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Poor Father Juan Solana...must be looking like a puppy that was just stepped on. What goes around - comes around Fr. Juan! Finally some payback for Fr. Juan's dastardly deeds from earlier in his life which I personally know about.

from the article - Pope Francis has decided to get out of the program as planned, which was to eat at the Notre Dame Center in Jerusalem - for lunch with the Franciscans in the convent of San Salvador located within the old city "as just another brother."

Wow this last paragraph,

"As to why the Pope chose to skip the program and have lunch with the Franciscan Friars, Fr Artemio said, "maybe he felt (Notre Dame Center) was far too luxurious, he must have opted for something much simpler"

"Sobre las razones por las que el Pontífice ha decidido salirse del programa y almorzar con los franciscanos, el padre Artemio ha apuntado que "quizá ha sentido que era más lujo" y ha preferido algo más sencillo."

Not an LC fan as I can tell. Ditching the LC´s, they must've felt it was low. I wonder if the Pope would remove them from the Center.

It might seem easy, but they have built their little thing in Magdala. I don't know how things work in the Holy Land, but if that is LC property removing them might be a little difficult to do.

This must have been a bit awkward for the Legion, to say the least. Wonder how they will spin it? Historically they have always made so much of every little supposed gesture of favor from the holy father . . . this latest one is 180 degrees in the other direction and not so little.

Zounds - will they have to re-tool their previous understanding of "giving our best for Christ" to mean something OTHER than putting on expensive and showy events in order to curry favor, attract attention and draw in the rich and powerful?

Eduardo Robles Gil was in Notre Dame, no mention, no news about him. It seems really the Pope does not like the Legion

Pope Francis also sent a message to his secretaries who are making the arrangements. If they screw up, he doesn't feel obligated to follow their plan. He knows how JP2's secretaries manipulated him so this could be a warning to these guys who are still drooling over the Legion - shape up or ship out.

The more I get a feel for Pope Francis's pastoral and spiritual DNA, the more it seem diametrically opposed to the LC style.

Who knows what he will do with the constitution, but it is clear he has not the slightest interest in having anything to do with the group. He has virtually shut the attention mongering Legion down in its tracks.

Well it seems they did the best they could to show off how the Pope "loves the Movement".

While the Franciscans friars didn't feel the need to let the world know the Pope wanted to dine with them, the Legionaries used that little time he used to blessed a tabernacle to make sure we know Pope Francis wanted to be with them.

As if that wasn't enough in the note in Spanish Solana says how inspired he was by the Pope's constant references to his grandmother. How convenient. These guys still practice what to say in order to impress important people in the Church. By the way the Pope answered it looks like he wasn't too interested in being flattered.

As to Robles-Gil, while the note does state he was present at the Center, it doesn't mention whether they exchange words or not. My guess is that they didn't, and if they did it wasn't longer than Solana's lame conversation.

Pope Francis speaks without saying a word. He allows the Legion to wither on the vine by withholding the attention they need to survive. What a wise and holy Pope.

This is just plain funny. And the pathetic little puff-up-about-nothing piece on the LC website is the icing on the cake.

I don't know that it indicates that PF doesn't like the Legion, but it definitely indicates that they are no longer considered anything particularly special. Which might just cut even deeper than active dislike.

If the LC felt dismay, they should not have if they remembered the Pope was going to his house, not theirs. If he had planned a visit to the Magdala Center it would be quite different.

However, given the refusal of a photo with the Pope after the Chapter, and this change of course with the LCs, I personally think he is just following his program of anti-narcissism therapy for them.

Good point, AO, about the fact that this pilgrimage center is the Holy See's. The Legion has been commissioned to manage it and keep it in good condition. They are essentially property managers who work for the Holy See. If Francis has other plans that's his concern, not theirs. No empathy for a perceived slight (real or imagined) is even appropriate because his mission is about affirming Christ, not the Legion.

Although if he did blow them off due to their plans of fancy-pants entertaining, they REALLY need to get with the program. What made them think that their current boss - the guy who is breaking every protocol for special or deferential treatment - would go for that? Talk about clueless!

Their article said that there were "benefactors" invited (presumably ones with lots of $$$$) I wonder if they got the "you're going to have lunch With The Pope!!! line from the PTB? That would make their invitation seems like an LC version of being invited to spend the night in the Lincoln bedroom at the White House

What is not clear, and may give more explanation to the Pope's spontaneous change, is that somehow the meal he was to have at the Notre Dame center, turned into a luxurious banquet for LC benefactors who 'happened' to be there at the time. The room for the blessing of the tabernacle is stated to have included those benefactors. Clearly to have turned a simple meal in his own house into a banquet for the wealthy with this Pope would have been a senseless and manipulative act. The result was predictable.

