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The legion sticks to its official narrative, that its troubles are due to one man, Maciel. Nothing is said about those legion superiors were maciel's enablers, who helped construct and a carry out the great con, who helped create the cult of personality. Until the legion superiors acknowledge this, there will be no "solid steps."

They were toast the minute they decided never to reveal the REAL "History of the Legion."

The kinds of tactics that worked so well for Maciel in the 1900s don't work nearly as well since the internet explosion of the early 2000s. Now anybody can google this corrupt outfit and find enough to scare all but the most brain-washed away.

The Legionaries were doomed to reap what they and their founder have sown now that the information age is upon us.

Does anybody know if the cause for Mama Maurita is still open, by the way? That has to be one of the most comical twists to this story (although the story of that group of RC women sitting around discussing how the women that Maciel had impregnated must have snuck into the hospital and masturbated him for his sperm while he was in a coma and then done the turkey baster thing--because that was the only reasonable explanation for how this could have occurred, of course--caused some laugh-out-loud moments, too). Well, that and the "Museum of the Founder" or whatever it was called, in which there were rooms dedicated to Maciel's infancy and other periods of the holy man's saintly life.

Are the Legionary priests still hanging photos of Maciel in their rooms, I wonder?

Too bad South Park has never spoofed this entire saga--there's some fantastic material here to work with.

The real picture is evidenced from the changes over the last five years, since the whole controversy burst and became public knowledge .

From numbers supplied on the website the totals in 2009 were 2,300, down to 1,729 (-25%) by 2014. The underlying trend is more telling. Religious in formation in 2014 numbered 1,072. By 2014 that has declined to 606, a decrease of 34%.
During the same five years the actual number of priests grew by 80, (+10%) but that is effected by the higher number in formation. It wil be interesting to see the ordination numbers in the coming years.

Right on, Ried. The crisis it not due to Maciel. Sure, he created the corrupt system, but most, like me, left because of the we did not see any hope of the system changing.

Thank you, Mise, for the big picture. Those are the numbers that matter.

Just a note on the English translation. "The formal acceptance by a diocese of a clergyman from another diocese" (Mirriam-Webster) is INCARDINATION, not incarnation, which, I think, the meaning is obvious.

"There is still much to be done, but we are taking solid steps.”

In true pelagian style, which underlies most of the defective LCs spirituality, they believe hard work will give them what only grace can do...and, as history has shown, has apparently never given them.

The slow but impossible bleed continues...

Real solid steps toward consolidation.... Gems, mama maurita's cause is closed. It was only in preparation for MM. So both are dropped, for ever.

Well, SB, the LC has been saying it is taking steps to consolidate for the last 20+ years. It took me a while to realize it needed always to have some crisis in resolution to keep us from seeing its shallowness and voids.. The institution had to always get us wrapped up in its drama of money, vocations, attacks from enemies etc.. because it could not rest in the confidence of its calling and witness- there was no peace in simply being what one was, and trusting in that.

Consolidation as a term is best suited for organizations in expansion that wish to lock in gains for the long term. The LC/RC rather is trying to stop its bleeding from a period of decline- that is not consolidation, that is rather retreat, re-labelled. It's end state is downsizing.

Of course one can read that word more denotatively to mean "to make solid", but in institutes, that is what foundations do, and there is no historical locus for that here, only an ephemeral dreamland of false idealism.

The bleed cannot be stopped- only slowed, paused even, but it will eventually fold.

Let's celebrate the foundation!

Yeah, right, purification of the memory, that is, manipulation of the memory...


Well, I guess we all know the Legion is specifically good at codes. "deferencia" for treat superiors like royalty, "dependence" for tell everything about yourself to your superior and if you happen to know something about another LC the bes, "discretion" for not telling anything bad to anyone outside the Legion (especially your family), and so on.

Remember when Sada wrote that letter saying that Maciel copied the Salterio "almost word by word" from another book? No superior had the guts to say Maciel had plagiarized the book. I mean what's so hard about calling things but their name?

They are so proud that they cannot face the truth. They can't just accept they are being forced to downsize. So they will stick with "consolidation".

I think we can see this euphemistic mentality with this 'jubilee' thing. If I were still in, last thing I would like to do is to commemorate 75th anniversary of Maciel bringing a bunch of kids down into a basement to be molested.

And yet Robles Gil doesn't get it. He's still deluded thinking that that was a "gift for Christian living".

Now gear up people it seems we aren't off the hook, they might be contacting you soon.

