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And thank God many such as these have survived and remain faithful Catholics, Priests and Religious

Thank God! Amen! They are better Catholics than the priests who remain faithful to the lie.

Christmas season, fundraising collisions; here you are:

To the Legionaries of Christ
North American Territory

Dear fathers and brothers in Christ,

I hope this letter finds you well on this second Sunday of Advent.

On behalf of our territorial director, I wanted to communicate a policy that he has established for fundraising within the North American Territory. He is very happy to see all the efforts being made to raise money and wants to encourage it. Uncoordinated efforts and blanket requests, however, can also lead to confusion and end up damaging some relationships rather than fostering them. For that reason, Fr John has decided to institute the policy that any Legionary may solicit funds from his own family and any friends who are not engaged with the Legion, the Movement or it’s apostolates; but for those contacts that are engaged locally or are contacts of several other Legionaries and/or consecrated members, it is important to speak with the person who can best coordinate the solicitations before making them, usually the Local Coordinator of Apostolate. That way one person doesn’t get requests from multiple sources: local Legionaries, brothers in formation, apostolates, Legionaries in other countries, and so forth. This is particularly important now that everyone is sending around their Christmas missives (often with a solicitation at the end).

Fr John’s principal concern is that our much needed efforts to raise money to support our communities always be donor centric, that is, taking into consideration the needs of the donor and how the donor may perceive multiple requests. Some appreciate the attention, while others feel like they are being hit from all sides. It’s important to coordinate our requests to the best of our ability.

Thank you for your all your self-giving to the Mission and have a very blessed Advent.

Assuring you of my prayers, I remain yours in Christ and the Legion

From the Dauray article:

"[Original Trial] Justice Gilbert Indeglia expressed sympathy for Dauray's position, while acknowledging the court can't allow her to sue simply to get a case argued and decided.

"She believes they were improper in their conduct," Indeglia said. "From what you read in the papers, there is at least some question."

[Appeals] Justice Maureen McKenna Goldberg was blunt in her assessment of the legion's conduct.

"The trial judge had a little bit to say about your client. None of it was attractive," Goldberg told [the Legion's lawyer,] Avanzato.

Completely off topic, but I've started a linked-in page called Former LC Network.
An alumni association can help anyone, no matter what their attitudes towards the institution from which they graduated. Whatever you feel about the Legion or the Church, former members, especially the more recent ones, can benefit allot from job leads, contacts, and advice on how to leverage their experience into new careers.
It took me more than two years to get my career off the ground. I doubt I could have benefited much from job leads during that time, but some advice on where I could apply my education and skills would have been encouraging.
It is a closed group, I don't know if that is the best thing, but I want to keep current LCs out... I have no idea how to link to Linked-in groups on another website (maybe I'm not the best person to manage something computer-related) but anyone should be able to find it or me through a linked-in search.
Please consider joining, especially if you are looking for work or are in a position to offer job leads / advice.

Juan Solana despite the Mary Magdalene scandal is still preying donors very Anthony Bannon style. He went to Mexico trying to get money from some "elder" seniors from rich families.

Dave Monahan, I think that is a very good idea.

Each one of us had a rough time leaving whether it was after five years of the apostolic school or ten years or 20 years in the Legion. I also think it would be very good to keep current Legionaries out.

the Pope is once again the unwitting victim of their PR stunts....and I thought that this one was different.

I still don't understand why he didn't shut them down, but I hope the LC and friends of LC in the Curia listened to the Pope's words:" The pope, who has made criticism of the church's leaders a common theme of his preaching, called the Curia a "dynamic body" naturally vulnerable to "maladies, to dysfunction, to infirmities."
He offered what he called a "catalog" of 15 such diseases. Most corresponded to vices for which he has frequently rebuked the hierarchy, including self-promotion, greed and a focus on bureaucratic efficiency over pastoral solicitude. But the pope's rhetoric this time was especially impassioned and forceful.",27916

To me the biggest sin not mentioned, is lying in the name of some self defined "holiness", "holy cheating" (eg fake holiness).
Today is the feast day of St. Delphinus, who at the Council of Saragossa, in 330, condemned Priscillianism, a gnostic heresy that apparently gave its leaders, holders of some self defined secret knowledge, carte blanche to lie.
Unfortunately, almost 2000 years later, same issues are apparently still plaguing the Church.
Merry Christmas all, you all are great, keep up the good fight. Your courage (Giselle and everyone of the LARC community) is what keeps our Church, IMHO. Thanks and PAX

Christmas is sometimes a difficult time for me. I don't have many friends due to my time in the Legion and it's been difficult for me to make friends. This Christmas Eve, I'll be alone. I was just wondering if anyone on this site would have some tools to help me. Thank you.

