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Woohoo! That IS good news.

Moving closer to their prime market in Atlanta and southeast USA no doubt. When they bought the property, some benefactor in St. Louis donated a truckload of paint and fr bannon wanted the house painted immediately so they drove from CT to St Louis and to RI non stop in a rented truck drinking coffee and living crazy on nothing but blind obedience. Lucky no one was killed. What a farse this whole thing was from start to finish. All the abuse though will never be forgiven and will never be forgotten. I wonder if the move has anything to do with the Chu lawsuit since the property could possbily be seized in case they lose big time and auctioned off. I imagine this lawsuit has gone south for them and this is their midnight escape before justice takes its course. Just my opinion...but this goes along with the way they think. They will sell the property and get the $$$ off US shores ASAP.

Well the Pre-Candidate program was moved- and not sure if they even still exist- so it seems the 3GF formation program. Basically the one who gets the building in Greenville will be whoever can pay the heating bill... most likely NOT the shrinking 3GF. Overbrook Academy, if still getting students, would be the best candidate.

This is incredibly great news!

The “reality of our current world.”
Once again, the LC/RC are unable, or are blind to the fact that maybe something is wrong with them.
It's like a paranoid schizophrenic who needs medical attention, but blames everyone else for the bad things happening to him.

"In a ways to carry out our mission..." I'll say this: here thy are taking a page from older religious communities that have imploded over the years - trying to put a happy face on their death throes. I cannot imagine what kind of Rah Rah Rah!!! Aren't We The Best, Unlike all of the Rest!!! propaganda those remaining 12 are getting now... Prayers for them

Perhaps New Hampshire will be next?

Don't miss this this is renewal!

@New Here: the 12 are probably tasked with saving the 3gfs for the future. The question is: "who will be the 'Judas' (the first to leave)?"

No Judas but Saulo

Hooray - truly good news. Perhaps the attrition model is sufficient. If Overbrook does move there, it will be another sign of attrition. I believe the dorms at MEC are significantly smaller than those at Aldrich.

This related letter arrived yesterday. The second to last paragraph is most troubling (besides their pride in 'educating' hundreds of young women and then sending them out into the world with no protections). The good news - they don't yet have a clear plan to announce for their re-emergence.

Dear Friend,

Thank you for being a friend of Mater Ecclesiae College and the Consecrated Women of Regnum Christi. Through the friendship and support of you and others like you, we have been able to serve the Church – and will continue in that service far into the future.

In a world where there truly is constant change, we sometimes must find new ways to carry out our mission. Thus, it is with a heavy heart that we have made the decision to close Mater Ecclesiae College at the end of this academic year. The difficulties and institutional changes of the past few years, as well as the reality of our current world, have resulted in fewer vocations and therefore a lower college enrollment.

Over the last two decades, Mater Ecclesiae College has served Christ and the Church by forming hundreds of women who came to discern a call to consecrated life in Regnum Christi. With your support over one hundred young women in recent years have received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Religious and Pastoral Studies from the College. Many of the women who have passed through our doors are in ministry around the world, working with youth and adults, serving in parishes, and providing spiritual accompaniment to people seeking the love of Christ. We are convinced our mission is sound and responds to the needs of the Church and society, and believe that continuing our formation program in a different venue will be a more prudent use of our donor’s contributions.

The formation of each of the young women discerning with us continues to be a priority. For us this formation is much more than an academic endeavor, but we assure you that each of them will have the opportunity to complete her studies and receive a degree.

Although the college will close, the Consecrated Women of Regnum Christi in the United States remain committed to continuing to provide an environment of discernment and formation for women seeking to follow a vocation in Regnum Christi. In fact, we are making plans for a new class of candidates next year and will let you know the location of that program when we have the details worked out.

We count on your prayers for us and for vocations as we go forward. As our mission continues, we hope for your continued friendship and support. We understand that this news may provoke questions and we will communicate with you as we grow in our understanding of the plan that Our Lord has for us. If you have any further concerns, please feel free to contact me or our Communications Director, Jim Fair (312) 953-9864.

With our sincere gratitude and prayers,

Joan Kingsland
President Mater Ecclesiae College

The explanation letters still has the Macielist line: Due to "the reality of our current world, have resulted in fewer vocations". She spoke too about "difficulties and institutional changes"... Are these difficulties deceit and fraud?

"Our Regnum Christi charism is a gift"; which is? "and our mission
responds to real needs of the Church and society" Which are those REAL needs?

"It is with a heavy heart that we have made the decision"... Who are these 'we'? The letter is signed by Nancy but the property still belongs to lc; She can't decide for herself or for the 3gf; the decision came from Rome... 3GF not even can sign an agreement letter due to lack of legal personality... The lies still every where...

When 2009 happened, I feel they should have stopped all formation, consecrations and ordinations and been made to refuse taking in any new members, i.e. immediately stop all recruitment activities. then an authentic reform should have been imposed and an independent evaluation carried out to see if LC and RC could be anything more than self serving business organizations.
If they found some spiritual value worth saving they should have retained cult and mind control experts such as Dr Michael Langone to review the methodology and revises the structure as per recommendations. They should have implemented changes to ensure there was no more exploitation of members, i.e. provide adequate health insurance,give going rate salaries to all lay people (3G's) disallow in house spiritual direction (because of the abuses and non confidentiality).
The leaders should have been subjected to a review so that the Church could discern whether or not LC and RC do anything of any value for the Church and if not then shut them down.
Then there should be a review of all those in side LC and the Vatican hierarchy who aided and abetted MM and they should be disciplined in the strongest way possible to send a message that we don't want or need cults in the Church.
Then the Legion and the Church should evaluate how many people were victimized, sexually, financially, spiritually, psychologically and emotionally and do whatever is possible to see that justice is served.
The 3-G's should have an authentic discernment period and be provided with financial and other assistance to help them find what their vocation (from God, not MM) really is.
Thank God there will be no more sincere, virtuous candidates subjected to years of manipulative mind control and then exploited during the prime of their youth.

This is very good news. Enough said.

Is this something we are likely to see repeated? Does anyone have any idea of numbers who entered or were professed in September ?

21 new novices in Cheshire. 17 are US. No idea how many 2nd year novices there are.

LL- Don't know how you found that news, but I suppose you saw nothing about 2014 1st professions was found, meaning: Low numbers.

12 professed

"Perhaps New Hampshire will be next?"

This may not be too off target. Time will tell.

Does this mean that there is no LC/RC presence in Rhode Island any longer?

Fr. David Steffy has just left New Hampshire. Does anyone here know why? He was rector of ICAS for at least 20 years. How many students are at ICAS currently?

When the two remaining Apostolic School close that is the end of the LC as an institution in the US. Of the few that still enter, they mostly come from there. The fact that this is the only way to get vocations into the LC, among the young and vulnerable is clearly a sign they are incapable of getting them from anywhere else.

The Bannon strategy on vocations was young boys... Two legionaries before him failed on getting vocations. He focused on Apostolic schools. This territory clearly growth with that way. Now is fading out... like Spain, Ireland, Chile, Argentina, Brazil... Boys from eastern europe and Germany still are discovering the cult, it is a matter of time... The last fortress again will be Mexico where the cult is mixed with the Socialitè

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