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Strange how other orders take ten seconds to explain their charisms...

The description of this book is completely useless, I don't know whether it is about a theological explanation on the charism (but being Legionaries not very well known for theIr Theological prowess, I think it isn't quite the case), it might be just a typical LC pop ethics/theology wannabe, or it might be about how wonderful the Legion is based on Kearns and Lagan's "adventures around the world". All I can guarantee is that it is hardly any joy trying listening a Legionary trying to explain their "charism".

The book is co-authored by Patrick Langan LC, the same author of the book "the Founders" written in the 90's in an attempt to show how so many holy founders were betrayed by their own and made to suffer unjustly in the Church, in spite of their innocence. It was an attempt to number the accused Maciel among them.

Well all I can say- as it went with the founder, so goes the charism.

Will these two never learn?

Also one other note-- Kearns et al. are obsessing over the word core from the 2010 communique- it begs the question: Did the Church, i.e. the Visitation, ever get to the core, the remains, the leftovers-- whatever- of the group? Did it not seem things were escalating at midpoint during the Visitation as they peeled back the layers so much so the Holy See sped up the process to bring it to a quicker end given the emerging results were not to their liking?

I find it hard that with 3 of the 5 recommending dissolution Kearns should be putting a whole lot of stock in that word.

Let's see how many people will review this ítem in Amazon. They will do a great act of penance and charity.

Oh yes, the charism, hikes in the woods, smelling the flowers and the hard work of ecocide/ecocidio...

ecocide refers to any extensive damage or destruction of the natural landscape and disruption or loss of ecosystem.

Already 2 reviews on Amazon, and they both give the book 5 stars out of 5!

Soon to hit the bestseller list, no doubt.

@Les: one of the reviews is from Gonzalo Miranda, so don't worry, propaganda is doing its work. In his own words: fun is not the enemy of spiritual beauty.... What can one add?

Book serves a few purposes:
1. fundraising: give book to benefactors and then follow up with phone solicitor from AG callers and get Fr. Owen in front of groups of major donors
2. vocation prospects can read and meditate on its content during candidacy, monthly retreats or at home
3. provide LCs with talking points when they have run out of prepared and practiced dialogues with lay people or clerics
4. calm the RC element back into numb lethargy
5. blindside armchair Bishops with a book that is longer than they care to read and they just assume - heck, charism must be crystal clear if a book can be written about it.
6. build up LC reading library after NP, Thomas Williams, Cliff Ermantinger and other's books have been blacklisted...

Book should have been written by Fr. Bannon, but his name is mud. We won't be seeing much of him for a while. Fr. Owen is now the spiritual guru and face of the Legion for the English speaking world.

Legion is moving their pieces again on the chess board. This is just another piece in their strategy. This is not counter attack - this is a flanking maneuver.

Neither Fr. Bannon nor Fr. Owen Kearns are synonymous with "joy."

Fr. Bannon at this late stage in his career has been moved to Mexico - a place where he has little or no experience. Surprising that he was elected to the General Chapter in Mexico. Politics? Not to mention lawsuits in the States.

1st review:"Every member of Regnum Christi and the Legionaries of Christ present and past should read this book. A new charism derived from Canon Law 578 using the three elements of Spirituality, Community and Missionary is drawn up by Fr Patrick Langan LC and Fr Owen Kearns LC. To me this new charism relates to the first two commandments and Christ's parting words to his disciples before he ascended to Heaven. Spirituality is to Love God and Communion is to Love one's neighbour as oneself. Missionary is "go therefore, make disciples of all nations" Matthew 28: 19-20 and John (17-18). This is a great move forward in thinking. I don't see any reason why, with a new charism like this, that Legionary priests and members of Regnum Christi cannot bring their teachings and programmes into parishes all over the world, where, in particular, post confirmation parishioners need spirituality programmes to build up and sustain their faith."

Is this meant to be a subtle threat to parishes?

I'm not reading any more garbage from this cult!

The Amazon summary quoted above reads like a description of the Communist Party, written by a hardcore Party member. Any chance they lifted this from Mao's little Red Book?

Monk nailed it. When you think of "joyful" examples of Legionaries, Kearns and Langan are close to the last on your list. Most of the joyful guys left long ago, luckily.

I have never wanted to throw-up the word "joy" from vocabulary and my mouth as I have today.

Are these people insane?

Father Kearns LC can go fuck himself!

AS for Fr. Kearns, I knew him for many years. He has an extraordinary interest in words. So not surprising that he would try to give a spin on a fuzzy word like charism.
As for his admission of having signed papers put before him apparently knowing that what they affirmed was false, it should be an astonishing statement. In my opinion one must have the courage of his convictions and follw his conscience whatever the consequences. In my case, the consequences of doing such were to have been shafted out of it after 29 years of membership in it, and to be told by Rev. Garza and Bannon that I "could continue to be a member without entering any house of the Legion or speaking to any member". Plus in a deluge of generosity they would allow me into an old folks home when old (none of them exist). So, anyone can see why Fr, Kearns is where he is and others like me are where we are. Then it took me 9 more years to get a bishop to take me on as they badmouthed me to every bishop I approached. I was "depressive", they would say.

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