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what is a load of shit, "whatever", is how Fr Eduardo Robles Gil stated that he sees nothing wrong if some of the LCs find inspiration with Maciel's writings! Do you find inspiration in anything that Rasputin did or said? Stalin? Fr Geoghan of Boston? Maciel, really? Sure, we pray for the soul of every person on earth, but the only thing we learn from them is do not follow their ways...AT ALL!!!

Astonishing!!!!! What an insult to Mary Magdalene

They get Mary M wrong and they really get Maciel the evil one wrong. Mickey Mantel had the same initials too. I'd trust him a lot more than nuestro perverto.

Agreed, but many will now have the motive to break free from this twisted organization or at least you would think, but the depths they have mesmerized Church leaders is also pretty evident. You notice no reaction from Church "leaders" - he should be called on the carpet and yet there he is, still in charge despite what some would consider sacrilege. Like father, like son I guess is the lesson.

Ohh, We've been coming up with a few more members of the "MM club": Mickey Mouse, Marilyn Manson, Mr Miyagi, Mister Magoo, Michael Moore, Marilyn Monroe, Martin Mull!

In May 2006, the legion compared maciel to Jesus Christ. In 2014, the legion compares maciel to Mary Magdalene. Look what three years of “reform” has produced - the legion rehabilitation of maciel. Ugh. The madness continues.

..or is it Money Market, Minnie Mouse, Mad Magazine, Monster Man, Monento Mori, Mucous Membrane, Mama Mia, Mixed Media, Millemeter, Million, Mitsubishi Motors??

Pia de Solenni, a voice of reason, is upset:

Good for her!

Tom and Jeannette - don't forget Mama Maurita.

Mountain Man!! (From Duck Dynasty).
Michael Mann (of "Mann-made global warming" fame)
Marky Mark

"we must remember that we all have problems and defects"

No, the Vatican has ruled him a man without moral character, that is, in modern scientific terms, a sociopath.

MM = Money Mad

This is really sickening and perverted. Why is Maciel even brought up at all?

For Solana to state this is also strange. He was one of the priests who personally called Maciel out when he found out that Maciel was having affairs. That's precisely why he was sent to Israel. He was rector at Thornwood, NY. When I was in the Legion, there was a rumour, even among candidates, that Fr. Solana was a little "off". This rumour was started by Maciel.

I hope this story gets a lot of press in Catholic circles and I hope bishops take note and inform their dioceses not to support any Legionary activities.

"Marcial Maciel's initials are also MM, just like Mary Magdalene. She had a problematic past before her deliverance, so there's a parallel..."

Last time I checked, Mary Magdalene sinned BEFORE she accepted the teachings of Jesus. Maciel sinned much worse than Mary Magdalene ever did and he did this AFTER choosing to follow Christ.

I'm not seeing the parallel here. Can someone please straighten out my feeble mind.

The MM comparison/parallel between Marcial Maciel and Mary Magdalene emphasizes just how out-of-touch with reality Legionary priests are to this day. They need professional help.

And in the Register, no less!

Her whole piece is the perfect analogy for the Legion. Instead of Ritz crackers in the foundation, though, it was MM at the Ritz. Methinks "ritz" could be the new cipher...

There was a humongous Legion fight on her FB page yesterday, and some of the apologists for LC stepped in with talk of 'charity' and quoting the pope on 'division'.... which prompted the article.

It does demonstrate how the Legion's power in Catholic media has faded. Professional Catholics can now criticize them w/o going broke.

John Connor to the rescue.

Too bad Solana apologized for "any hurt this has caused" which trips up the whole "apology" and renders it disingenuous. "I'm so sorry for your hurt . . . or for the difficulty you are having . . . . " is the standard "talking point" apology whenever the institute does something completely atrocious and offensive. They love to reduce legitimate criticism to the realm of "personal hurt" or "personal difficulty". They honestly don't get what all the fuss is about - but hey, if you are offended or hurt, they are so, so sorry for that . . .

Someone needs to remind these clueless morons that "Oops, we clearly reject this reverence for our founder" is otherwise known as an "official institutional position". In contrast, to have written up a favorable comparison of Maciel to St. Mary Magdalene may well be the fruit of private meditation and true sentiments of the author. Until Solana says "I reject . . . " rather than "we reject . . . ", he's toast in terms of credibility.

I finally saw a real-life no-holds-barred apology: from Lands End. Earlier this summer, some goof in the PR department decided to thank loyal customers with a free magazine subscription. GQ -- complete with sleezy summer cover. People were outraged -- especially those who had bought Catholic school uniforms (which is why they were on the list of "loyal customers.")

Their apology was straight-forward: "This was a bad idea, no excuse, very sorry, we were knuckle-heads to think it was appropriate" (or some such). While I was steamed, I'll stick with them, because they know how to apologise correctly!

Giselle, that's yet another example of the secular world showing more good sense than the LC.

(By the way, I've always found the folks on the other end of the phone line at Lands End to be thoroughly decent. Wouldn't surprise me one bit to hear any one of them issue the same sort of apology for such a blunder. And mean it.)

I thought it was an appropriate response. They acted quickly and rejected the statement from Fr. Juan.

They acted just because the Media exposed them

It sounds as if Solana was told to apologize and he did so obediently without understanding what he did wrong.
He showed great disrespect for a devout Christian and a saint. He showed that he doesn't get it about MM. He shows disrespect for the Holy See who did not judge MM harshly - after too many decades of issuing free passes, they finally did a full investigation and published the ugly truth about him.
Solana showed that he doesn't understand the essential need for repentance in the Christian faith. Solana doesn't seem to understand that MM had real victims whose lives were ruined and that instead of apologizing, MM continued his lies and said he was an innocent victim just like Jesus.
It is sad that so many LC's and RC's were mind controlled into believing the lie that MM was a saint and that their access to true information was restricted.
I think that part of the problem is that LC's and RC's were told in a general way that MM did some bad things but they were not given the horrible specifics.
There seems to be a tendency for LC's and RC's to believe that a little bit of exaggerated good counterbalances any amount of bad.
I remember a few years back when some of them actually believed that MM got a bonk on the head and that affected his moral judgment.
The current villains are the fat cat leaders who continue to exploit the ones under their control. The others are not clueless - they are trapped in a high demand system living by a methodology that systematically keeps them docile and ignorant of facts they should be told.

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