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New novel, Terrifying Freedom, grapples with interior freedom and critical thinking within religious life.

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Thank you for your consideration,
Linda Smith

I live in the Diocese of Arlington. I so want to comment on the article you linked to, at the Herald, but can't think of how to word it charitably. It makes me sick that the Bishop still permits LC and RC to grow and operate in our Diocese.

From the IPS website: Mission

"The Institute for the Psychological Sciences is an institution of higher education offering Master’s and Doctoral degrees. It is affiliated with the Legionaries of Christ."

Reporter has a story today about a new book out on the Legion in Spanish ...

LC's lead fundraising for Vatican "Year of Mercy" cruises

Mark Haydu was Corcuera personal assistant and Daniel Hennessy was vice-rector at DG... Both members of the gifted - chosen legionaries with brilliant future!

Did you happen to see Pope Francis' remarks on the plane about Maciel? Is this the first time?

The interview on his return flight was disappointing. Here are some comments, in Spanish:

This is huge!... Again!

New book with 20 meditations from Corcuera's heart:

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