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Uber clever O'Reilly will have to behave himself for the next 4 years.

1) Please note one should not confuse the civil criminal case with the ecclesiastical one. In the US, the Bishops delay the processing of the ecclesiastical case until after the civil one is complete. Once done, the Bishop begins the adjudication of the priest's case which ultimately ends up in Rome.

Ordinarily for a religious this adjudication is to be done by his religious order, but we may recall, the Archbishop of Santiago asked for jurisdiction to be passed over to him since the LCs had royally messed things up. At the very least, the Archbishop should ensure O'Reilly remains on administrative leave and without faculties while awaiting his case to process.

Unless some grave injustice was done to Fr. John O'Reilly then the guilty verdict will be upheld and the ordinary penalty would be laicization. In some cases there is provision for a religious, who is a priest, to remain in the clerical state, but only if the order can guarantee he will only retain internal administrative positions in the group, and no longer act in a pastoral role.

2) The guilty verdict in the civil criminal case in fact opens the door to lawsuits, however I have no idea how far this would go in their legal system

O'Reilly is done as an active priest at this point. He will live out his days either tucked away in an LC community house, or as a hermit in exile living on his own somewhere. He will be lucky if he can retain his clerical state to offer private Masses.

His ecclesiastical process is on hold... until today?

It is up to Ezzati to move it along, if the change of jurisdiction still holds, otherwise it falls back to the LCs.

Estatua: Yes, if they follow the typical protocol. Meanwhile, he should have no faculties in the diocese he is in while pending the outcome of the process.

The Legion was working on getting Praesidium accreditation in the U.S., and I believe they have since achieved it.
As far as I know, Praesidium only offers services in the U.S.
There was talk about doing something similar in other countries, but so far as I can tell it never got beyond talk.

A little bit off topic but felt I had to share this. Today I arrived late to work, and felt a bit remorseful. Then I thought about going straight to my boss and ask her for a penance.

I could´t help but think how good were the LC´s at manipulating us. I mean it has been almost four years since I left. I can´t imagine what who had it much worse are going through right now.

They should repent for all the harm they've caused innocent people. Not of Christ.

Praesidium has no bearing on the Legion outside of the USA. They refused to listen to my story because it had nothing to do with the USA even though the priest had been transferred to the USA for a short time after Dublin.

They were not interested in the concept of priests moving in and out of different countries and while I made it clear I did not expect praesidium to do something about my case I told them that I felt it was important for them to know how he had been able to abuse in a legionary environment and how the legion had responded to my accusations.

They refused to read my testimony or take into consideration anything to do with my case. They said: the Standards for Accreditation are exclusive to provinces/territories in the US and typically do not apply to incidents that occurred in a given order/congregation's other territories.

The only other praesidium related event I know is when they were involved somehow with the removal of Fernando Cutanda from Mano Amiga in the Philippines. This was apparently as the result of an audit by praesidium.

Regarding O'Reilly, I have read comments on news sites that people seem to think that he has been treated with double standards, that if he weren't a priest he would be in jail.


There are other Chilean priests in jail for the same crimes: sexual abuse.

Here is his last public communication (using WhatsUp):
A través de este mensaje, quisiera agradecerles todo su apoyo, cariño y oración durante estos 29 meses de injusto proceso que se ha llevado en mi contra. Como lo dije desde el principio, soy inocente. Soy total y completamente inocente del caso que se me acusa. Jamás he tocado, ni siquiera mirado de forma abusiva, a esta niña, ni a ninguna otra persona. Lo juro por mi sacerdocio y por la salvación de mi alma. Soy inocente.
Lamentablemente he llegado a la conclusión que la justicia civil no existe. En mi caso, desde un principio hubo un prejuicio y no se escuchó a la gran cantidad de testigos que trataron de imponer la verdad, ni se reconoció la imposibilidad del lugar donde dicen las hermanas que las cosas pasaron.
Estas últimas semanas, he estado muy unido en oración a Nuestro Señor Jesucristo, a mi Superior en la Congregación, a mi abogado Luis Hermosilla y a su equipo, y a un grupo de personas que generosamente me han asesorado, para que sea yo, quien tome la mejor decisión para mi alma, para los Legionarios de Cristo y para la Iglesia.
En este contexto, he decidido no ir de nulidad y acatar la sentencia que injusta y arbitrariamente, se me ha impuesto. El principal motivo es que presentar una nulidad que, sin duda ganaríamos, me conduciría a un nuevo juicio en el que no tengo ninguna garantía de debido proceso. Ese nuevo juicio no me otorga ningún Recurso Procesal para defenderme de un resultado injusto.
Por esta razón, el día de hoy, hemos presentado, en conjunto con la familia Herane, un escrito renunciando a los plazos, con lo cual se pone término a este juicio.
Agradezco nuevamente a cada uno de ustedes, su apoyo y sus constantes oraciones, que sin duda me dieron la fortaleza para vivir este drama infernal. Tengo la Paz y la seguridad que Dios está siempre con nosotros.