A short video about the opening of the centre. Close to the start there is a shot of three or four young men "excavating" the archaeological site. They are clearly legionaries of christ - they might be novices or younger.

Again... cheap labour, unprofessional work. And how many millions have been donated to this?

Interesting letter to Pope Francis from Lucrecia who did the interview years ago standing by Maciel -

Is it true? Luis Garza troubling in Philippines as CLA?

Lucrecia's letter is really insane... just like the LC/RC.

Interesting description of methods in the recent job posting for director of marketing (not going to link it, as not to advertize it): highly computerized draining of people’s livelihood, robot de-evangelization of the all ready catholic. I am sure their slick “holy land retreats” will be part of this new scheme.
Nowhere is it mentioned what LCRC stands for, as in “religious order y was founded by z, with the mission to pray and help widows.”
Probably because the actual “charism”: “our founder was an abuser, drug addicted a con artist, but heck, we are all sinners, and the tricks he taught on how to swindle others are really neat: you too can learn them!” does not look well printed.

Love the part about "enhancing the generosity of existing and former donors"

"Specific Responsibilities
Oversee and directly collaborate with lay development officers and staff throughout eight (8) regions in North America.
Direct the national Annual Fund Program in a benefactor-centered manner including:
o Securing new benefactors and enhancing the generosity of existing and former donors via personal cultivation and systematic market segmentation methods. This is a key performance indicator (KPI) priority.
o Overseeing the effective use of activity-based metrics (contacts, calls, visits and asks).
o Designing, planning and managing annual fund campaigns, scholarship drives, monthly giving and events.
o Mentoring and advocating continuous improvement of development staff productivity and effectiveness.
o Reporting regularly on quantitative and qualitative results achieved.
Work collaboratively with Planned Giving management towards the achievement of planned giving goals, KPIs and activity-based metrics.
Design and conduct training for lay fundraising personnel and other department personnel.

Legion of Christ sells off the Thornwood center for a $16.7 million loss:

EF Academy pays $17M for Thornwood Conference Center.

"The Legionaries of Christ, an order of Roman Catholic priests, acquired the Thornwood Conference Center property from IBM in 1996 for $33.7 million."

LL: Wow, quite a loss. That was prime realestate for corporate training. However take note, the story cited said that not all of the parcel was sold to EF Academy. They are to sell 167 acres of undeveloped land separately which should brings a nice sum down the road. So the loss may be eliminated yet.

Mostly swamp land and tough to develop land. IBM had to elevate the ground level over 10 feet for building 2 and the parking lot areas. Some land may be unusable due to the water conservation areas since the land leads up to the Kensico Reservoir.

So whoever buys it will already know the steep cost of trying to put anything on there. Then take into account that the tornado that blew through there first tumbled a good number of the trees on that vacant land and those fallen trees were never removed. They are everywhere.

EF overpaid for what they got, but I imagine there was a small bidding war. In any case they got the best piece of property with more issues than you can swing a stick at. I believe if the other acreage had potential, they would have picked it up as well. Red flags I see in their swampy land for sale. As a chinese wise man once said - beware of priest bearing hidden swamp land titles under cufflinks of gold.

Jay Dunlap served as communications director in North America for the legion and for rc from 1998 to 2006 and as a communications consultant from 2006 to 2010. He has an article, “Why the Popes Failed to Act,” which can be found at, Dunlap attempts to answer why three popes didn't move against maciel.

How well Dunlap answers that question I leave for others to assess. I would, however, like to comment on Dunlap's final two paragraphs. The language in the these paragraphs I find both maddening and depressing – “one of the profound mysteries of the modern Church,” “by and large the congregation is sound,” “the mystery of Maciel and his Legion lives on,” “a lasting movement of renewal.” Based on that language, it seems - when the modern Church thinks about the legion mess - that on the part of both religious and lay the need for illusion is deep.

The link I gave in my comment apparently does not work. Try and click on the story "Why the Popes Failed to Act."

It's interesting to note that Dunlap and many, many others within and without the legion continue to train the spotlight on maciel and his ability to manipulate big shots in the Church hierarchy. That keeps the spotlight from shining on legion superiors and even on the lowly foot soldiers in leg/reg – all who need to do some serious self-examination. Like, why did I fall for the con and continue to do so, long after it was clear that it was a con? I guess the attitude is if reality is too painful, it's better to live in a dream world.

Ok, I've got two strikes on me. I'll try one more time to get it right. Try and click on "Why the Popes Failed to Act."

I was having the same problem. I think the link reid shared has an extra comma. Try this one

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