a collection of letters of recommendation sent to Rome by a self-interested party.

3) Thirdly, the Holy See itself needs to clean up the mess they made with the term charism, founder and foundation when letting the LC go forward. To some extent the bar is set so low now that any group can make the case for a "right to a future" regardless of its makeup, style of life, and history. At the very least a group that fails to meet proper standards should no longer be permitted to accept new entrants. If the older members want to live out their days there, fine; but their right to a future should not deprive the young of theirs.

Getting back to what the Popes did not know-- could we not say in the light of their supposed lack of true knowledge of the real Legion, which some testify to, would not all juridical acts of the Papacy regarding them be considered invalid? Just sayin...

Guess whose name is all over these Berry reports.

This is totally OT but I thought it was a good blog post on a pertinent subject for this site:

That's beautiful. A woman at a "survivor" prayer service a few years ago, pointed out that Christ still bore His wounds after the Resurrection. But they were and are glorified, and so will be all our wounds, especially those given by religious leaders in the name of their god (in our case, Legionists who worship....Legion?)

Legionaries trying to get attention... to get "contactos", to get vocations due to their crisis:

Why is there such a lack of accountability required for cardinals?

Estatua, thank you for the link. I guess legionaries are celebrating their own victory upon the Vatican: Yeah, we cheated them all!
It deserves a dance, at least...
Two apostolical visitation from the Vatican, two failures. Now we have to expect the third one.

Xavier, the third visitation will come from history itself. The Legion hasn't been beheaded but it goes head down, with or without dancing....

WRT JP2--- Just wanted to point out that 1. He was known to be a terrible administrator-- so that probably made it easy for his secretary to control the flow of info...

and 2. We canonize more for how a man died than for how he lived. If JP2 had died before he had to suffer with his disease, he might well have not been a saint. The purgatory on Earth was what made this canonization, not so much his abilities as pope.

Dierdre, its easy to judge, its easy to sweep his role in transforming Eastern Europe, totalitarian communism and the chance nuclear obliteration. And no, Reagan/Tatcher did not play such a big role. And no, chances are it would not have collapsed of its own weight. Not to mention a host of other accomplishments (relation with Jews, reaching out to non white/holier than thou folks, etc..).
But I think he was both naïve and arrogant, like a lot of Poles of his generation, and because of this, he was surrounded by wolves, who took advantage of him and of the geopolitics of the time, to advance their agendas. To me Sodano, Dziwisz, Rode, Solano, Castrillon Hoyos, Rivera, Herranz, Navarro Valls Del Portillo etc..and yes, Ratzinger are far more culpable for the cover ups and the introduction of cult like deceptive methods. They were the corrupt and inefficient administrators.
The Canonization was a way for them to absolve themselves. Seeing yesterday people like Sodano and Castrillon Hoyos made me feel ill. I am sorry, but Ratzinger was head of the CDF and did nothing, I mean nothing for years. He did not report to Sodano. defense of Pope Benedict, he is the only one that seemed to have any contrition. But still, he is the one that stopped investigations of MM in 2000 and 2005, despite clear evidence. He is the one that stopped the canon law trial of MM. He is the one who set up this bogus process of visitation/delegate, because , without proper investigation and facts about the corrupt methods introduced by MM, to him, this group was ipsi facto “sound”. In the middle of this mess that he prolonged for over 10 years, he resigned and dumped the problem in the next guy.

..on the next guy..

Here is the article I wrote about the canonisation (in French):

A sign of moral integrity is facing up to one's responsibilities. I see little evidence of moral integrity on the part of our Church leaders over the sixty some years of the leg/reg debacle. The absence of moral integrity on this issue continues to do the Church deep harm.

[Thanks, Tom, for your April 25 link (“The fly in the ointment,” April 21) to the Berry article that references rc statute 494. The rc statutes present another case where a Vatican agenda trumps the duties that our Church shepherds owe us.]

How can the Church AT THE SAME TIME publicly approve a movement (RC), praise its founder, but also investigate the same founder for grave crimes??? One of the most damning part of the time line is the approval of RC statutes by Rode on 11/26/2004, the re-start of the investigation by Ratzinger/Scicluna on 12/2/2004 and the letters of praise signed by JP2 on 11/30/2004 and 1/31/2005 (but penned by who knows who). That’s deliberate deception, or total incompetence.

The current Pope likes to talk about “causing scandal”. Scandal does not mean to cause shock, disgust, or someone to lose some fake Bella Figura. According the Catechism, scandal means causing other’s to sin. Its one of the gravest sin. In as much as this institutional DECEPTION caused the prolongation of corruption, scamming of the elderly (Ms Mee died in 2008, Dr Chu 2009), prolongation of recruitment of young people into a psychologically deceptive group, as long as this institutional deception caused people to continue to mock sacraments, like confession, that is the scandal, because it directly enabled people to continue to sin. Justice delayed is justice denied. Am I wrong?

You are right!
The concomitance of dates in 2004 is by itself a grave scandal

Yes, but that is all old news for me. I wrote on this blog years ago, that Rode knew everything for sure by the time he put those approved statutes in the hand of MM during the anniversary celebration in Rome. I could see it in his guarded body language.

