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I did some google research on Fernando Landeros and his relationship with MM and found a few surprises about the lay apostolates.

Before every apostolate especially of that kind in Mexico, "the leaders" always had a meeting with Maciel... ALWAYS!

Can't find the appropriate place to ask a question but has there been any follow up on this question about the RCA in Atlanta? RCA is opening a school in our town and we wanted to know... is there is anything we should know about them :)

"Sorry to be off-topic here, but how can I email with a question that you will hopefully turn into a blog post? Some serious issues are popping up at one of the Regina Caeli Academy (RCA) campuses and it seems that there is an LC/RC answer to the issues? Would like input and answers from so many of your Atlanta area readers. Thanks in advance for help.

Posted by: Rebellion In RCA | January 31, 2015 at 08:16 PM

The LC website in spanish is running the history of 50A of Woodmont novitiate...

Why there is not english edition?

History consolidation?


The concept of promoting "human values" as a gateway to influencing popular culture was concocted and enacted by MM from start to finish. It is one of his trademarks, and it ran through a lot of what he did- Including 'Mexico Unido', and the US failed counterpart, Tri-Centennial Foundation.

It was an easy sell, it is a fruit of the Gospel, but without the Gospel. It is a work of the Church, without the Church. It is giving people an out to be good without any real conversion and holiness of life.

All that may have its place, but where is the Gospel core? Is this in the end, really Evangelization or a fear of it? A fear of its cost and lack of trust in its own power?

The history of the LC apostolates does little to affirm the genesis of an apostolic charism of evangelization, which they claim they had.

I am not familiar with the Regina Caeli Academies, although I've now visited their website. Did they indeed spring from the LC/RC root? Or is it just the Atlanta area RCA that is tied to LC/RC because of their (past?) larger numbers in the area?

RCA insists that they are not affiliated with LC/RC in any way. However, having had involvement with both entities, I can say that their methodologies are cut from the same cloth.

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