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Close help, that is close follow up. We just need to see if the chosen one will be up to the task.

It will be helpful if the advisor isn't too elderly, can speak Spanish, has a nose for baloney, and is impervious to snow jobs. We can hope.

I think there will be a strong tie between who is chosen and what the Pope wants to do with the constitution. The very fact an advisor is appointed means Pope Francis is not interested in a few tweaks. I recall the most jarring phrase Francis has ever uttered about the LC 'reformed' which was the need for the group to "find its place in the Church."

It seems the intensive care of DePaolis is being followed up by more surgery due to post operative complications.... I suspect the surgeons knife will want to go deep.

Fr. Lombardi statement on the Legionaries.

Thanks for sharing Jorge.

Am I mistaken or did Francis just majorly dis the Legion of Christ?

Partial to do list for the good Vatican “adviser”, whom ever that will be:
-Public apology in person, by the Pope, to the original group that wrote to the Vatican, with just reparation.
-Well endowed restitution fund for all those abused physically and mentally, run by an independent party from the Catholic Church (someone like Kenneth Feinberg).
-Return stolen money from bilking the elderly, at a time when the Vatican fully knew about the corruption of MM (Chu, Mee as well as others families).
-Actionable measures to prevent abuse of sacraments (confession and clergy, in particular). Hold accountable those that abused these sacraments.
-Commission to look at the prevention of lay “spiritual engineering” manipulation developed over the last ½ century (fake promises, fake pseudo monks/nuns lay groups, fake “catechism”, fake internal “secret” rules, spying on people, fake “spiritual direction”, etc..). Prison terms for those that manipulate youth with fanatical “spiritual engineering”. Establishment of canons to prevent cult/high pressure psychological manipulation.
-Professional, independent investigation by mental heal professionals, on the human damage caused. How many lives were wreaked? What happened to those that left? Those that stayed? If one does not learn from past mistakes, they are bound to repeat themselves.
-Abolish all of modern day promotion of fake “holy” people/”gurus”/cult of personality, including misuse of the beatification/canonization process (mama Maurita, “all Popes are Saints”, “viva Maciel's mentors, Franco’s spiritual engineers”, etc…). Establish canons and real penalties against marketing of “spiritualities” to make $$$.
-Find those that helped MM, inside and outside of LCRC. Hold them accountable, including fat cat Cardinals that protect MM (Sodano, Rode, Rivera, Castrillon Oyos, Re, Rilko, Solano, Herranz, etc, etc...). Hold the “delegate”, Cardinal De Paolis, accountable for his incompetent and willful negligence.
-Ask Pope Benedict, if he still thinks the group is “sound”. Ask for detailed theological justification for keeping this group, with back up documentation from the history of the Church. Ask if Pope Francis agrees.
-Force LCRC to adopt a true “charism”, such as prevention of drug addiction, human trafficking and general anti-mafia ministry (the real talents of the “founder”), since LCRC is just too spiritually, physically lazy to adopt substantial changes, or do any real work..
..that is just for starters…
How can the Church lecture the Mafia, when this is going on? At least the Mafia is not pretending to be anything different, at least they are not hypocrites..
But most of all, prayers for healing from this mess..

I'd like to nominate Giselle as the best person to be the adviser regarding what to do with the Legion and Regnum Christi. Failing that, I hope that the adviser will communicate with all groups and individuals,especially including her and others who have provided thoughtful and knowledgeable criticism regarding LC and RC methodology including former members, victims, Bishop Scicluna, websites, journalists and discover what the real truth is and then act on it.

Haha. Ah, Rome in autumn...

The advisor will be a consecrated person. Sorry Giselle.

Here is the full text of the statement per zenit.

The spinmeisters on the RC website have of course deleted all references to papal audiences bestowed upon the other group. Reading that statement must have been a bit awkward for the LC. Francis really seems to want nothing to do with them.

..forgot Dziwisz, of course


According to the official Vatican statement on the subject, the "special assistant" was agreed-to before the General Chapter:

"With regard to the assistant, the role will be assumed by a consecrated person, as anticipated, who knows the Legionaries and will be able to be of help to the general Council on legal and other themes, according to need. It is to be noted that this figure is an assistant, not a visitator, commissioner or delegate. The assistant has neither a voice nor a vote, and is merely an assessor, and was agreed upon before the general Chapter."

Can this be someone who will be keeping an eye on the Legion for Pope Francis?

At any rate the Vatican's statement makes it clear that the LC knew someone would be assigned for awhile now, and it sounds like it might have been something that the congregation had to agree to before going into the General Chapter. That's a bit of a different representation than that put forth by the Legion with their talk of "checkups" and "close help". Francis may certainly wish to keep them close in one sense - but not because he likes or trusts them.

I like Tom's to-do list. I would like to add another item: the pope seeing to it that a comprehensive public accounting of the sixty-plus-year legion-Vatican debacle be issued, to the faithful in the pews. It's not enough for the pope to keep the legion at arm's length or to appoint a set of eyes to watch it. He needs to address this betrayal of trust in Christ's church that was carried out both by legion superiors and by members of the Church hierarchy.

But, as I see it, about the only way that the items on Tom's list would be addressed or that a public accounting would be issued is if Dilbert's nomination were actually appointed adviser.