Remember the scandal was derived from the bureaucratically convenient solution of Founder-Bad, Legion/RC- good solution made public in 2005.

Imagine how backwards it was- trying to save the LC/RC without even truly knowing what they were and with no idea that a form of consecrated life existed in the RC, or that the LC constitutions were at variance with the one that was approved! No due diligence whatsoever.. and then all of 2010+ with DePaolis was an effort to re-justify an approval that had no basis for it-either in the law, or in the tradition of religious life.

In 2005, I have always felt the statement consigning Maciel to a life of penance without explanation, left lowly LC/RC members to remain victims to whatever concocted stories superiors made up. This was outright pastoral negligence on their behalf. It was as if to say you LCs made the mess, you figure it out..

If the Vatican wants to reform, all it needs to do is to study this case with Maciel. Appoint an outside commission, and air it for all to see starting from the 1940's. It will see in crystal clear fashion why and what parts of the curial system are broken and outdated.

Yes, Tom, you are right. Thanks for laying it out. Thanks, giselle, for fighting for the truth.

Good suggestion, AnonObserv. But the catch is "if." "If the Vatican wants to reform" --I see no desire on the part of the Vatican for reform. The Vatican lies by habit.

AnonObs, yes it's old news, but still to be it is shocking that they (PTB) made that conscious decision, and how close the dates are. It was so brazen. It also was probably at that time that everyone made the decision that they will set in motion some bogus reform/penance process but that LC/RC would not be changed.
I first became truly aware of LC/RC in July/August 2005, when I went to Honduras on a medical mission trip. There were 2 other people that were part of RC that came, and we became friends. I remember distinctly being invited a few weeks later to the house of one of them. She showed me pictures of MM in the kitchen, coming off a plane, and told he was a living Saint. It was only a year later, in 2006, that he was invited to a life of penance. At that time our parish priest asked us during Sunday mass to pray for MM (without saying anything about his problems). A daughter of the other family in the mean time got recruited out of first year of college to become a 3gf under the recommendations of that priest. I remember googling MM every 3-4 months, and finding extremely odd how a person like MM with his allegations, was at the same time considered "holy" by many. My parish priest even sent a blast email once, how I was a "trouble maker" because I questioned the continued veneration promoted in my parish. I call this period the "twilight zone period". Even after 2009, people would still no believe the allegations. This was a massive, over 10-15 year long deception, by PTB, not just LC.
There is a French expression that does not translate well "ils se sont foutues de la gueule du monde".

Years ago, after I realized that my daughter was entrapped in a cult group that manipulated, took advantage of and even brainwashed her, I sincerely believed that if only the PTB in the Church knew the truth about the founder and about the mind control they would shut it down or at least make radical changes to reform it. I knew that any "approvals" the Church had granted would have been based on deception.
Now (too many) years later, the founder has been exposed as a fraud, the LC has finally admitted most of the claims made by people who were written off as evil, lying detractors and the ugly truth has come out.
Now I feel really sick because it is no longer a situation where the PTB were ignorantly duped as I had believed. Now, following a pretense of a "renewal" they know all that they need to know and yet certain decision makers in the Body of Christ are showing complete willingness to become fully complicit in the scam and allow everything to go back to "normal". The slick advertising campaigns continue and more new recruits are sucked in.
Just maybe, Pope Francis will show that he is not a dupe and will face up to Goliath. Meanwhile a certain Cardinal enjoys the comforts of life in his huge palace and the 3-g's settle back into the harness to keep the money rolling in, hoping the food donations will continue.

Well Dilbert, I am with Scipio's Buddy- history as now documented will be what brings the Legion down. The Legion is now unavoidably aware of its fractured self like never before.

The Pope however still can have the group dissolve more quickly in so many subtle ways, without even saying the word. He could close all the apostolic schools or prohibit any vocational program for those under 21. That would indeed shorten it's lifespan considerably.

I will say as of this week, the hardest part begins for the LCs. Canonizations are done, no more need to prance around on eggshells with Vaticanease statements of vindication. The Holy See still has to weigh in on whether to accept 3GF as a vocation in the Church; it still has to review their constitution, and could introduce one or two radical reforms. No more fanfare, just a long haul with less and less return as time goes by.

We are still living in a world created by B16. He started the whole visitation & Cardinal de Paolis thing. He started the Legion on this treadmill and Pope Francis has just let it run. Kind of following up on Tom & Dilbert, the status quo has won out and seems to have been the modus operandi from the beginning. What is going on now is simply buying time and more time... seeing if the story line will stick. I see no signs of anyone of any importance taking a hard line towards them. If Pope Francis is going to stick it to them, I doubt that he will wait. Maybe he is waiting for B16 to go to his heavenly reward and then come out, but that may be 10 or 15 years from now. Then take into account he will bless their Magdala project site (a public sign of support) and added a Legionary to a high place within the Vatican. Just really not looking like someone who would come down hard. Tough measures may only come out of a Church wide boycott of all parish donations or a special interest group to pressure the Vatican until they do the right thing...

@Little Light

It seems Pope Francis is not going to Magdala. Good sign. The Legion will try to use the Pope's Figure for their propaganda presenting him something for blessing to be in Magdala; but he's not going.

Great... probably due to worsening security situation in Israel, but I'll take it as a good sign either way.

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