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Sorry to be off-topic here, but how can I email with a question that you will hopefully turn into a blog post? Some serious issues are popping up at one of the Regina Caeli Academy (RCA) campuses and it seems that there is an LC/RC answer to the issues? Would like input and answers from so many of your Atlanta area readers. Thanks in advance for help.

All in all it looks like a defeat for the Legion, albeit not the one we would have expected. I am not a lawyer, maybe someone might help me here, but I fell the Legion's lawyers pushed for a settlement to avoid a precedent that might affect the outcome of the Ms Mee's lawsuit. Last I heard was that RI High Court heard arguments from both parties. If another trial is permitted, the LC's risk losing up to 60 million. And let's face it Judge Silversteins' ruling wouldn't be very helpful to the Legion.

There is still need for prayer that the Legion will be defeated. Pope Francis encountered similar problems in Argentina with Institute of the Incarnate Word. I hope that both groups realize that simply mouthing pieties will not convince others that there is not real evil there.

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