Top item on list:

Liberate the [un]"consecrated" -- provide the equivalent of a GI Bill for them to enter the real world (to help them get back on their feet after their psychologically compelled servitude to evil).

In fact, all the ideas for "reform" are good, but...the bottom line is that the cult's whole raison d'etre is corruption. Without the cult's deceptive and destructive practices, there would be no reason for it to exist.

I agree HP and cannot understand why the Church is spending so much time with this group.

The only thing that makes any sense is that Maciel was either extremely mentally ill or diabolical. Why would we want to keep a group formed and controlled by someone of that ilk in existence? After all these years, I can still not make any sense of this.

* "no reason to exist" -- I meant by its own terms. It's impossible to separate or "liberate" the cult from its sinful practices because the cult's entire essence is corruption.

I agree 100% with H.P. regarding priority. De P failed to notice that the ladies, who are deluded into believing they are evangelizing continue to do serious psychological, emotional and spiritual damage to young people sometimes to the point of driving them away from their best opportunity for finding salvation. It is not their fault - they are trapped and held where they are by invisible chains. However, the Church leaders should look beyond the financial gains that come from the Legion and recognize how people are being victimized because of their ignorance and failure to act.

Another Legionary priest leaves. Via the Regain website:

Good for Father Jose Ignacio Martin Sanchez. Like many of us, he was drawn to the Legion via heroic stories of maciel as a cristero and then as a tireless apostle. Now he has come full circle to realize the lies. I think there is no happiness in priesthood when you realize you may have never received good spiritual advice and you may not have a vocation like Vince Higgins or Chris Scroggin realized. If he leaves the priesthood LC superiors will defame him stating he is a quitter and unfaithful. I hope he can be a happy priest if that is what he decides to do. If he leaves the priesthood, there is no shame in that. Could he possibly continue to live a lie if that is what he was told? The Legion is losing quality and they know it. For whom does the bell toll?

What would be neat is if he wrote a letter to Pope Francis about his experiences so the Pope could understand the profound sickness that lies at the heart of the Legion.

Today we remember the idolatrous worship imposed by Maciel to venerate the Constitutions.

Doing that, Maciel was equal to God. Incense for the Constitutions as the Bible is revered. The Bible inspired by God. Constitutions written by Maciel.
Legionaries accepted and lived this cult for years ...

Clearly these men could not live the lie that was the LC, yet interpreting their choices going forward does get complicated at times .

I like to keep pointing out the very large number who have found their way happily into the diocesan priesthood- I do that because I know the LC used to paint the darkest possible outcome for those who leave its ranks. They made it clear in so many subtle ways that the priesthood anywhere else was futile and dark.

At the same time some who left may have had priestly vocations dependent on religious life and they could have gone forward had some simple and honest alternative to community life been given them as part of a true restructuring process.

But yes, it is clear as you say- the processes of formation especially for those caught too early in life trying to define their way and have that effort overwritten by LC manipulation and coercion have suffered the most in this and their departure from the clerical state lies squarely on the shoulders of the LC deformation machine.

I wonder what finding their way happily into diocesan priesthood means. My xLC priest happily brought the LC manipulation, lies, & abuse right into our archdiocese. You can take the boy out of the LC but getting the LC out of the boy... Idk.

Not sure what that would mean NNM- i.e. once an xLC is outside the system. I mean if he is still promoting RC and LC openly, I would say he never left, or at least is not part of the group I describe above- those who refuse to live the lie.

Naive no more,
Having been an LC for a number of years, I'll add my two cents, and hopefully it helps. I have seen more than one xLC, usually those who left as seminarians, (though I won't deny even some priests) who "sympathize" with the LCs, especially the "latinos". I think one many reason is that many of them would have received a rotten education from their public schools and the LCs "rescued" them and gave them so much...they were in Rome...studied philosophy..Salamanca..etc.. Though there are a small group of Americans who seem to support the LC, for reasons that maybe others can elaborate better here. Usually, I think those Americans who have left were apostolics ( who still support the LC, although you have the opposite extreme of some former apostolics who don't seem to believe in God anymore or at least don't seem to go to church).
Now, having said all this. I do think there are some xLCs who have never learned to gain back or even develop a good critical spirit. It always amazes me that as much as we read and studied St Thomas Aquinas (who had an amazing critical spirit), that this was one of the biggest "cancers" that Father Maciel laid out for us, being critical of anything in the LC...ANYTHING... I can thank my family for giving me a good critical spirit before seminary. But from many of these pools whom the LCs fished from, that's not the case. There is still a handful of LCs in, who I think have had a good critical sense in them, and I am baffled why they haven't "smelled the coffee" yet.
Finally, I will say, that there are challenges in living out certain devotions and thought processing because of Maciel and Legionary memories... and this is tough to get rid of the LC influence. For example, the first sorrowful mystery (the garden of Gethsamine), how many times did we hear/read Fr Maciel refer to this passage, in that he has been and will always be faithful. Time and the Holy Spirit will gradually heal that in us. Or taking advantage of every second of the day...that is a real tough one in learning to relax!
In other words, for many of us who have left the legion, Naive no more, if you refer to those types of things which I just referred to of not getting the LC out of the boy (at least not very easily) I think you are right on....but it's very important not to group all of us together as men who still seek to like be lions looking for vocations in every nook and cranny, looking for money and working the crowd in our parishes....Yes, there definitely can be a few out there like that, but not that many of us.

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