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So, most of the things they can recieve a plenary indulgence for are the same things ANY Catholic can receive one for during the Year of Mercy (which runs in the same time period)

But what's up with the indulgence for renewing their vows/promises? Why are we trying to bind members to the LC/RC??? Is the pope seriously OK with them?

All Saint's Day today. May the whole household of Jesus Christ pray for us in this unjust development. Indeed, the Legion will gloat and recruit; the lie will go forward, at least for a while. Even while I thank God for His Mercy in freeing me from the jaws of this Beast, Regnum Christi, I'll pray that those still enthralled by the Legion and Regnum Christi will somehow find a way to get free of this evil organization that masquerades as good. A year of Mercy? It isn't enough for all our prayers to wipe away the harm that has been done through this diabolic organization.

Let's never underestimate the grace and mercy of God, MariGold. He is the Way-Maker and Miracle-Worker! I pray that this indulgence will effect a new exodus from the LC/RC. May all be healed and set free to worship in spirit and truth.

Thanks, Truman! I needed that -- as you can see from the time of the entry, I was not sleeping much last night. Equilibrium is somewhat restored today, but there is no doubt that the Legion will make a big cock-a-doodle over this indulgence, which anyone can ask for, but they will make it look like they were the few, the privileged, the elite. It is, as always, the young people who are ravaged; I do pray, as you do, that ALL may be healed and set free to worship in Spirit and in Truth. Thanks again.

The Dominicans received one, too as they are celebrating their 800th Anniversary

Did it include a promise to remain in the order?

Memo to RC members: your promises do NOT "bind you to the Movement". Such tricksy wording discourages any perception that there has been real reform.

# 458 of the 2009 RC Handbook (rushed to print shortly following the "news about Fr. Maciel" and, as far as I know, still in effect pending revisions) laid out the specifics of plenary indulgences for RC members. CTK was always an opportunity, as was Our Lady of Sorrows, day of incorporation, and Triduum of Renewal/Spiritual Exercises "when you renew, even privately, your intention to continue fulfilling the commitments you made when you incorporated".

Note that last one carefully: In the past you did NOT need to renew RC-specific "promises" on CTK or any other Church feast day in order to obtain a plenary indulgence - that condition was reserved specifically for activities pertaining just to RC incorporation or renewals thereof. If such is possible, it would appear that the leadership currently has even less respect for the universality of a major Church feast day than it did before.

It's odd that Francis was so accommodating and didn't direct their focus to the Church as opposed to further onto themselves. Guessing they told him that this was always standard practice (and for the LC and the 3g branches it may well have been).

Here's a thought: "We sometimes experience a savage satisfaction in detecting and showing up something wrong. The resentment and bitterness we feel arise from a spiritual void within us and the sense of dissatisfaction it produces. Often, the most critical people are those with the greatest spiritual emptiness. One wonders whether they must create enemies for themselves in order to exist." - Jacques Philippe

That's a thoughtful quote, Vitor. To take "savage satisfaction" is unbecoming and unhelpful when things are not as they should be. I don't think I've ever met anyone who does, other than the occasional grammarian who snickers over grammatical mistakes in those who should know better. More sad than satisfying though, really.

But when a liar masquerades as a purveyor of truth, or a charlatan is held up as a holy man, one hopes that the charade can end. In that wise, to wish people free from manipulative structures is not to seek "savage satisfaction," but is actually an exercise in charity. Surely we want the Church to be a place of integrity, and all groups within it to be healthy and worthy of our trust.

I wish you peace (from what shabby store of grace I can muster).

I thank the contributors to this blog for the years (near decade?) of effort they put into discovering the truth and seeking to enlighten others, and perhaps even correct and remedy some difficult situations.

I think the core, or cores, of some of the problems that were results of Maciel's life are well expounded and transmitted here, and my thanks is sincere.

My question, though, is now that the reform has gotten a stamp of approval, now that there are new constitutions and new processes, now that at least the path is laid out and the vision unclouded, can the users of this and other sites accept that response from the Church, and wish the LC/RC good tidings on their path to holiness, the path that in the end everyone is on together?

Or will some remain perturbed that "The Pope should have disbanded them...". A fine opinion which you are entitled to, but he didn't shut them down, and the Church, like it has so often with so many, has guided and guides these souls towards conversion and sanctity.

