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I agree with this, Maciel fits the description perfectly. Unfortunately there is more than just him. In one of the last posts, someone questioned our reasons to speak about the Legion. I think it is a legitimate question. Maciel is dead, his past has been unveiled, the visitation has ended, and the Legionaries have had their chapter. Change has happened, I guess.

The way I see it is that we must keep watch. It is precisely now that we can make a greater difference. We can dismiss the Legion as not a dangerous as before, but by doing that we might give it the air it needs to breath in order to grow back. I do not know if it can grow back to be the empire it once was, but it does have the potential to become a negative influence once more.

I do believe that our efforts have not been in vain. Apparently some of the comments in this blog made their way to LC general chapter. Regardless as whether they found them useful or not, they know we have the power and the knowledge to influence people. And I think we do it in the way the most fear, in anonymity. We can freely talk about our experiences and they know they cannot bite back.

I know that some well known Catholics read this blog, I am certain that potential LC/RC recruits have read us as well. And in a more tangible way this year their new group of novices in America was by far one of their lowest in numbers. The same goes with their numbers of newly professed.

44 priests were ordained this year. Granted not a small number, but if you look closer not the best results for America. Only ONE American priest was ordained this year.

This year Canada, with two priest, had more LC priests than the US. (in truth they only had one, the other Canadian is only by naturalization. He is actually a Legionary from India with some German ancestry. He gained Canadian citizenship after his University years. By that rationale many LC's could claim to be Spaniards or Italians. I must say this move is worth looking at since the LC play a bit lose with nationalities. When Fr Alex Young was ordained they introduced him as the first Chinese LC. Although Chinese by heritage he never lived there nor does he really speak the language, he was raised in Canada and the US. The same goes with some LCs who were Americans but the LC labelled them as "Korean" "Vietnamese" or "Colombians" to create a greater sense of internationality. I guess that now-a-days they think it is more important to show they haven't died off in Canada or in the US)

It is good to see that we are making a change.

Now we should be checking if these LC's have changed or if there are no more leaders à la Maciel. Unfortunately, I think they are there.

I find the post describes perfectly Anthony Bannon. Woe to you if you did not treat this "humble man" accordingly. The description fits Owen Kearns, Peter Coates, Jorge Cortes, Antonio Bailleres, de la Torre. I know some of these do not hold important positions, but as long as the LC's keep turning to them for help the cycle will never break. I really want to name younger names, but name the old guard to show the first hand Maciel apprentices are still lingering under the new facade.

Haven't checked here in a while ... glad I did today, on the day this was posted!

This is perfect: His stare was particularly legendary, but when he did it to me I smirked. He smiled back.

He was also very very humble in all the stories he told about himself ...

I haven't checked in in ages! And here I do find out about Walking With Purpose and there's a new post! I'm so glad this blog exists and I can come to it when I need confirmation of my instincts. Thanks for all the work.

"LC Priests' Ordinations Heal Rifts" at the National Catholic Register

Thank you Cody. The grandeur of an ordination of 44 men heal rifts.... The LC is good at that.

I do not know how to interpret this article. It seems that the LC's are revisiting their recruiting "methodology". The author himself sounds a bit surprised the invitation came out of the blue, apparently he had avoided contact with the Legion for awhile. The trick of inviting someone to an ordination/profession for recruitment has always been an old Legionary trick. It is really hard to tell if he was invited out of a sincere feeling of gratitude or as a re-recruitment technique. If it was the latter it seems to have worked perfectly.

Also this line made wonder,

"He (Fr Advani) remained faithful to his priestly vocation in most distressing circumstances and, for that, one can — independent of one’s views about the Legion itself — only be admiring."

So those who left the Legion after Maciel and other Legionaries were exposed didn't "remain faithful"? What about the countless priests and seminarians who have decided to continue in more valid orders or dioceses?

I think these were the ones who remained faithful in spite of greater difficulties. I know first hand of former Legionaries who have had it way harder now. Some orders really test your call, nothing compared to the candidacy programs.

Add to that the fact that being a former Legionary makes it more difficult than you think. I have know seminarians and religious who have to wait a couple of years in order to start all over again. To me those are the ones who had a sincere wish to follow their call, and have

Agree with "Hope": «remain faithful» to who?

Remembers me the "techniques" in apostolic school. If you stay, you're faithful; if you leave (no matter your real, spiritual, authentic discernment), you are like a traitor or a traitor.

Fr. Raymond J. de Souza has been touched by the cult...

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