Mc you are in my prayers.
Volonteering in a soup kitchen can be fun, but one has to do this in advance.
Call people you have not spoken too for a long time, don't be shy. Find out how they are doing, ask questions, listen to them.
Visit or call a relative, or a colleague, especially an older one, if you can, if that makes sense.


My prayers are with you that this Christmas will bring far more joy than difficulty.

My only suggestions are helping others (already suggested by Tom) and being grateful. Sometimes when I get in a funk, I make myself repeat things I am not feeling "I am so grateful for XYZ," and after a while, I actually start to feel it.

From a physical health perspective, eating right (never easy, even harder during the holidays), getting enough sleep, and staying as active as possible can make a big difference, too.

This all sounds so trite, and I don't mean it to be. These are things I have to remind myself to do on a regular basis, because I find it easy to forget the basics that can make all the difference to the mental outlook.

Gems, I think mc finds it hard to trust people after his ordeal with the Legionaries of Christ. Chin up and don't let anyone manipulate you or use you. Know that the real deal (Jesus Christ) loves you!!

MC, you are not alone. Lots of us experience the same thing. For me, they started their real manipulation my last Christmas in the Legion.

Just an update on the LinkedIn group we started for former LCs:
There are about 40 members so far and we've got some good discussions going on resumes, career choices, and the value of further education. Most of the members are 1-4 years out, but I would love to see some more variety. While it is nice to have the conversations and advice, the ideal would be able to get a group big and varied enough to make it a real resource for job hunters, recruiters, sales contacts, etc.
I've copied and pasted the URL below and I hope that works to bring interested parties to the page. Let me know if it works.
It is a closed group, so you need to request entrance. If I don't know you (or remember you, sorry) I'll snoop around your Linked-In profile or send a polite message to make sure you were really in the LC, please don't be offended.
Former 3GF/M welcome too.

Update on MEC:

Mater Ecclesiae College Logo blue.jpg CWRC - Consecrated Logo.jpg

Dear Friends in Christ,

Warm greetings to you during this joyful Christmas Season!

In October, you may recall, we announced that we would be closing Mater Ecclesiae College at the end of this academic year. After an intensive search and with many helpful suggestions, we believe we have found the right fit for our students to continue their formation: they will obtain a degree in theology at San Dámaso in Madrid, Spain.

I think this choice is a very good one. Our women will gain profound knowledge and critical thinking skills for our mission of evangelizing in a secularized culture. They will get to experience the internationality of our Association of Consecrated Women. Moreover, the tuition is far lower than anything found in the United States even with the discounts offered by some of the universities we looked into. Please remember these young women in your prayers!

May Our Lord bless you abundantly with his peace and joy in this Christmas Season.

Joan Kingsland
President of Mater Ecclesiae College

Plus, if we isolate them in a foreign country, it will be harder for them to have outside contacts and leave.

If it worked for Maciel early on, it can work for us!

The methodology still hasn't changed. The goals haven't changed.

LCs condemnation for ecological destruction ratified in Chile by court of appeal:

please excuse the google translation...

The Santiago Appeals Court affirmed the judgment of the Legionaries of Christ Congregation repair the environmental damage caused by the collection of demolition materials in the Hill Middle, located in Barnstaple.

Through a unanimous decision of the Twelfth Chamber of the Court of Appeals, the demand for repair environmental damage by the IRS filed.

The Middle Hill is a hill island of the Metropolitan Region and was damaged by artificial fill placed there by the congregation, corresponding to rubble Everest College.

The residents of the area reported in February that the deposit of material effects on soils, flora and fauna. This caused a fertile plain that buried organic soil, and wiped an area of native forest.

The ruling makes clear that the Congregation of Legionaries of Christ "should take measures to avoid impacts on ecosystems caused the industry" and that the evidence is sufficient "to settle the existence of significant damage, when the deposit landfill sector Cerro del Medio "are affected.

The judgment ordered the congregation to remove all traces of the material, enriching the soil and restore its original features, flora repair and restore habitat for bird species.

They must also develop and implement plans to place biannual monitoring and recovery for at least five years.

More complete information at:

Thank you so much for your support, advice, and prayers. It means a lot. :)

Deirdre is so right -- nothing has changed. And so we must continue to struggle against this evil in our midst.

Saint Joseph, Patron of the Universal Church, pray for us!

Are they going to stay at Oriol's House?

This testimony is worth reading.

It seems, the superiors decided sick father to access the projects he had...

MC -- there are great support groups out there and many ex-LC's are eager to help. How long were you in the LC and how far did you get? I was in for many, many years and have been out now for 10 plus and life is good. Took a couple years for me but moved on and life is good!

John O'Reilly has lost his Chilean citizenship

Meanwhile Fr. Pablo Perez Guajardo is slowly being reinstated back into his diocese

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