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When people are isolated on a 24-7 basis for nearly all of their waking hours, surrounded by their own group members and leaders there is not much opportunity to hear other points of view and to see things the way "outsiders" do. The interpretation of all events is seen through a lens that focuses on the current "groupthink" which is constantly reinforced by the upper echelon who is benefiting from their efforts.
This is one reason why I believe that recruiting and other activities should have been put on hold for a while and all members should have been given a year or so to have a time of discernment somewhere completely away from the influence of the LC and RC leaders.
As it is, although there is somewhat more "free discussion" allowed now, their views of things is still very strongly influenced. The members are still relatively powerless - they are required to be obedient - they are still fully dependent.

When the LCRC was perceived to be a cozy box, who would dare to think out of the box. At least now the insiders can have their doubts without being "unfaithful". But as Dilbert says, they are still relatively powerless.


Traditionally, part of the justification for the isolation was that they were told that LC and RC are vastly superior to any other religious order, and indeed the rest of the Church.

Does anyone know if LC and RC are still teaching this?

We all know where that teaching came from - MM himself. Our Lord taught that the meek and humble were the ones who were blessed, not those such as the scribes and Pharisees who considered themselves to be superior.
Unfortunately, this was only one tiny example of Christian principles that got twisted. Another example is the concept of loyalty. Those who considered leaving LC or RC were taught that they were being unfaithful to their vocation from God and that they could be damned for all eternity if they left.
I had hoped that the Church would have encouraged those who were trapped into accepting these false beliefs to step away and do some discerning in some other environment with some guidance from unbiased spiritual guides.

Using their logic: The Nazis have been around longer and there are still Nazi groups.

God is so good and must have blessed the Nazis for they are still in our midst.

Oddly enough, the RC could see the fallacy in the aforementioned statement.


I'm glad you agree the total superiority dogma is an important part of their teachings. In fact, it seems to me this sort of idea is an essential part of all cults. And of course it ties to the total loyalty problem.

I am wondering if De Paolis understood this was part of the problem. And is there anyone reading this blog who knows enough about what is going on in LC or RC today to say if they have changed here? My guess is they are still sending the same message, but being more subtle about it.

In any case, if you want to explain to anyone in or out of the group how its practices are un-Catholic, this might be a good place to start.

RC is still very active in our Parish and the response one gets when you bring up MM is that he was a "flawed" person, and it is a Mystery, but God works through flawed people. My own Pastor allows Conquest and Challenge because all he sees is the "good" it does and the "good" people who are running it. I just keep on insisting on transparency and anything that looks or is remotely sponsored by LC or RC I sound the whistle and warn people to do their research before getting involved. One friend talked about how she was so grateful for the formation her son was getting in Conquest because he was now praying the Rosary daily. I wanted to ask her if she knew he was probably doing it because an LC or RC person guilted him into believing he had to in order to be a "good Catholic" I wanted to tell her that the only reason her son got attention in Conquest was was because they are wealthy and practicing Catholics. I wanted to say those things, but not sure how to without sounding like a wounded, crazed person.

Melissa, LCs say that Maciel was a flawed individual, but Pope Benedict called him a "false prophet". There's quite a difference. I don't see it ending well when people follow a false prophet. It's very disappointing that your pastor is willing to risk the immortal souls of the parish youth on the increasingly slender possibility that LC/RC isn't a problem.

I've been wondering: do they still pray the Legionist Rosary, or have they gone back to the Catholic one that begins with the Apostle's Creed, Our Father and three Hail Marys for an increase in faith hope and love?

You are about eight years behind me and my old parish. It's frustrating to be patient and turn the other cheek, but if we're right and there's a problem, there will be problems. Are there financial problems yet? Or people leaving the parish, false innuendo against you and your friends? If LC/RC really has reformed, there won't be problems. Is your friend's son praying the Rosary because he fears that other souls are dependent upon his actions and dedication to Regnum Christi? That kind of thinking is pretty iffy, Catholicwise.

Also, one of the other major problems pre-reform was that children were being given spiritual direction, renamed formation dialogue after they were forbidden to give spiritual direction in the Archdiocese of Baltiimore. It's very quirky if children are getting SD anywhere other than within the confessional, raises yellow flags when this happens, especially when it's the director who initiates the situation.

Of course the good and holy LC priests have only the best intentions, but this practice came about via Maciel; that's probably why it resembles the way a pedophile grooms his victims.

I'm sure that post-reform, children are not pressured to confide things they aren't comfortable discussing with their parents but it might be a good idea for your friend to remind her child that anyone who ever asks a child to keep secrets from his parents never has the child's best interests in mind. This is a very very big red flag, as far as youth protection goes.

I can't believe this web site is still going... Unbelievable! Do something constructive with your lives! This is a load of shit!

whatever, it is indeed a shame that there are still people having to recover from their involvement with the LC/RC demonic cult. The Vatican should have shut the place down a very loooong time ago so that the newly-exiting Legionists would be down to a trickle by now. Unfortunately, as long as the Legion is allowed to continue, there will be people in need of recovery from it.

whatever, so are you saying there is no reason to continue to pay critical attention to LC/RC because it is now completely reformed?

"Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for justice, for they will be satisfied".

“Justice consists in rendering to God what is due to Him, and then for the love of God, giving also to the creature what is due to it.” (Fr. Garrigou-Lagrange, O.P.).

It seems this site will endure like a number of others, and very contrary to the thinking of many in the LC/RC world who figured that with time all the bad press would die down for them and they could just go back to recruit and fund, fund and recruit the same old beast.

I do not think recovery spells out well the end game here but itself, but rather a type of reconciliation God himself carries out proportionate to the evil suffered. This website stands as sentinel of hope for just such a reconciliation, one that to date has been barely touched, but fulfillment will come in the end to be sure.

Is there really peace for those on the inside?- I mean in its corporate soul- so to speak? Is there not something false in themselves that goes unadmitted for fear the whole world will come crashing down? Do they not see in the ecclesial world they mostly bring sadness, mistrust and perplexity to outsiders, the exact opposite of what religious life should do.

But also years of deceit among each other, years of profanation of the vows, and abuse of conscience, and cult of superiors- and none carry the effects of it? They have their approval, yet again, but I fear not much else.

"Naught's had, all's spent,
Where our desire is got without content.
'Tis safer to be that which we destroy
Than by destruction dwell in doubtful joy... Lady Macbeth

Whatever - wow, just wow. Douse your keyboard with holy water, stat. I hope your sensitive conscience will nudge you to share the words of your comment here with you trusted spiritual director, verbatim. I double dog dare you to have the humility to be that honest in SD. Of course then you'll have to explain what drew you to life After RC in the first place (looking for a fight?) but if you really care about the state of your soul, it's best you examine that conscience well and work out that log in your own eye. Peace.

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