Apparently he agreed to not appeal his case which was proposed to avoid adding further pain to the children and was awarded with 4 years of easy street. So why is he talking about an appeal if he already agreed not to appeal?

In his statement he attacks the victims, brushes aside hundreds of testimonies against him and throws saintly smoke in his general direction by his maciel-like imitating Christ on the cross type defense.

He says nothing about how wrong it was to pull little children out of class to engage them in his secret hideaway and how ridiculous that was. How can you have arguments in your favor when you do weird things with little kids where no one can see you?

He is unrepentant about obviously unacceptable behavior (spiritual direction for toddlers? really?) and that attitude seems to confirm that he is delusional about himself further hurting his credibility.

Maybe others see something convincing in all of his rambling. I am still looking.

egarding Praesidium,
1. you can't do standard background checks on foreigners (unless they have social security numbers - most foreign LCs don't have one). what % of LCs in USA (novices, juniors, philosopher, theologians, priests, 3Gs, etc) are foreigners? Background checks are an integral part of their approval process.
2. they don't require background checks for work USA LCs have done outside the USA (no interest in any possible crimes done outside the USA)
3. Praesidium avoids useful tools like fingerprinting, submit DNA, lie detector tests, etc.
4. What you can say in their favor is that they have more interest than any of the bishops where LCs currently reside - but they are being paid to be "interested" and compassionate
5. You can have a pedophile priest/brother who exercised their crimes outside of the USA and as long as it wasn't in the news or registered with police, they come to the USA as if they are clean.
6. LCs could potentially travel outside the USA 6 months of the year, commit crimes against children and not necessarily put their safe environment designation in danger. Praesidium has no mechanism to detect abnormalities.
7. and they have no interest in checking for child pornography on LC computers.


Surprised there was no mention here of the death of Fr Miguel Romero last week.
He was a very good man, and the only priest I knew in Rome who managed to see the truth about the Legion and maintain a spirit of peace. One of the problems with the "dissenters" is that they were (understandably) on edge and did not attract anyone. Fr. Miguel on the other hand helped some very hard-headed LCs open their eyes.
He was one of only a handful of LC priests (besides maybe a few classmates) that I had any interest in meeting again. He will be missed.

Regarding some of the comments about Presidium: it is a private American company that does accreditation for American institutions. It is not the CIA. Realism, people.
The Legion's reluctance to follow through with the talk to internationalize US best practices is squarely on the Legion.

Thanks for the update on Fr. Miguel, Dave. Yes, wonderful person.

Maybe Praesidium isn't the CIA, but many dioceses do a better background check for visiting priests than Praesidium does to form their certification process.

There are background check companies which are not the CIA, but are more thorough than what the diocese does but guess what, they are very expensive. They do background checks on incoming employees for insurance companies, financial institutions, etc.

If a low bar is set, generally poor results will be obtained. One would hope that they would set a very high standard especially since they are certifying a safe environment for children.

So....Francis’ message to ecclesial movements: “Move forward without seeking the limelight”

In his message, more importantly a whole paragraph on non manipulation of youth!

Yea Francis! is promoting this video from a Dallas young men's team:

I don't 100% understand it. What does it mean to be part of the "statutes renewal" and why are they excited about it?

What else have they got to be excited about?

"Sorting Out Catholicism: A Brief History of the New Ecclesial Movements" by Massimo Faggioli has some very interesting insights on the legion in the larger context of the new movements

That video is more than a little disturbing. Surely they aren't using their statutes renewal . . . as a RECRUITING TOOL? If so that has to win the prize for cluelessness. Only Regnum Christi would equate a major revision in it's very organization with some special call to holiness. But to use it as some sort of apostolate to troll for vocations is extreme - even for them.

These are certainly desperate measures for desperate times. Like an alcoholic writing a beautiful book on being alcohol free. Maybe they can get together with x EWTN star Corapi since in the end if you say holy things I guess that means you are holy and an inspiration to all.

The flickering candle and the repetitive two note music seem brainwashy to me. I agree with ITDS about the message. There is no substance to it and it does leave you scratching your head about why they would post something so vacuous.
I guess that's what happens when you have no genuine spiritual leadership. They have disavowed their false prophet leader and then elected someone who thought the disgraced leader was wonderful. Have they ever come up with anything that is really inspiring?

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