"Activities can also be organized that could provide the chance for reentering into contact with persons who have participated in Regnum Christi or in its works of apostolate (e.g. former students, former apostolics, former Legionaries, consecrated men or women) and, whenever it might be the case, for reconciliation."

To me this letter is a code that can boiled down to two points:

No big celebrations (I guess money is beginning to be an issue now), and offering us (former members) the chance to go back (really? re-recruiting now? I guess this consolidation is beginning to be felt)

Oh God, these guys must be truly desperate.


Anything not clear about that, Legion of Shit?

Right at this very moment, Luis Garza, LC, is thinking "Shit! Why didn't I think of this?"

It seems the Pope is afraid. He says "I didn't know the legionaries..."; he's afraid to be stained by the Maciel shit.
How on earth Saint John Paul II agreed green light on Maciel investigation and then praised him over and over? Non sequitur...

We're beginning to understand the lack of action by this new Pope on Legion's shits.

The interview in spanish (go to the last question):

It is encouraging to see the Legion wither on the vine. So many of us wanted to see it shut down. That didn't happen, but many predicted it would just wither and die. Maybe that's the best outcome? The Legion loses momentum, fewer are attracted to it, the appeal is lost as better resources in the Catholic world feed the LegReg faithful. That's what I'm seeing. Thanks be to God.

Is it withering on the vine or morphing into something different?
Their numbers are down and they have had to close down some of their operations but thanks to strong support from their friends in the Vatican their fund raising and recruiting continue with an impression that now they are "approved by the Church and the Pope" and that they have an authentic charism. It still remains a cult that uses mind control because they were not called on this and were not made to change their structure and methodology or to carry out real reforms. They simply blamed any issues on MM and not much of the bad stuff stuck to any of the other leaders.

This news pleases me. This is happening slower than we had anticipated or hoped for, but it is happening. Thanks be to God.

THis is ironic. Immaculate Conception Academy to become an addiction treatment center.

Regarding Dilbert's comment from March 19, he is exactly spot-on. In fact, Dilbert didn't just hit the bullseye with this comment; his comment hit the dead center of the bullseye, as far as an accurate assessment of the Legion's current status goes.

There seems to be a growing sense among some here that the Legion is on a kind of slow fade-out, slouching toward extinction. I would love for them to be right (and me, wrong) about this, but my feeling is that where some folks view LC as petering out and fading into obscurity, in my view they are biding their time and retooling.

I can't comment on this at length right now, but I will refer you to a comment I posted this morning on the previous thread providing some updated information on Young Catholic Professionals. This can be found on the thread titled Apostolic Schools Consolidated. Due to something I have going on this morning, I will have to return to the subject later.

In the meantime, may I leave you with this thought: In 1965, a Legionary priest arrived in the United States to establish a beachhead here, with little more than a suitcase and few dollars in his pocket. A mere twenty years later, the LC was running circles around other orders in their vocational recruiting, infiltrating home schooling communities, and had successfully established a wide network of financial supporters and boosters.

Folks, the Legion may seem like it is flat on its ass at the moment, but twenty years comes and goes in the blink of an eye. They have deep resources with which to rebuild themselves from the ashes, and scores of highly-placed cronies in the Vatican who will block and tackle for them at every turn. We would do well to pull back from any conclusions that the Legion is becoming a relic of past, like the transistor radio.

@Frank I

Totally agree!, Legionaries are retooling as you said; they changed their communication strategy; for instance, Fr. Luis Garza has Facebook! and publishes a lot of garbage... the first anniversary of "renewal" was not published in the official site, but in facebook.

They're still recruiting as always trying to dupe teenagers with more complex programs...

I think the Legion will keep going down because they are attached to the founder's mindset. They will always be appealing to people who share their kind of thinking. But they belong to a glorious past which will not be repeated. Remember MM was a false prophet. The only option is to steer away from him but they are not doing it. So retooling will not prevent them from disappearing. This is my whishful thinking anyway.

Well there is no end to their schools for the rich in Mexico where they claim an integral formation of the highest level and where values are the foundation. Nothing could be further from the truth. After their years of study, the deformation is complete.

Here is a video made by students of the school Cumbres Vista Hermosa which has caused another scandal (no need to know Spanish):

Little Light,

The link you provided calls for a password. Maybe I missed it, but I don't see a prompt anywhere for setting up a password.

Is there another link for this, or can you suggest a possible work-around? Thanks.

Here you are,

The communications office of the Archdiocese of Mexico has published an article on the formation imparted by Legionaries... "integral formation" without evangelical values...

Here's the piece (spanish):

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