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I think this is a big sign. This might just be the beginning of the end of the Legion in the US. I guess it is just a matter of time before Cheshire closes down, and with it the RC and the Legion in the country. Funny how 8 years ago there was talk of opening Section B in Cheshire, plans for a Novitiate in the South, and building a University in Thornwood. As the LC's like to say, "God has a sense of humor" Ironically this time the joke is on them."

Very big news. Thanks to all who prayed for this to happen. Slowly but surely the Legion falls apart.

Great- 3 down, one to go!

It now brings all vocational pressure to bear on the LC-run catholic schools in Atlanta, Detroit, Dallas, Houston, Chicago... Watch your kids there....that is their last reserve, but by no means a proven one.

I don't share the general optimism about this being a powerful sign for the good. It seems to me to be but a clever business move to make it look like they have no money to keep open the NH school. This may be to set up a kind of spiritual siege-engine on the edge of Notre Dame where the infiltration of the Legion's presence is coming in by stealth. The Rolling Prairie school is only 20 miles west of South Bend and has been used as a boys camp and a place of retreat for the local Regnum Christi sections, which are growing in the area. Sadly. It may also be to make the boys in the Sacred Heart Academy have more presence, more people; they have spent millions in upgrading the place, which was once owned and administered as the LeMans Academy by Notre Dame CSC. From here, there is an easy connection with LC school in Edgerton, WI, only 3 hours from Rolling Prairie. I can't be quite so ready to join the celebratory party for this development.

In general this can only be a good thing because of the 3 minor seminaries, ICAS NH was the one the kids wanted to go to with hiking, swimming, and everything NH offered. This also means that they have practically given up recruiting for the minor seminary in what was the NY territory & eastern Canada. It would seem that they are in full panic mode.

Bottom line: The Legion of Christ closed the Center Harbor Apostolic School.

Woohoo! Deo gratias!

Having recently moved to a new pastoral assignment in the Diocese of Manchester, NH, I am elated that the LC will be leaving the "neighborhood."

I wonder if some of this is white-washing. There'd been reports of abuse in NH, but no actual cases filed, as far as I know.

Now, if anything does hit the diocese/courts, they can say "Well, that was the OLD Legion. We closed that school and have a new, squeaky clean one!"

What will they do with the campus?

Consolidation means downsizing. This is the good news. I also thought of what Deirdre said.

I agree, consolidating is downsizing. It's also likely they will lose some of their ICAS students who won't want to make the move to Indiana.

Well thank God! Let us hope and pray that parents seriously reconsider sending their children to any high school "seminary."

Remember how LC's gladly gave Maciel any whim he wanted even after the Pope asked him to live a life of "Prayer and Sacrifice"? Good medical treatment, nice vacation spots, a very nice House in Florida.

Remember the costly doctors that have treated all Legionary superiors? Or even some of those cosmetic surgeries some LC's have undergone?

Well this is what Legionaries mean by "Delicate Charity"

Dear Hope, I couldn't even get a fucking hernia operation in the Legion when I needed it. And my parents money pay for that medical care that Maciel got.

Is the NH property going to be sold or is it still going to be used by the Legion


'REBEL PRIEST', TO THE VATICAN: Pablo Pérez Guajardo will argue his case before the Roman Curia regarding the retaliation of the Bishop of Quintana Roo against him

‘SACERDOTE REBELDE’, A EL VATICANO: Pablo Pérez Guajardo alegará ante la Curia Romana contra represalias del Obispo de QR en su contra

Not sure how new this news is, but Overbook Academy in Rhode Island is moving to the Mater Ecclesiae site ...

There's also big changes with the apostolic school of Méry-sur-Marne. For the next school year, they are opening a school « for everybody » and the apostolic school will remain as a "part" of the school.

Such a thing was unthinkable a few years ago, but I think that because of the crisis, the Legion had to deal with this almost empty school, very expensive. Rather than close the minor seminary, they decided to change strategy.

Do you know if this has already been done in other countries / minor seminaries of the Legion?

Here is an idea for saintly intervention. This guy was a Satanic priest and was "deprogrammed" and converted.

Bl. Bartholomew Longo

Yes, Blessed Bartolo's story is a wonderful one, and he became a member of the Dominican Laity, to boot!

Sent email to you a week and a half ago? I hope I got it to the right email address? Thanks

I believe that I have come across one the newest Legion/Regnum front groups. It is called Young Catholic Professionals.

It doesn't take very long to find LC fingerprints on this group:

(Scroll to the bottom to see a video of Rev. Michael Sullivan, LC)

A few other aspects give away this group's LC/RC affiliation:

1) YCP is based in Dallas which, along with Atlanta, has the highest concentration of Leg/Reg members in the country;

2) YCP has four other chapters (Houston, Fort Worth, Denver, and San Jose), all of them areas with an established LC/RC presence;

3) YCP has posted the portrait of Rev. Benjamin Cieply, LC, on their Facebook page. Interestingly, no other living priest is featured on YCP’s Facebook page, either diocesan or religious. YCP's Facebook page does feature a few bishops, but that can be chalked up to typical LC/RC credibility whoring.

For clarification's sake, it should be pointed out that YCP's Facebook page shows a photograph of Franciscan Father Dolino Ruotolo. Conveniently for the Legion, Fr. Ruotolo is dead, and thus no competition for LC/RC recruiting. From what I gather, the late Fr. Ruotolo has a reputation for sanctity and has miracles attributed to his intercession. For those of us familiar with how Leg/Reg operates, Fr. Ruotolo is being utilized as holiness wallpaper, or a kind of Catholic prop, like some sort of plastic dashboard Jesus;

4) And finally, YCP's slogan is “Working in Witness to Christ.” Of course, they have trademarked the slogan, which is always an LC/RC giveaway. I’ve never seen any Catholic organization outside the LC/RC bubble trademark their materials. Most Catholic organizations will register their web pages, and there are valid reasons for doing so, but trademarking ministry names and slogans (like Familia and Integral Formation, both of which the Legion stole from their creators) is unique to the Legion world and their macielistas.

Another interesting aspect about Young Catholic Professionals…….

The YCP website lists three individuals on their national staff. Based on the information these individuals provide about themselves on Linked In, two of them show Young Catholic Professionals as their full-time occupation. The third person is a graduate student working part-time for YCP.

What can be extrapolated from this?

To me, it seems that there has to be some big money behind this outfit. Other cities have gatherings for Catholic professionals; I’ve taken part in some of them. They tend to be low-budget, shoestring, word-of-mouth affairs.

If YCP can pay two full-time staff members, then that is easily $100k+ per year in expenses, when you factor in modest salaries, health benefits, and payroll taxes. That doesn’t even account for other normal business expenses, or the compensation and benefits (if any) provided to the part-time staffer.

Finally, four (4) days ago I sent an e-mail to two of the senior staffers of YCP inquiring about their affiliation with the Legion and Regnum Christi. While my questions were direct, the overall tone was respectful and professional. To date, the leaders of Young Catholic Professionals have not responded. They have, however, updated YCP’s Facebook page several times, so they must be around the office.

Are they avoiding the question?

".have not responded"
..the is very unprofessional.

About 15 minutes ago I received a response from one of the YCP leaders.

While continuing the e-mail dialogue, I have pointed the individual to this page and invited a direct response here.

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