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typical cult type letter:
1. starts off with a generic spiritual reference which is kind of condescending in tone
2. no reasoning is presented to support the conclusion - here is the conclusion shoved down your throat
3. no mention about the bad experiences or errors in their program which has led to people rejecting their program
4. therefore in essence no self analysis and no worry for the ivory tower. we are the good people. it is the other people who are the problem "we study the best ways to help them listen to his voice."
5. there is no mention of who formed the commission, what they did or how they contributed to the conclusion
6. no recourse for the readers to propose other options - hey baby, we will be in touch if we need you. typical legion think.
7. their understanding of vocation is off course - the discerner is the sheep who needs to be forced to drink from the well of holiness which only the RC offers.
8. really missed the point that maybe "God doesn´t want the RC to exist" - this should be an existential and urgent crisis moment and it is brushed off as if hey girls are immature and what can we do about it except pray...

If the Lord is calling why do they need to study ways to recruit vocations?

In the history of real charismatic groups (like religious orders) in Christ Church no one had "road teams"

Thank goodness this deceptive "program" has ended. We know a wonderful young woman who narrowly escaped the cult's "pre-candidacy" clutches -- we're going to forward the news to her. We always wished that there were a way to warn victims off from this "mail-order bride of the Lord" sham.

Meanwhile, let's all pray for Dilbert's daughter, that she may free herself!

Without the PC program, it's unlikely they'll be able to recruit. After all, if they can't get girls until 18 or so, they'll be competing with groups like the Nashville and Michigan Dominicans.

Much bigger, more popular, and with proven charisms.

I am happy for the 49weeks ladies and for all of those who might have otherwise entered into the spider's web.

The truth is the pre-candidacy even in the pre-2009 year never did much for their numbers.

The next step really is the closing down of Greenville as a 3GF formation center- apart from the college closing. Ofcourse, as always, it will be done in the name of "consolidation", just as was done with the Apostolic Schools.

Greenville will host the Overbrook Academy. I believe the 3gfs will leave RI (other than those needed to run that school).

Honesty Please
Thanks for your prayers. The well meaning 3 GF's need prayers because they have lost their critical thinking ability from living 24/7 in a methodology established by MM. They are in denial about how they are exploited, their founder's depth of depravity, their lack of spiritual purpose, the truth about their consecratedness, the lack of provision for their senior years and the true purpose for the parallel church they have committed thier lives to serve.

Off topic
FR. RAYMOND K. COMISKEY has passed away in Merida, Mexico.
He was living far from the legionaries, abandoned by his bishop and community. The LC Web site (in spanish) is not telling the whole thing and why he died away from his community. In RegainNetwork there is a fellow testimony:

As always, legionaries throw away who is not useful...

On the off topic note- it was odd Comiskey was cremated. Even with a cremation, the preference is to have a body for funeral then do the cremation after, but not in this case.

On one hand, glad he found his way to die in the company of an authentic circle of friends and family- But, as expected, to do so he had to get as far away from the LC system of "community" life, and fraternal "charity" in all of its relational dysfunction.

Le retranchement continue!

Concerned too because the worse thing for the young priests involved is not to be in a real parish with real people under the eye of a benevolent Cardinal. The last thing they need is to be isolated from the real world and the real Church.

They're moved because they can't recruit "vocations" or raise money despite they're doing good pastoral labor!

Worth reading!!!

An ex-PC talks about how she escaped the cult by becoming Mormon.

But you have to look at the fruits!!!!

Thanks for the exPC link. Many of the ex PCs have various degrees of personal consequences in their faith after the leave. Some can't go to confession. Some can't go to Mass. Some become agnostic. The PC (de)formators didn't care about those consequences but only interested in those who "integrated" fully with their lifestyle. This was a factory were the final product was either a hard core RC apostle or they were a reject (of God, of fate or what have you) meant to be tossed onto the garbage pile. Every one who didn't make the grade was essential collateral damage so who cares if they leave the Catholic Church, have mental scars, etc. This was truly the mark of Maciel. Who could fault this young lady for leaving the Catholic Church after all that she went through? I imagine that she put some of the blame on her parents for being so naive and that must have influenced in her decision to abandon the Church. The feeling of being in a Church where you can be manipulated and abuse in the name of God must have also played a part too.

Maciel's system was more destructive of women than men. Talk about charism, right.

Scipio's Buddy: That's probably because he was interested in "grooming" the men but interested in just using the women.

Excellent point. Totally agree, but the women were also much more organized and effective than the men - much more systematic. They were highly complemented by Bannon for their systematic work. they worked longer days and recruited much better. Something clicked with the women (who became "totally integrated") despite all that they should have questioned - their pseudo consecration, the lack of any canonical status, etc. They were programmed to serve the men and they all worked to see who could impress more. They really bought into the whole program of being saviors of the Church and wound up becoming slave masters - slithering snakes that deceived at will with their kindness and compassion, but once their friends, contacts, donors, etc no longer served their purpose they treated them like cow dung and hyper critical behind one's back. They had faces of angels and hearts of devils.

I never thought they could become what you are describing little light. I never got to meet a consecrated woman (well besides Maciel's sister, who was treated with special rules as well)

I was always intrigued me was they way we were taught to deal with consecrated women. There was strict "incomunication" with them and they were like this mysterious female version of the LC's.

Only few Legionaries, mainly older ones, had communication with them. And Spiritual direction was even done in the confessional. I felt we were to view them as a possible temptation to our vocation too instead of sister who love God.

I attended at school run by nuns, and they treated our Parish Priest and the priests in their order, like normal people. Never saw them ignore each other.

Something the LC's would never have done in the old days. You could literally have a huge group of LC's and consecrated next to each other on the street and they would completely ignore each other.

I never knew they were treated that way. I met a former consecrated woman, and I could tell she had some problems. She went on to marry a former consecrated man, shortly after both left their respective groups. They have had countless problems, and their marriage has been very destructive. They are not divorced, but you can almost say that they are virtually separated. I feel sorry for their children really. It is amazing how far Legion damage can go. Not only did it affect these two, but their marriage and now their children.

Little Light,

What a truthful and insightful description of the "[un]consecrated"-- it's sad that that's so. I still wonder how anything in the Church could have spawned such phenomena -- both men and women.

i think this is wonderful news... it might even bolster legitimate vows with longstanding catholic sisters

TD and other legionaries with authority can be send to this new court

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