I just think a lot of the "appeal" and "punch" of this and other blogs is lost now, and that's a good thing. They served their purpose, a necessary one, in shedding light in the darkness. But now that the doors have been opened and the congregation has been deemed healthy enough to walk again (though clearly not all individuals have "seen the light", but thats another story...), can the contributors here accept that in peace and give these guys and gals a chance? Was the purpose here to help people see the deep errors and essential issues that needed correcting so they could then fix them...or was it to detest and lament what the Church has in her mercy taken in and healed, at least in grand part?

I have my doubts, sadly...

Just a short comment about the Indulgence: read the actual text of the decree from the Apostolic Penitentiary, not a summary article. The actual text was not written by the Legion, and lays down the criteria and manners in which the indulgence can be received...and the Penitentiary put the text about the vows/promises, so yes they are "OK with them".

Also, the Pope gives this plenary jubilee indulgence all the time to groups celebrating a jubilee, it has nothing to do with "the Legion's clout in the Vatican" as the Spanish articles all stated. It is simply what it is - the Church offering Mercy, which is her mission...

Good heavens, Phoenix, there's no punch here whatsoever. The chapters closed and an opportunity was lost. There was never an acknowledgement of 1. The fact that a bona fide cult operated so publicly in the bosom of Holy Mother Church, or 2. people in positions of authority allowed it to happen. While the victims were the primary ones to suffer, the lack of awareness of what makes a healthy environment (or how Catholic teachings can short-circuit critical thinking skills of young people) was never addressed. Frustrating, but at least the cultishness was dismantled. The blog remains for those who wish to unpack the history of the process.

I'd like to add that this blog is still serving a good purpose. I am a victim of sexual abuse by a legionary priest when I was in middle school at a legionary school. I stuffed my feelings and tried to move on for twenty years. Through reading this blog and others like it I found the courage to report my abuse to the proper authorities, bring it into the light and hopefully protect any of this man's future victims.

Giselle, I meant punch in a good sense - the impact of bringing to light the ugly truths, it was powerful and necessary, and this was the English speaking go-to for the real analysis.

Several LC's sent to the Chapter information from here and other blogs, specifically the BITE model and a strong petition that they analyze the congregation under its light. Several Chapter Fathers agreed, several sent the info around among themselves and did seriously reflect upon those ideas. That there existed cult like behavior there is no doubt. That the congregation come out and say "hey, we were a cult, but now we're not" is an erroneous hope. That it was a cult, even the author of the BITE model says he can't use his model to make that judgment. But many of those exact points were analyzed, which is why they were changed. Is not the change in itself an admission of the error of the past?

I, for one, am concerned that the younger LC's now, and future ones who enter later, will not grasp the roots of the problem, and see only the superficial. That is a scary thought. The Chapter document describes much of the problem, and quite honestly, but often without the context and an understanding of the real problem at the basis, much is lost when reading their words. The blog certainly serves a purpose there, to enlighten, but to hold on to a dream of dissolution, as some here seem to do, seems counter productive.

Agreed about the desire to put some of these guys in jail - or at least a public lashing - for their complicity, but at the same time, there seems to me a hint of pride, curiosity, vengeance, something, in it, as if the process is not complete until I, the judge of all, have heard publicly of every punitive action taken. That's not Christianity.

That it still serves a purpose as a historical archive and as a healing forum, agreed; but that it become a place to gripe seems futile.

Carlotta, you have my sincerest sympathies and my begging for forgiveness on behalf of men, priest or not, who commit such terrible crimes. May you find the grace and healing you need, and may others be protected through your bravery.

as a Legionary I am deeply sorry for the experiences you mention in your post and thank you for speaking up. I pray that you have the courage to report these events both to civil and Church authorities.

Please inform our child protection coordinator so that together we may also accompany you in your search for healing if you so wish. This will also help us so that proper actions may be taken to protect others. I pray that you may find peace and healing.

You may find the contact info for North America here:

If you are not in the US or Canada, please visit the Spanish Legionaries of Christ site to find the proper contact info. The link to the site is:

I wish Phoenix were right. But most of what he wrote is wishful thinking. Legionary finances operate as in the past, as the last book in Spanish has brought up (cf Raúl Olmos). They are whitewashing their history with the 75th anniversary of RC, which doesn't make any sense. And now they offer prayers and nice feelings to the victims, thinking that's more than enough. Finally they will be delighted if the Pope in Mexico doesn't meet the victims of sexual abuse. So, heck, let's close this page, which doesn't serve a purpose any more.

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